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1st (3/day) — Acid Arrow, Comprehend Languages
Feats Power Attack, Dodge
Skills Appraise +4 (1), Craft (alchemy) +4 (1),
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Lafaiel Dawnborn

Female Human Druid 8 (Lion Shaman)/Barbarian 2 (Armored hulk)
True Neutral Medium Humanoid (Human)
Player Isikala

Init +3
Senses Perception +21
Xp 28
Prestige/Fame 30/52

AC 23, touch 13, flat-footed 22; (+ 10 armor, + 1 Dex, +1 deflection, +1 insight)
with Barkskin 27, 13, 26
plus Shield of Faith 30, 16, 29
hp 127 (157 in rage)
Fort +20, Ref +9, Will +14
Special Defenses
Resist Nature's Lure (Ex) (+4 to saves vs Fay)
Elemetal Conquest Water: +1 to saves vs water type or water/cold descriptors

Speed 25ft
Melee PA mwk Cold Iron Greatsword +9(2d6+13 19-20x2)
Melee PA + Rage mwk Cold Iron Greatsword +11(2d6+16 19-20x2)
Melee PA Claw, claw, bite +8(d4+7 x2)
Melee PA + Rage Claw, claw, bite, gore +12(d4+13 x2, d8(gore)+13)
Ranged MWK Composite Longbow (+3 str) +10 (d8+3, x3)

Speed 40ft
AC 26 (+4 natural armor, +10 armor, +1 dex, +1 deflection, -1 size, +1 insight)
30 with Barkskin
33 with Shield of Faith
CMB +15(17) CMD 26(28) +4vs trip
Note: +17(19) to combat manuver checks

WS Attack:
Melee PA Claw, Claw, Bite +9(d6/d8+11 x2)
Melee PA + Rage Claw, claw, bite, gore +13(d6/d8/2d6+15 x2)
Special Attacks
Grab (bite and claw only)
Fiendish Template
SR 15, Resist 10 (fire, cold, electricity), DR 5/good, Darkvision, Smite Good
Physical Skills'
Acrobatics +5 (1), Climb +9 (1), Swim +9 (1)

CL 10, Concetration +13 Spells
4th — HeroismD, Air Walk, Freedom of Movement
3rd — HeroismD, Communal Resist Energyx2, Protection from Energy, Greater Magic Fang
2nd — Shield of FaithD, Barkskinx2, Bull's Strength, Lesser restoration
1st — Shield of FaithD, Heightened Awarenessx2, Longstrider, Touch of the Sea, Fearie Fire
Orisons (at will) — Light, Guidance, Stabilize, Detect Magic/Create water
Special abilities
Rage 20/day
Indominable Stance
Totem Transformation (Su) (move action)
Wild Empathy (Ex)
Woodland Stride
Trackless step
Nature sense
Master of Trade
Wild Shape (4/day)
Touch of glory (+8 to cha checks) 6/day
Aura of Heroism 8 rnds/day
Lesser Fiendish Totem
Armored Sense

Str 19 (17), Dex 14, Con 20 (18), Int 7, Wis 16 (14), Cha 7
Base Atk +8/+3; CMB +12; CMD 25
CMB Breakdown
8 Bab, 4 STR
CMD Breakdown
Base 10, 8 BAB, 4 STR, 1 DEX, 1 deflect, 1 insight
Feats Raging Vitality, Toughness, Power attack, Natural Spell, Planar Wild Shape, Wild Speech, Extra Rage
Skills ACP -5, Acrobatics +1 (1) Climb +2 (1), Heal +7 (1),Intimidate +2 (1), Knowledge Nature +4 (1), Knowledge Planes (5) +3, Perception +21 (10), Profession (Tribe Merchant) +9 (3), Spellcraft +2 (1),Survival +13 (5), Swim +2 (1)
Traits Berserk of Society, Magical Knack (druid)
Languages Taldan, Druidic, Osirion, Draconic

On person mwk Cold Iron Greatsword, Spiked Gauntlet, Alchemical Silver Lucern Hammer, spell component pouch, mwk Backpack, 4x Acid Flask, scroll of feaerie fire, scroll of touch of the sea, Wand of Cure light wounds (41), Alchemical silver lucern hammer, MWK Composite Longbow, Cloak of Resistance +4, Wild Dragonhide Fullplate +1, Arrow (20), Cold Iron Arrow (20), Alchemist Silver Bleached Arrow (20), Belt of Mighty of Constitution +2, slippers of feather steps, furious amulet of mighty fist, cracked dusty rose prism, ring of protection +1, barbarian chew (4), scroll of lesser restoration, potion of cure blindness, cracked pale green prism, wayfinder (contains Pale Blue Rhomboid), eyes of the eagle, druid's vestment, circlet of wisdom +2, pearl of power (1st)
Backpack mwk Dragonhide Breastplate
Encumbrance 58 lb. without backpack, 58 lb. with backpack (50 lb. light/50-100 lb. medium/100+ lb. heavy)

Expanding Trade Network: +2 to Day Job checks

Progression Feats:
11. Fighter 1, Extra traits: Fate's Favored (+1 to luck bonuses), Reactionary (+2 init) (retrain Armored Hulk back to Normal Barbarian), Fighter extra feat: improved initiative (combat)
12. Fighter 2, Fighter Extra Feat (Step up?)

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