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Male Half-Orc Bloodrager 4/Cavalier [Beast Rider] 4
N Medium Humanoid
Player Mustaparta (192672-3)
Xp 21
Faction Dark Archives
Prestige/Fame 36/36

Init +1
Senses +7 Perception, darkvision 90 ft.

AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 20
hp 76 (+24 con)
Fort 11, Ref 3, Will 3; +2 vs. omien taiat
Special Defenses Uncanny dodge, Blood Sanctuary (Su)

Speed 40 ft. in armor, 40 ft. light load
Melee +1 greataxe +12/+7/1d12+5/x3, slashing/Bloodrage: +14/+9/1d12+7; Power attack -3 attack, +6 damage
Ranged masterwork longbow, composite (+3) +10/+5/1d8+3/x3, piercing
Special Attacks Bloodrage (+2 attack- ja damage-rolls, +14 hp, 15 rnd/pv), Staggering strike (Su) DC 15, Challenge (Ex) (+4 damage) 2/päivä, Abnormal Reach +5 ft. (Su)

Spells known 1st (2/pv) Blade Lash, Magic Missile

Str 17, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 13, Cha 14
Base Atk 8/3; CMB 11; CMD 23
Feats Cleave, Ironhide, Power Attack, Intimidating Prowess, Coordinated Maneuvers
Skills Acrobatics +5 (2), Bluff +7 (2), Climb +7 (1), Handle Animal +6 (1), Intimidate +13 (4)Note1, Knowledge (arcana) +4 (2), Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1 (2, +2 underground), Knowledge (planes) +4 (1), Linguistics +0 (1), Perception +7 (3), Profession (farmer) +5 (1), Ride +5 (2), Sense motive +5 (1), Survival +6 (2, +7 underground), Swim +3 (1), Use magic device +3 (1)
Traits Fiend Blood, Omen
Languages Common, Orc, Aklo
SQ Darkvision 90 ft., Cavalier’s Charge, Exotic Mount (Ex), Order of the Flame, Tactician
On person +1 mithral agile breastplate, +1 greataxe, ring of protection +1, masterwork comp. longbow, +1 aberration bane arrows x3, +1 flaming arrows x5, hot weather outfit, potion of CLW, potion of CModW, potion of CSW
In backpack 20 arrows, wand of CLW, 2x oil of align weapon, flask of alkali, potion of aid, potion of spider climb, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, rope, 10 torches, trail rations, 2 flasks of acid, 2 alkemistin tulta
Wealth 11377 gp
Encumbrance 63 lb. with backpack (0-76 lb. light/77-153 lb. medium/154-230 lb. heavy)

Order of the Flame

Edicts: The cavalier must pursue glory for himself and those with whom he associates. He must strive to heap glory upon his name, no matter the costs. He must challenge and defeat an ever-increasing host of rivals to further cement his illustrious reputation.
Challenge: A cavalier of the order of the flame becomes ever more emboldened with each glorious victory. As an immediate action after reducing the target of his challenge to 0 hit points or fewer, the cavalier can elect to issue a glorious challenge to an opponent within 15 feet.
Glorious Challenge: A glorious challenge does not count against the cavalier’s number of challenges per day, but otherwise acts like a cavalier’s challenge class feature.
When he issues a glorious challenge, the cavalier takes a –2 penalty to AC for the duration of the glorious challenge (this penalty stacks with the usual –2 AC penalty against opponents other than the target of the cavalier’s challenge).
The cavalier gains a morale bonus on melee damage rolls against the target of his glorious challenge equal to 2 × the number of consecutive glorious challenges he has issued thus far. As long as he continues to defeat targets of his glorious challenges and there are more opponents in range, the cavalier can continue to issue glorious challenges indefinitely, with the penalty to AC and the bonus on damage rolls increasing with each subsequent foe. For example, a 5th-level cavalier that has just issued his third glorious challenge after defeating the original target of his challenge takes a –6 penalty to AC (–8 against creatures other than the target of his glorious challenge) and gains a +11 bonus on melee damage rolls (a +5 bonus from his base challenge ability plus a +6 morale bonus for three consecutive glorious challenges).
Skills: A cavalier of the order of the flame adds Knowledge (local) and Survival to his class skills. Whenever the cavalier’s current hit point total matches or exceeds his maximum hit point total, he gains a bonus on Intimidate checks equal to 1/2 his cavalier level (minimum +1).
Foolhardy Rush: At 2nd level, the cavalier can charge across the battlefield at a moment’s notice. Whenever the cavalier attempts an initiative check, as long as he rolls an 11 or higher on the die, he can move up to his base speed as an immediate action and he is not considered flat-footed. If the cavalier takes an action to move during his next turn, he subtracts the number of feet moved during the initiative check from his total movement.

Kameli Init +3; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +5


AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 12 (+4 Dex, +3 natural, –1 size) hp 20 (3d8+6) Fort +7, Ref +10, Will +1


Speed 50 ft. Melee bite +7 (1d8+7) Special Attack spit (+3 ranged touch)


Str 20, Dex 19, Con 16, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 4 Base Atk +2; CMB +7; CMD 20 (24 vs. trip) Feats Endurance Skills Acrobatics +8, Climb +9, Perception +5 Tricks Combat training, Attack, come, down, guard, heel, stay, work Light load 400 lbs

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Seuraavat tasot:
taso 9. Cavalier 5; hp 85, Improved Critical (Combat), Banner
taso 10. Bloodrager 5; hp 94, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Shield
taso 11. Cavalier 6; hp 103, Furious Focus (Combat), Bonus Feat Dreadful Carnage (Combat)
taso 12. Cavalier 7; hp 112, Challenge 3/day

Note1 Osumapisteitten ollessa vähintään täysissä Intimidate nousee +15:aan.

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