Humble, nigh-timid is Paurun. Prefers the quiet to the sordid.

Male aasimar Cleric (iron priestTG) 1/Inquisitor (witch hunterUC) 9
Neutral Medium Humanoid (Human) + Outsider (native)
Player Muser
Xp 28
Prestige/Fame 40/44
Campaign Society
Faction Dark Archive

Init +5
Senses Perception +15

AC 19[29], touch 12[17], flat-footed 17[27); (+2 dex, +6[+8] armor, +1 shield[, +3 deflection, +2 profane, +4 shield]
hp 78 (10d8+con+4fcb)
Fort +12, Ref +7, Will +12; +4 vs. death; +2 vs negative levels, energy and necromany(yes, many) effects
Special Defenses deathless spirit, immortal spark, resist negative 5

Speed 20 ft.
Melee riverclub +6 (1d6-1, 20/x2)
Melee(+bane+judgment of destruction) bane riverclub +7 (3d6+4, 20/x2)
Special Attacks 7d6 channel(35-foot burst, 60-foot line or 30-foot cone), 1/day channel as a swift action

Cleric Spells
Orisons usually detect poison, guidance, light, spark
1st lvl(2/day+domain) usually bless, deadeye's lore, shieldD

Inquisitor Spells
3rd lvl(3/day) arcane sight, magic vestment (+2), remove curse, searing light
2nd lvl(5/day) calm emotions, invisibility, see invisibility, silence
1st lvl(6/day) comprehend languages, disguise self, lend jugment, litany of sloth, shield of faith(+3)
Orisons create water, detect magic, detect poison, light, read magic, sift

Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 22
Base Atk +6; CMB +5; CMD 17
Feats Improved Channel, Channeling Scourge, Channel Force(15 feet), LookoutB, Imp. Channel Force, Shake It OffB, Channel Surge, OutflankB
Skills Climb +3 [1],,Bluff +19 [10], Diplomacy +10 [1] +2 vs Heckcavaliers, Disguise +10 [2], Heal +6 [1], Intimidate +10 [1], Knowledge (arcana) +15 [10] +2 vs constructs, Knowledge (hist.) +17 [10] +2 on Magnimar, Knowledge (relig.) +15 [10], Linguistics +6 [1] Perception +15 [10], Sense Motive +15 [10], Spellcraft +15 [10]+2 to dentify spells, magic items, Stealth +6 [1], Survival +6 [1]+2 to not get lost, Swim +3 [1]
Traits Exalted of the Society, Secret of the Impossible Kingdom (magic vestment CL +1)
Languages Common, Vudran(int), Infernal(int2), Read Lips(ling)
SQ Aura, bane, channel energy(altered, affects constructs, but those sans clockwork or robot subtypes take only half damage) 7d6 (dc 22, 11/day), cunning initiative, deathless spirit, discern lies, domains (arcaneAPG, defenseAPG), halo, judgment 3/day(2 hit/2 ac/4 fh/4 dam), immortal spark, knowledgeable defense(+3), orisons, scion of humanity, solo tactics, spell scent, spellsage, stern gaze, teamwork feat, second judgment

On person mwk agile breastplate (25 lb.), buckler (5 lb.), hot weather outfit (4 lb.), cracked dusty rose prism, phylactery of negative ch., wayfinder, ring of protected life, riverclub ring, rod of splendor, unholy symbol (tattoo), unholy symbol (wooden) (1 lb.), vestments of war
In bag alkali flask (2) (2 lb.), alchemist's fire (1 lb.), bedroll (5 lb.), ink+pen, paper, parchment, silk rope (50 ft.)(5 lb.), wand of clw (43)
Wealth 17,833 gp +3400 = 21233 +4000(sold ioun stone) -rod of splendor = 233 gp +23574 gp -14000(vestments of war)
Encumbrance lb. without backpack, lb. with backpack (30 lb. light/31-60 lb. medium/x lb. heavy)


Poor Krup...öh, Paurun. Always the butt of the blame.

Lausutaan [PORUN]. Ei, en kaiva IPA:ta esiin.

Henkisen heräämisen kokenut negaaja Niswanin kaupungista Jalmerayn saarelta. Selkeästi vudralainen ihminen. Selkeästi. Naamassa tatuointi kasvonpuolikkaasta, muistuttaa lähinnä mustelmaa.


Armiger (Fame 20, 2 PP) Though still a loyal Pathfinder, your service to Cheliax grants you admission into a Hellknight order of your choice with the rank of armiger. You gain a +3 bonus on Diplomacy checks made against Hellknights of any order or rank.


10) Escape RouteB, 1st & 3rd lvl slots, arcane sight, [destruction, healing, piercing, resistance] +1, +1 Ref
11) Quick Channel, etc

Creatures tasted

1x dhampir
1x gelatinous cube
1x viper
2x small troglodytes
1x giant spider
48x bat
1x albino crocodile
1x troglodyte boss
1x Kandra Chandler
1x Aeteperax
3x nagaji mercenary striker
2x gnoll slaver
1x raven familiar
1x allosaurus


  • wisdom ioun stone, 8,000



  1. First Steps I: In Servicio Infodump
  2. The Confirmation
  3. Pathfinder Module: Master of the Fallen Fortress (worth 1 exp)
  4. #39: Citadel of Flame
  5. #04: The Frozen Fingers of Midnght (GM Exp)
  6. #43: The Pallid Plague (GM Exp)
  7. 31.8.2014 Pathfinder Module: The Dragon's Demand (worth 16 exp)
  8. 15.1.2015 #3-17: Red Harvest (GM Exp)
  9. 19.3.2015 #6-09: By Way of Bloodcove
  10. 1.8.2015 Pathfinder Module: Broken Chains (worth 2 exp)
  11. 13.2.2016 The Bronze House Reprisal (GM Exp)

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