"I sexually identify as an attack helicopter." Pic by Gomis.

Pathfinder Society -hahmot

Qiar Qaliry

Lyhytpinnainen ja pitkävihainen nukettaja. Sekä kauppaprinssi. Of Dark Archive.

Male Human Thassilonian Specialist Wizard (Wrath-Evocation) 10 (favored class wizard: +10 hp)
N medium humanoid (human)
Player Gastogh (6104-14)
Xp 29
Faction Qadira -> Dark Archive
Prestige/Fame 48/50

Init +3
Senses Perception +1

AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10 (+1 Dex)
hp 72
Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +11
Wizard: +3, +3, +7
Ability: +2, +1, +1
Cloak: +3, +3, +3

+1 vs. fear and confusion effects

Speed 30 ft
Melee dagger +5, d4, 19-20
Ranged force missile d4+5, 11/day
Ranged ray of frost +6, d3, x2

Str 11, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 28, Wis 12, Cha 7
Base Atk +5; CMB +5; CMD 16

Spells known

  • Cantrips — all. In spell books:

Arcane Mark, Bleed, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound), Light, Haunted Fey Aspect, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open-Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Spark, Touch of Fatigue

Color Spray, Detect Secret Doors, Enlarge Person, Entangle, False Life, Feather Fall, Floating Disk, Magic Aura, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shocking Grasp, Silent Image, Sleep, Vanish, Web, Whispering Wind

Burning Arc, Cat's Grace, Chill Touch, Daze Monster, False Life, Flaming Sphere, Gust of Wind, Hideous Laughter, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Shatter, See Invisibility, Touch of Idiocy,

Daylight, Deep Slumber, Fireball, Fly, Gentle Repose, Halt Undead, Haste, Heroism, Hold Person, Illusory Script, Invisibility Sphere, Lightning Bolt,

Confusion, Crushing Despair, Dragon's Breath, Elemental Body I, Emergency Force Sphere, Ice Storm, Greater Invisibility, Resilient Sphere, Stone Shape, Stoneskin, Wall of Fire

Hold Monster, Icy Prison, Overland Flight, Telekinesis, Telepathic Bond, Wall of Force


  • Arcane school (evocation): 0 - ray of frost, 1st - 2x magic missile, 2nd - 2x burning arc, 3rd - 2x fireball, 4th - 2x dragon's breath, 5th - icy prison
  • Bonded object 1/day
  • Cantrips 4/day: Detect magic, light, mage hand, read magic
  • Pearls of power: 1st - 1.
  • Spell-like abilities: Dancing lights 3/day
  • 1st 7/day: burning hands, expeditious retreat, 3x magic missile, vanish
  • 2nd 6/day: 2x burning arc, gust of wind, 2x invisibility, see invisibility
  • 3rd 5/day: fly, 2x haste, invisibility sphere, lightning bolt
  • 4th 5/day: confusion, emergency force sphere, greater invisibility, ice storm, wall of fire
  • 5th 4/day: feeblemind, heightened daylight, overland flight, telepathic bond

Caster Level 9, evocations 10, fireball 12
+5 on CL checks to pierce SR


  • Appraise 14 [1], (inc +1 (co) from Trade Prince)
  • Craft (alchemy) 13 [1], +1 in Grand Lodge
  • Disable device 13 [10], (ranks from headband), includes mw tools
  • Escape artist 11 [10], (ranks from headband)
  • Fly 14 [10], (ranks from headband)
  • Knowledge (arcana) 22 [10], +1 in Grand Lodge, +4 (ci) conjurations
  • Knowledge (dungeoneering) 14 [2], +1 in Grand Lodge
  • Knowledge (engineering) 19 [7], +1 in Grand Lodge
  • Knowledge (geography) 15 [3], +1 in Grand Lodge
  • Knowledge (history) 15 [3], +1 in Grand Lodge
  • Knowledge (local) 15 [3], +1 in Grand Lodge
  • Knowledge (nature) 15 [3], +1 in Grand Lodge
  • Knowledge (nobility) 14 [2], +1 in Grand Lodge
  • Knowledge (planes) 22 [10], +1 in Grand Lodge
  • Knowledge (religion) 22 [10], +1 in Grand Lodge, +4 (ci) re: Old Cults
  • Linguistics 22 [10]
  • Spellcraft 22 [10], +4 (ci) conjurations
  • Use magic device 6 [8]

+2 (ci) Knowledge (all) when using adventurer's chronicles +2 Knowledge (local) re: Kaer Maga
+2 Knowledges re: creatures native to Darklands
+2 Sense Motive vs. creatures native to Darklands
+4 (ci) Knowledge (arcana) & Spellcraft re: conjuration spells and effects
+4 (ci) Knowledge (religion) re: Old Cults when consulting tome

Languages Abyssal, Ancient Osiriani, Aquan, Auran, Azlanti, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Ignan, Jistka, Kelish, Polyglot, Sylvan, Terran, Thassilonian, Tien, Undercommon, Vudran


  • Acquainted with Aslynn (The Blakros Connection): The entity known as Aslynn knows who you are and what you did in the Forae Logos. Whether this is to your advantage or detriment is as yet unknown.
  • Aggressive Researcher (The Blakros Connection): You have proven your mettle in Absalom's greatest libraries, and in the course of your research, you uncovered many facts that were not immediately relevant but might one day prove useful. You can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet before attempting a Knowledge (arcana, history, or planes) check in order to treat your final check result as if it were 25, even if you are not trained in the skill. Alternatively, you may instead gain a +5 bonus on the check.
  • Ankilhi's Gratitude (What Sleeps in Stone): You destroyed the cursed helmet, Grimgrin, putting an end to Ankilhi's greatest foe. Ankilhi's spirit now watches over you, assisting in subtle ways. There's a 50% chance that anytime you need to eat and drink but don't have access to food and water, a fresh bowl of heated rice and a small cup of drinking water appears. This is enough to feed one Medium creature. This effect can successfully occur only once per scenario.
  • Confirmed Field Agent (The Confirmation): Having successfully completed and documented your Confirmation, one of the Three Masters has formally recognized you as a field agent and given you a wayfinder engraved with your name and the date of your graduation. If this is the first time you have received this boon for any of your characters, you receive this wayfinder for free; otherwise, you may acquire it by spending 1 Prestige Point. Furthermore, if you assign this Chronicle sheet to a character whose starting XP is 0, you reduce the Prestige Point cost of any wayfinder enhancement vanities you purchase to modify this wayfinder by 1 (minimum 1).
  • Darklands Study (Dark Archive faction) (The Overflow Archives): Zarta Dralneen has perused a cursed tome that you recovered known as The Darklands Precepts, and she has shared some of her findings with you. You gain a +2 bonus on Sense Motive checks against humanoids native to the Darklands, such as drow, derro, and duergar. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge checks to identify and learn about such creatures.
  • Earth Affinity (Refugees of the Weary Sky): Your connection to elemental earth has grown stronger over your recent adventures. This boon has no mechanical effet on its own, but it may interact with other boons or play a role in future adventures - especially those set on the elemental planes.
  • Elemental Saturation (Earth (Captive in Crystal): Text block. Can become oread for 20 PP or make an oread character for 10 PP. Half PP cost if have Oread's Favor boon somewhere. Text block.
  • Explore, Report, Cooperate (The Confirmation): You have an excellent sense of what makes an exemplary Pathfinder. As a free or immediate action, you may consider whether a particular action you name - such as subduing but not killing an enemy, befriending an NPC, or recovering a particular item - would help realize the goals of the Pathfinder Society. The GM then informs you whether the action's impact would be positive (contributes to meeting a secondary success condition for the scenario), negative (opposes the secondary success condition), or negligible (neither contributes to nor opposes the secondary success condition). If none of these three options accurately reflects the action's impact on the PC's fulfillment of the secondary success conditions, the GM may respond with a phrase of five words or less. Once you use this boon, cross it off the Chronicle sheet.
  • Fighting That Which Lies Between The Stars (Carrion Hill): You have faced the horrors of the Dark Tapestry and are one of the few who have survived the encounter with both mind and body mostly intact. As a result, you have developed greater mental fortitude against such cosmic horrors. You receive a +1 bonus on saves against fear and confusion effects.
  • Fossilblight's Savior (What Sleeps in Stone): By retrieving the artifact known as Fossilblight, you've given the Pathfinder Society a chance at opening the Untouchable Opal. While the magical pick is integral to the Society's plans to open Ranginori's prison, the Decemviratecan be convinced to allow the weapon's use in extreme circumstances. At the start of an adventure, you can requisition the use of Fossilblight for the remainder of the adventure. If you requisition the use of this powerful artifact, check the box on this boon. Only one character per adventure can use this boon to requisition Fossilblight, and only if the box on her boon is unchecked.
  • Friend of Janira Gavix (The Confirmation): The field agent who oversaw your Confirmation is appreciative of your bravery and camaraderie in the face of danger. She helps you perform research, granting you a +1 bonus on Knowledge checks attempted while you are in the Grand Lodge.
  • Friend of the Family (The Silver Mount Collection): You have not only saved the Blakros Museum, but you have also saved Pendleton Blakros, son of the fabulously well-connected Dhrami Blakros. The family celebrates your accomplishments with a grand dinner held in your honor, introducing you to Absalom's most noteworthy nobles, and granting you a permanent +1 bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (nobility) checks made within Absalom. You have also proven yourself clever and resourceful enough to marry or be adopted into the Blakros Family, allowing you to purchase the following Vanity: Blackros Family Member (20 PP): You are a member of the well-established Blakros noble family, granting you a comfortable townhouse in Absalom's fashionable Petal or Ivy districts and a small staff of servants to care for it. You gian a +1 bonus on Knowledge (nobility) checks and may use that skill to make Day Job rolls. In addition, while in Absalom, your family connections grant you a +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate when dealing with other members of high society.
  • Friend of the Library (The Silver Mount Collection): Zarta Dralneen has personally taken notice of your loyalty and cruelty, and recognizes you as an irreplaceable asset. The next time you are in Cheliax, she opens up her personal collection, offering you a single potion, scroll, or elixir worth up to 250 gp. When you use this boon, cross it off the Chronicle sheet.
  • Gloomspire Explorer (Hall of the Flesh Eaters): Despite having studied only a small portion of Sevenfingers's tomb, you are now one of the Society's foremost authorities on the enigmatic Gloomspires. While adventuring in the Gloomspires, you receive a +2 bonus on all Perception checks made to find hidden objects such as traps, treasure, and secret doors. If you check the box included with this boon, you gian the benefits of this boon for the duration of one scenario set anywhere other than the Gloomspires. ☐
  • Honored by the Twilight Talons (Broken Chains): For having assisted Whispershade in investigating Othine's disappearance, you receive the commendation of Major Colson Maldris. If you are a member of the Andoran faction, you may treat your Fame score as 5 higher when qualifying for and purchasing Andoran faction vanities from page 14 of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Society Field Guide. If you are not a member of the Andoran faction, you may now purchase Andoran faction vanities that require 20 Fame or less. So long as you have the Eagle Knight vanity, you may treat yourself as a member of the Andoran faction when qualifying for prestige classes.
  • Image of Imminent Opportunity (The Accursed Halls): Your glance into the Pool of Seeing granted you a vision of another level of the dungeons beneath Thornkeep, giving you a unique insight into a future encounter. When adventuring in Thornkeep, you gian a +2 bonus on any single initiative check or attack roll, applied before the roll is made. You may use this boon once per dungeon level within the complex.
  • Impossible Feat (The Blakros Connection): The extraordinary actions possible within a dream might not be possible while awake, but you nonetheless dream of performing a similarly spectacular deed. You may cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet before attempting a skill check, saving throw, or attack roll to add 1d6 to the result of your check. If you roll a 6, roll the six-sided die again and combine the results. You may repeat this process up to twice for a maximum additional bonus of +18.
  • Insight Into the Dark Tapestry (Carrion Hill): Your experiences at Carrion Hill have given you a greater insight into the creatures that lie in the darkness between the stars. You may gain one bit of useful information about a single aberration as though you had succeeded at a Knowledge check to identify the creature. When you have used this boon, cross it off the Chronicle sheet.
  • Keleshite Patron (The Merchant's Wake): Trade Prince Aaqir al'Hakam recognizes in you the same ambition and skill that earned him the title of trade prince, and he both endorses you for promotion and contributes gold to help you start your own business. You treat the Trade Prince vanity (Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Society Field Guide 19) as though it had no Fame requirement. In addition, you treat the Prestige Point cost of business vanities (Pathfinder Society Field Guide 60, Pathfinder Player Companion: Pathfinder Society Primer 29) as though they were 1 less (minimum cost 2).
  • Library Card (Dark Archive) (The Silver Mount Collection): You have proven yourself a valuable tool to the Dark Archive and gain access to restricted or dangerous information. You may use this boon to buy a tip or scrap of forbidden lore from the Dark Archive's sages, granting you a +5 circumstance bonus on a single Knowledge check, or a Diplomacy check made to gather information. This ability allows you to make a Knowledge skill check untrained. When you use this boon, cross it off the Chronicle sheet.
  • Master Smith's Service (Valley of Veiled Flame): The slag giant Valsog is a master craftsman, and he offers to repair a broken item free of charge. You can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet at the end of an adventure to repair one item as though you had cast make whole (CL 10th). Alternatively, [stuff about Gamin the Misforged].
  • New Recruits (The Paths We Choose): Your faction's success enables it to recruit and train new members. You may designate one newly created PC under your Pathfinder Society number who shares your faction as a new recruit. This additional training grants that PC one of the faction's traits as a bonus trait, though the PC cannot have more than one faction trait. You must include a copy of this Chronicle sheet with the new PC's records, though that character gains no additional boons, equipment, or wealth from this Chronicle sheet. Character receiving this boon: 6104-18. Faction: Dork Hive
  • No Stranger to the City (A Bitter Bargain): The Trade Prince Aaqir al'Hakam has turned his gaze upon Kaer Maga, and he quickly draws on available research to ensure you are well acquainted with the City of Strangers. You gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (local) checks regarding Kaer Maga, and can make such checks even if untrained. You may cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to reroll a single Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate check made to influence a citizen of Kaer Maga.
  • Oread's Favor (Valley of Veiled Flame): You have earned the recognition of a large group of oread geniekin. This boon may be used in conjunction with other boons to grant one or more of your characters access to oread-related options.
  • Outstanding Bounty (Fires of Karamoss): You have an outstanding bounty document issued by the City of Brass on the Plane of Fire, and you have also secured proof that you have fulfilled the bounty's conditions. While adventuring in the City of Brass, you can turn in the bounty document in order to restore 4 previously spent Prestige Points. Alternatively, you can give the bounty document to a native of the Plane of Fire with an Intelligence score of at least 8 in order to gain a +10 bonus on any Diplomacy checks made to influenceit. You must cross the boon off your Chronicle sheet in order to use either of this boon's benefits.
  • Prediction of the Future (The Accursed Halls): Your glance in the Pool of Seeing granted you a vision of another level of the dungeons beneath Thornkeep, giving you a unique insight into a future encounter. When adventuring in Thornkeep, you may use this boon to gain the following bonuses, each applied before the associated die is rolled. You may use this boon once per dungeon level in Thornkeep, crossing the associated bonus off the Chronicle sheet once applied. * You gain a +5 bonus on a Knowledge check to identify a creature. * You gain a +2 bonus on any single saving throw. * You gain a +2 bonus to AC against any single opponent.
  • Rare Generator (Returned to the Sky): You discovered a damaged generator from which you are able to siphon a small amount of the energy into a technological device. You can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to restore 2 charges to a timeworn weapon, timeworn armor, or another timeworn device. If you have the Technologist feat, you instead restore 1d4+1 charges to the item. This boon can only restore charges to a technological item that has at least 1 charges remaining.
  • Redoubt's Repairs (Fires of Karamoss): Your discoveries in the Red Redoubt of Karamoss have expanded the Pathfinder Society's understanding of the advanced technology of Numeria, and you can use these findings and tools to extend the lifespan of a broken piece of equipment. You can forgo your Day Job check and cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet in order to restore 1d4+1 charges to a timeworn weapon, timeworn armor, or another timeworn device, If you have the Technologist feat, you instead restore 1d4+5 charges to the item. Any charges that exceed the item's maximum capacity are lost.
  • Shrine Savior (Temple District) (Legacy of the Stonelords): Thanks to your efforts, the shrines of Jormurdun are better understood and cleansed of evil influence. You may use this boon to reduce the Prestige Point cost of a spellcasting service by 2 (minimum 0 Prestige Points). When you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.
  • Sky Key Core (Legacy of the Stonelords): You assisted the Pathfinder Society in the recovery of a strange relic known as the Sky Key, though it appears this is just one piece of a larger device. Each time you earn a Sky Key Component boon, you also recover one spent Prestige Point.
  • Sky Key Component (Numeria) (Returned to the Sky): You have recovered one of the five lose components of the strange relic known as the Sky Key. This piece once belonged to Toggrim, whose descendants now live in Chesed.
  • Starmetal Stockpile (Returned to the Sky): During your adventure in Numeria, you found a large amount of skymetals (Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide 56-57). You can check the box that precedes this boon in order to purchase a single weapon or suit of armor made of horacalcum, noqual, or siccatite at its listed cost. You can only purchase one such item using this boon, even if you later sell the weapon or armor.
  • Trade Prince (Qadira faction vanity, 1 PP): You gain the honorific title of "trade prince" or "trade princess," and become specialized in Appraise.
  • Unrelenting Defense (Miner's District) (Legacy of the Stonelords): You have received a boon from one of the dwarven pantheon, granting you the ability to withstand physical punishment without complaint. You can use this boon as a move action to gain DR/adamantine equal to 1 + half your level for 5 rounds. If you already have DR/adamantine (such as from stoneskin), you instead increase the DR value by 3 for 1 minute. When you use this boon, cross it off the Chronicle sheet.
  • Upstanding Archivist (Dark Archive faction) (The Overflow Archives): You have demonstrated excellence in the Grand Lodge's vaults and improved the Dark Archive faction's reputation. As a result, Zarta Dralneen has provided you a choice pick from among the treasures rescued from the flooded library. You can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet when purchasing one of the items found below to purchase that item at 75% of its listed price.


  • (religion) Magic's Might: +1 trait bonus on CL checks to overcome SR.
  • (combat) Reactionary: +2 trait bonus on initiative.


  • (lvl 1) Spell Focus (Evocation)
  • (wiz 1) Varisian Tattoo (Benefit: Select a school of magic (other than divination) in which you have Spell Focus—you cast spells from this school at +1 caster level. Additionally, you gain a single spell-like ability usable up to three times per day. Evocation: dancing lights)
  • (human) Spell Specialization (Fireball): Cast your preferred spell at +2 CL. The spell may be changed at every even level.
  • (lvl 3) Greater Spell Focus (Evocation)
  • (lvl 5) Spell Penetration
  • (Wiz 5) Greater Spell Penetration
  • (lvl 7) Heighten Spell
  • (lvl 9) Preferred Spell (Fireball)
  • (Wiz 10) Quicken Spell

Special qualities and class abilities

  • Arcane Bond: Bonded Object (ring)
  • Arcane school: WRATH (Evocation). Prohibited schools: Abjuration, Conjuration
  • Elemental Wall (Sp): At 8th level, you can create a wall of energy that lasts for a number of rounds per day equal to your wizard level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive. This wall deals acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, determined when you create it. The elemental wall otherwise functions like wall of fire.
  • Force Missile (Sp): As a standard action you can unleash a force missile that automatically strikes a foe, as magic missile. The force missile deals 1d4 points of damage plus the damage from your intense spells evocation power. This is a force effect. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.
  • Intense Spells (Su): Whenever you cast an evocation spell that deals hit point damage, add 1/2 your wizard level to the damage (minimum +1). This bonus only applies once to a spell, not once per missile or ray, and cannot be split between multiple missiles or rays. This bonus damage is not increased by Empower Spell or similar effects. This damage is of the same type as the spell. At 20th level, whenever you cast an evocation spell you can roll twice to penetrate a creature's spell resistance and take the better result.

On person

  • dagger, 2 gp, 1 lb
  • Handy Haversack, 2000 gp, 5 lbs
  • outfit (scholar's), 0 gp, 6 lbs
  • Pearl of Power, 1000 gp
  • potion of CLW, 50 gp (in wrist sheath)
  • pouch (spell components), 5 gp, 2 lbs
  • 2 spring-loaded wrist sheaths, 10 gp, 2 lbs
  • 6 vials of djezet (in spell component pouch), 6x200 gp, 0 lbs
  • wand of infernal healing, 2 PP (in wrist sheath). Charges: 24
  • Wayfinder, 250 gp, 1 lb

Wondrous Items

Belt Belt of +2 Con, 4000 gp, 1 lb
Headband Headband of +6 Int, 36000 gp, 1 lb
Ring Bonded object, 0 gp, 0 lbs
Shoulders Cloak of Resistance +3, 9000 gp, 1 lb

In Haversack 42 lbs

  • acid flask, 10 gp, 1 lb
  • adventurer's chronicles (10), 500 gp, 10 lbs
  • 3 alchemist's fire, 60 gp, 3 lbs
  • 2 antiplague, 50 gp
  • 2 antitoxin, 50 gp
  • chalk (1 piece), 1 cp
  • charcoal (1 stick), 5 sp
  • ink, 8 gp
  • inkpen, 1 sp
  • Lesser elemental metamagic rod, 3000 gp, 5 lbs
  • Lesser intensify metamagic rod, 3000 gp, 5 lbs
  • Lesser selective metamagic rod, 3000 gp, 5 lbs
  • paper (10 sheets), 4 gp
  • parchment (10 sheets), 2 gp
  • Pnakotic Manuscripts, 500 gp, 1 lb
  • potion of CLW, 50 gp
  • 2 potions of endure elements, 100 gp
  • 2 potions of touch of the sea, 100 gp
  • 5 potion sponges, 10 gp
  • rope (silk), 10 gp, 5 lbs
  • 3 scrolls of comprehend languages, 25 gp/kpl
  • 2 scrolls of endure elements, 25 gp/kpl
  • Spellbook (traveling), 0 gp, 1 lb. 50/50 pages used
  • Spellbook (traveling), 10 gp, 1 lb. 50/50 pages used
  • Spellbook (traveling), 10 gp, 1 lb. 50/50 pages used.
  • Spellbook (traveling), 10 gp, 1 lb. 31/50 pages used
  • Spellbook (traveling), 10 gp, 1 lb. 0/50 pages used
  • wand of lesser restoration, 720 gp. Charges: 8
  • waterskin, 1 gp, 4 lbs

At lodge

  • bedroll, 1 sp, 5 lbs
  • blanket, 5 sp, 3 lbs
  • good quality white cloth for a turban, 1,7 gp, 1 lb
  • outfit (hot-weather), 8 gp, 4 lbs
  • parasol (expensive), 5 gp, 1 lb

Wealth 10043 gp

Encumbrance 20 lb. with backpack (33 or less light, 34-66 lb. medium, 67-100 lb. heavy)

Historia ja persoonallisuus Qiar on kärsimätön mitä tulee kaikkeen muuhun kun tiedon keruuseen, loitsujensa voiman lisäämiseen ja aikaa vievinä harhautuksina pitämiensä asioiden päiväjärjestyksestä poistamiseen. Muita elollisia kohtaan hän on lyhytsanainen ja menee suoraan asiaan silloin kun on asiaa, johon mennä. Tavalliset tallaajat hän jättää mieluiten huomiotta eikä yleensä vaivaudu peittämään koppavaa asennettaan.

Qiar valmistui arvostetusta qadiralaisesta velhokoulusta erittäin nopeasti - keskinkertaisin arvosanoin koska ei pystynyt taikomaan kahden yleisen koulukunnan loitsuja, mutta paikaten poikkeuksiaan sitäkin suuremmalla kiinnostuksella evokaatioihin. 19-vuotiaana hän oli suoriutunut jo polunnäyttäjienkin koulutuksesta ja saanut tulikasteen kenttäagenttina. Qiar on kieltämättä lahjakas ja saa tuloksia aikaan, mutta näitä kohteliaisuuksia seuraa lähes aina mutta-sanalla alkava tarkennus. Yleensä nämä loppukaneetit koskevat hänen asennettaan ja ihmissuhdetaitojaan.

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Land of origin: Qadira
Ethnicity: Qadiran
Nationality: Qadiran
Religion: Nethys
Age: 19
Height: 5'8
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: black

Player: Gastogh
Number: 6104-14

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