Female Kitsune Oracle (Spirit Guide 8)
Chaotic Good Medium Humanoid & Shapechanger (Kitsune)
Player Swyrlyn

Init +2 (+1 dex, +1 competence)
Senses Perception +5

AC 22, touch 12, flat-footed 21; (+7 armor, +2 shield +1 dex, +1 deflection, +1 natural armor)
HP 75 (8d8 + 24 con + 8 fcb)
Fort +7 (con +3, class +2, resistance +3)
Refl +5 (dex +1, class +2, resistance +3)
Will +8 (wis +0, class +6, resistance +3)
Special Defences: Can move a 5 ft in difficult terrain or treat 5 ft of difficult terrain as normal per round

Speed 40ft, with armor 40ft
1-handed Melee Dagger +5 1d4-1 (19-20/*2)

Ranged Light Crossbow +7 1d8 (19-20/*2)

Spells:(CL 8, Concentration +14)
4rd (3+1/day)(DC 21) Cure Critical Wounds, Blessing of Fervor, Wall of Fire (S)
3rd (5+2/day)(DC 20) Cure Serious Wounds, Daylight, Communal Resist Energy, Fireball (S)
2nd (6+2/day)(DC 19) Cure Moderate Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Align Weapon, Calm Emotions, Minor Image (M), Resist Energy (S)
1st (6+2/day)(DC 18) Cure Light Wounds, Ant Haul, Murderous Command (DC 19), Liberating Command, Shield of Faith, Remove Fear, Ventriloquism (M), Burning Hands (S)
Orisons (7) Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Guidance, Stabilize, Create Water, Mending
Spell-like abilities
Dancing Lights - 3/day, Disguise Self - 2/day, Charm Person (DC 19) - 2/day, Misdirection - 2/day, Invisibility - 2/day, Suggestion (DC 21) - 2/day, Displacement - 2/day, Confusion (DC 22) - 2/day, Dominate Person (DC 22) - 2/day

Mystery: Lore -Revelations:
1. -Lore Keeper (Ex):

  • Instead of encyclopedic knowledge, you learn most of your information through tales, songs, and poems. You may use your Charisma modifier instead of your Intelligence modifier on all Knowledge checks.

Spirit: Flame
* Cinder Dance (Ex): The shaman's base speed increases by 10 feet. At 5th level, the shaman receives Nimble Moves as a bonus feat. At 10th level, the shaman receives Acrobatic Steps as a bonus feat. The shaman doesn't need to meet the prerequisites of these feats.

  • Spirit Magic Spells: Burning hands (1st), resist energy (2nd), fireball (3rd), wall of fire (4th), summon monster V (fire elementals only, 5th), fire seeds (6th), fire storm (7th), incendiary cloud (8th), fiery body (9th).

Curse: -Wrecking Mysticism (Kitsune)

A divine entity has blessed you with a source of eldritch power that erodes your fortitude, increasing by 50% the duration of any poison, sickened condition, or nauseated condition affecting you.

Whenever you would gain a mystery spell, you can gain Magical Tail as a bonus feat instead. Once this choice has been made, it cannot be changed. You cannot replace a bonus spell granted to you by an oracle archetype with Magical Tail, even if it replaces a mystery spell.

At 5th level, add minor image and ventriloquism to your list of spells known.

At 10th level, add magic jar to your list of spells known.

At 15th level, add project image to your list of spells known.

Str 8 , Dex 12, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 24
Base Atk +6; CMB +5; CMD 16

  • 1: Magical Tail
  • 2: Magical Tail (Instead of Mystery Spell)
  • 3: Magical Tail
  • 4: Magical Tail (Instead of Mystery Spell)
  • 5: Magical Tail, Nimble Moves (Cinder Dance mystery)
  • 6: Magical Tail (Instead of Mystery Spell)
  • 7: Magical Tail
  • 8: Magical Tail (Instead of Mystery Spell)

Skills acp: 0; total skill ranks: 48

  • Acrobatics
  • Appraise
  • Bluffc (8) +22
  • Climb
  • Craft Alchemyc
  • Diplomacyc (8) +21
  • Disable device
  • Disguise
  • Escape artist
  • Fly
  • Handle animal
  • Healc (2) +5
  • Intimidate
  • Knowledge(arcana)c (1) +14
  • Knowledge(dungeoneering)c (1) +14
  • Knowledge(engineering)c (1) +14
  • Knowledge(geography)c (1) +14
  • Knowledge(history)c (1) +14
  • Knowledge(local)c (1) +14
  • Knowledge(nature)c (1) +14
  • Knowledge(nobility)c(1) +14
  • Knowledge(planes)c (1) +14
  • Knowledge(religion)c (1) +14
  • Linguistics
  • Perception (5) +5
  • Perform
  • Professionc
  • Ride
  • Sense motivec (2) +5
  • Sleight of hand
  • Spellcraftc (8) +13
  • Stealth
  • Survival
  • Swim
  • Use magic devicec (5) +19

Traits:Dangerously Curious, Unpredictable
Languages: Common, Sylvan, Tien, Thassilonian
RSQ Agile, Change Shape, Dancing Lights, Kitsune Magic
SQ Touch of flame 8/day

On person: Handy Haversack (5 lb)
In backpack:
Ioun Stones: Cracked Dusty Rose Prism
Encumbrance lb. without backpack (//), lb. with backpack

Wondrous Items

  • Head
  • Headband Headband of the Alluring Charisma +4 (1 lb)
  • Face/Eyes
  • Neck Amulet of Natural Armor +1
  • Shoulders Cloak of Resistance +3 (1 lb)
  • Chest
  • Body
  • Armor +1 Mithral Agile Breastplate (12,5 lb), +1 Mithral Buckler (2,5 lb)
  • Belt Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 (1 lb)
  • Wrist
  • Hand
  • RingRing of Protection +1
  • Ring
  • Feet


  • 0
  • 1
  • 2

Things to buy


Spirit Guide: Through her exploration of the universe's mysteries, a spirit guide opens connections to the spirit world and forms bonds with the entities that inhabit it.

Class Skills: A spirit guide gains all Knowledge skills as class skills. This replaces the bonus class skills gained from the oracle's mystery.

Bonded Spirit (Su)

At 3rd level, a spirit guide can form a temporary bond with a spirit, as the shaman's wandering spirit class feature. She must make this selection each day when she refreshes her spells. A spirit guide cannot bond with a spirit that is incompatible with her alignment, ethos, or mystery (GM's discretion).

A spirit guide gains one hex of her choice from the list of hexes available from that spirit. She uses her oracle level as her shaman level, and she switches Wisdom for Charisma and vice versa for the purpose of determining the hex's effects.

At 4th level, she adds the bonded spirit's spirit magic spells to her oracle spells known for that day, but only of spell levels she can cast. At 7th level, she gains the spirit ability of her current bonded spirit. At 15th level, she gains the greater spirit ability of her current bonded spirit.

This ability replaces the revelations gained at 3rd, 7th, and 15th levels.

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