Major covenant (the Esteemed Order of Techmancers)

Penitents are a conservative, religious covenant. They see the Great Schism as a mistake, and wish to reunite the Techmancers and the Church. In this core matter they are opposed by all other covenants. The Penitents' other policies, such as diplomacy towards the Shepherds, cause less ire. Of all covenants, the Penitents are most opposed to innovation.

Most of the Penitents' members are motivated by their personal faith. The vast majority is orthodox Aerusian, but there are other views as well. There are even Penitents who have no religious conviction at all. They are driven instead by political and historical motives. The Penitents think the Order would do better if it is joined with the Church instead of on its own. The most radical members want to destroy the Forbidden Archives, and get rid of all “unclean” technologies.

The Eserhaus Heresy was a lucky break for the covenant. It rid the Order of the most innovative and heretical thinkers, giving the conservative voices more influence. It also lent credibility to the Penitents' complaints. They claim the heresy was caused by lacking the spiritual guidance only the clergy can provide.


ARIUS: the Ashen Age

Arius: the Ashen Age


The Covenant






Alcyone, the cursed ship

Chronicles of the Covenant


Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Session I: Meet the Litter

Session II: A Letter to a Friend

Session III: Nocturnal Encounter

Session IV: the Eye of the Storm

Session V: A Correspondence Continued

Session VI: Eye By Eye, the World Goes Blind


Session VIII: Melancholy News From the Desert

Session IX: One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest

Session X

Session XI

Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Session I: A Journey in Inofficial Capacity

Session II: Of things to come

Session III: The Throne of Sights

Session IV: Kingdom of Eternal Darkness

Session V: Of love, lust and other things

Session VI: Nearing Civilization's Edge

Session VII: Growing pains

Session VIII: After the Time We've Lost

Session IX: The Gears of the Angel in Red

Session X:

Session XI: Sacred Music

Reports (in-game)

Ordo Rimore communications

Friends & Foes

Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Aurelio of Ordo Nuntius (dead)

Benjamin of Ordo Hospetaler

Candice, Major Domo

Dionysos of Ordo Machinus

Horatio of Ordo Machinus

Katarine of Ordo Machinus

Matilda of Ordo Machinus

Paramon, the Head of Security

Salman, Elder of Ordo Nuntius

Tacito, Elder of Ordo Rimore

Xenon the Flyer, Ordo Proelium

Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Belinda the Heretic Ambassador?

Ambassador Isaac, Elder of Ordo Voluptas

Master Selim, Elder of Ordo Hospetaler











Minions & Acquiantances

Arx Machinus




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