Extracts from a Nuntian diary of one Siria Liam, Elder of Ordo Voluptas from the Most Esteemed Order of Techmancers

The 552nd year of our lord Aerus, September 15th | 18:49

Fresh... air... at long last! I've complitely lost track of time, but I'm glad that atleast that part of the journey is now behind us. I'm certainly not made for gloomship travel - there is no solitude nor adequate company to keep one entertained for... the better part of the year? Shit, all the things I could be doing and I'm stuck with this lot. And what was with the New Year's party! I've had better time in funerals! Hell, the corpse probably has more fun in one than I had in that party. Oh unknowable machine, where did I go wrong and what did I do to be punished as I am now? Gah, no use dwelling on it right now. I reckon I have a few weeks before I am once again crammed back into that abyss which even light seems to avert. And there are drinks to be had, parties to crash, men to fell, women to swoon, substances to...

*A faint voice from the background can be heard:*
"Miss Liam, a carriage is waiting for you."

...Fuck! There ain't no rest for the wicked it would seem...

The 552nd year of our lord Aerus, September 16th | 03:02

Aaaaah... for all its faults, Golden Dome sure has a nightlife worth exploring. It has been nearly two decades since I last walked these streets, but the Dome always had a peculiar athmosphere of timelessness - people might change, but everything else stays the same: wonderfully decadent and twisted, with a facade of gold. Ah well, I guess that's something to keep in mind when I have my little dinner party with our resident Eserhausian heretic Belinda. I do hope they teach their Rimore some manners beyond the proverbial line of no return from herecy - hah. It could be said that I am somewhat curious. But now back to work - Keinon isn't going to save himself and there are still some loose ends to tie here under the Dome.

The 552nd year of our lord Aerus, September 17th | 17:33

A quick update before we step into the lioness' den. Gustav? has finally lost his sanity for good, but that's no news is it now? He's preaching something about the pleasures and power of flesh in the local farspeaker network. He never did handle the concept of the sacred conduit that well and I guess this is the next logical step - I almost feel sorry for the poor pup, almost. In other news Tacito has gone AWOL and been AWOL for more than six months now after there were some alleged clashes between unknown factions down in the maintenance tunnels.

Folk are also talking of a new miracle drug being distributed in the slums for a negligible price. It is said to cure any disease - even blight! It is also said to produce strong hallucinations, even prophecies, if consumed properly. How intriquing... However, our famed Order has found no hide nor hair of the fabled substance and to no-one's suprise the distribution hub was in flames when our little pack found its way there. Smells Eserhausian like nothing I've ever come across. Last but not least by any means, it would seem our lovable comrades in the Keyholders have seen fit to head for Prometheon with enough towing equipment to haul a small moon back to Arx Machinus. I've already done some probing into what their goal might be, but haven't been able to discern anything concrete. Anyways, back to business at hand - I really hope Su-Mi? doesn't make a scene like she always does. Fat chance I know, but I would really prefer not to fight my way back from the embassy.

The 552nd year of our lord Aerus, September 17th | 19:58

Now if I ever have to work for the Rimore again, I'd rather it be among the Eserhausians than in our most esteemed order. They seem to have their perks figured out and priorities in order. An enlightening conversation indeed, even if nothing of importance was said. Well nothing other than that the little expedition of our endearing friends has an Ascensionist infiltrator in its midst. Not that surprising really when you think about it, but good to know in any case. I would have loved to have the conversation in private, but what the Rimore wants, the Rimore gets and so I had to suffer the company of Aulos? and Su-Mi?. A shame really how Aulos? ended up in Rimore, she would have made a wonderful Voluptas or... anything else. Oh the tragedy of wasted potential - goes for both of the ladies. All heil Arius, the great leader of men! But once again I find myself going on a tangent. I really need to keep my mind focused tonight, a lot depends on how I present the offer to Isaac. This night has been 20 years in coming... I shall not fail.


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