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Pathfinder society hahmot:


NameAlignmentRaceClassLevelSociety number
Ar-Khon "Ylösnoussut"LNHumanWizard(Diviner)17.048567-1
"Seikkailu kapteeni ja Hopea Ristiretkeläinen" Helios TheonidLGAasimarPaladin (Oathbound Paladin of Vengeance)15.048567-5
"Veli" Adanas ThenrilLGAasimarPaladin(Divine Hunter) / Monk(Qinggong monk, Zen Archer)12.248567-8
RobinhoeLGHumanPaladin(Divine Huntress)14.048567-16

Aktiiviset Tiennäyttäjät

NameAlignmentRaceClassLevelSociety number
Konstantin Saviarius DoukasLNHumanFighter (Two-Weapon Warrior)8.148567-2
Garum "Kuolematon" AbadosCNDwarfBarbarian (Invulnerable Rager)6.048567-3
Kheras "Lohikäärme"CNHumanBarbarian (Invulnerable Rager) / Sorcerer (Draconic) / Dragon Disciple8.248567-4
"Huskarli" Halfdan "Siniparta"CNHumanCleric of Kostchtchie(Evangelist) / Barbarian(Urban Barbarian) / Ranger11.148567-7
Belliphastios "Bell" EschalionLNWayangMagus(Bladebound Kensai)8.048567-9
Kharakhan "Verihammas"NHumanDruid9.048567-12
Sharvani BakshiNKitsuneBard3.048567-13
Erebus EschalionLNHumanWizard(Thassilonian Specialist of Pride)3.0548567-14
Is-RhaNHumanOracle of Time4.148567-19

Suurloosilla toimistotehtävissä

NameAlignmentRaceClassLevelSociety number
Lady Eschalion?HumanEK?7.048567-11
Damien DupontLNHumanInvestigator(empiricist)1.148567-15

Sankarien seinä

NameAlignmentRaceClassLevelSociety number
Arstark "Vapauttaja" AbadosNGDwarfInquisitor3.048567-10
Arghul AbadosNDwarfRanger2.048567-18

Rise of the Runelords :

Kogran HolderhekNDwarfRanger3
Thanatos EschalionNHumanConjurer(Thassilonian Specialist)17

Curse of the Crimson Throne :

Moros EschalionNGHumanCleric of Shelyn / Loremaster15

Second Darkness :

Ilizeiros NarethilLNElfArcanist(Brown-fur transmuter)15

Jade Regent :

Azumi KaijitsuCGHumanBard(Lotus Geisha)5
Sikutsu TenzouLGHumanSamurai(Sword Saint)15

Skull & Shackles :

Karradon ScragCEHumanBloodrager(Bloodrider/Primalist)4

Reign of Winter :

Asgeir GrimwulfCNHumanOracle of Time(Cyclopean Seer)17

Giantslayer :

Akhros HurmeCNHumanFighter(Titan Fighter) / Bloodrager(Primalist, Bloodrider)6
Azadur "Suurenmoinen"CNDwarfEmpyreal Sorcerer16

Hell's Rebels :

Juliet AulamaxaCGHumanBard(Chelish Diva)/Noble Scion17

Strange Aeons :

CaranachLNHumanUnchained Monk(Serpent-Fire Adept)13

Dragon's Demand :

Arngrim "Rautainen" AbadosLNDwarfOracle of Metal6

Plunder & Peril :

Torrig "Mustasurma" "Jalkapuoli"CEDwarfBrawler / Skald / Investigator / Antipaladin / Alchemist(Vivisectionist) / Cleric6

Vetää kampanjoita: Rappan Athuk ja Tutors

Vetänyt kampanjat: Carrion Crown, Way Of The Wicked ja Muumion Naamio

Pelaamattomat PFS Skenut:


9-00: Assault on Absalom(1-11)

9-01: The Cost of Enlightenment(1-5)

9-02: A Case of Missing Persons(3-7)

9-03: On the Border of War(5-9)

9-04: The Unseen Inclusion(1-5)

9-05: Call of the Copper(3-7)

9-07: Salvation of the Sages(7-11)

9-08: Birthright Betrayed(1-5)

9-10: Signs in Senghor(1-5)

9-11: The Jarlsblood Witch(5-9)

9-13: The Lion's Justice(7-11)

9–14: Down the Verdant Path(1-5)

9–15: The Bloodcove Blockade(3-7)

9-16: Fallen Family, Broken Name(1-5)

9-20: Fury of the Final Blade(7-11)

9-21: In the Grandmaster's Name(3-7)

9-22: Grotto of the Deluged God(1-5)

9-23: The Ghol-Gan Heresy(7-11)

9-24: Beneath Unbroken Waves(5-9)

9-25: Betrayal in the Bones(12-15)


Quest: Honor's Echo(1)

8-01: Portent's Peril(1-5)

8-02: Ward Asunder(3-7)

8-03: Captives of Toil(5-9)

8-04: Wardens of Sulfur Gulch(7-11)

8-05: Ungrounded but Unbroken(1-5)

8-06: Reaping What We Sow(1-5)

8-07: From the Tome of Righteous Repose(3-7)

8-09: Forged in Flame, Part 1: The Cindersworn Pact(5-9)

8-11: Forged in Flame, Part 2: Cleansed With Fire(5-9)

8-13: What Sleeps in Stone(7-11)

8-14: To Seal the Shadow(1-5)

8-16: House of Harmonious Wisdom(1-5)

8-17: Refugees of the Weary Sky(7-11)

8-19: Treacherous Waves(3-7)

8-20: Torrent's Last Will(7-11)

8-23: Graves of Crystalmaw Pass(3-7)

8-24: Raid on the Cloudborne Keep(5-9)

8-99: The Solstice Scar(1-11)


Quest: Phantom Phenomena(1)

7–02: Six Seconds to Midnight(3-7)

7–03: The Bronze House Reprisal(5-9)

7–04: The Ironbound Schism(7-11)

7–06: To Judge a Soul, Part 1: The Lost Legacy(3-7)

7–07: Trouble in Tamran(1-5)

7–08: To Judge a Soul, Part 2: Karma Reclaimed(3-7)

7–10: The Consortium Compact(1-2)

7–12: The Twisted Circle(1-5)

7–15: The Deepmarket Deception(3-7)

7–16: Faithless and Forgotten, Part 2: Lost Colony of Taldor(1-5)

7–18: Faithless and Forgotten, Part 3: The Infernal Inheritance(1-5)

7–19: Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts(3-7)

7–21: The Sun Orchid Scheme(1-5)

7–23: Abducted in Aether(7-11)

7–24: Dead Man's Debt(1-5)

7–27: Beyond Azlant Ridge(3-7)

7–28: Ageless Ambitions(7-11)

7–98: Serpents' Ire(8)

7-99: Through Maelstrom Rift(6)


Quest: The Silverhex Chronicles(1)

Quest: Fane of Fangs(5)

6–13: Of Kirin and Kraken(7-11, Sovereign Court)

6–17: Fires of Karamoss(5-9)

6–22: Out of Anarchy(1-5, Dark Archive, Liberty's Edge)

6–23: The Darkest Abduction(7-11, Scarab Sages, Sovereign Court)

6–97: Siege of Serpents(1-11)

6–99: True Dragons of Absalom(4)


Special: Ruins of Bonekeep - Level 2: Maze to the Mind Slave(3-7)

Special: Ruins of Bonekeep - Level 3: The Wakening Tomb(5-9)

5-06: You have what you hold(3-7, Sczarni)

5–25: Vengeance at Sundered Crag(7-11, Grand Lodge)




Quest: Ambush in Absalom(1-5)

3-24: The Golden Serpent(5-9)


2-04 Shadows Fall on Absalom(7-11)

2-08 Sarkorian Prophecy(7-11)

2-16 The Flesh Collector(7-11)

2-18 The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor(7-11)

2-26: The Mantis's Prey(7-11)


32: Drow of the Darklands Pyramid(7-11)

36: Echoes of the Everwar I(7-11)

38: No Plunder, No Pay(7-11)

42: Echoes of the Everwar II(7-11)

44: Echoes of the Everwar III(7-11)

53: Echoes of the Everwar IV(7-11)


3: Murder on the Silken Caravan(1-5)

8: Slave Pits of Absalom(1-5)

13: The Prince of Augustana(1-5)

16: To Scale the Dragon(5-9)

20: King Xeros of Old Azlant(7-11)

22: Fingerprints of the Fiend(7-11)

26: Lost at Bitter End(7-11)

28: Lyrics of Extinction(7-11)


We Be 5uper Goblins!

Cradle of Night

Heroes for Highdelve (1-2)

The Gauntlet (7-9)

Seers of the Drowned City

Gallows of Madness (1->4)

Ire of the Storm (1->6)

Down the Blighted Path(4->8)

We B4 Goblins!(1-2)

Feast of Dust (11->15)

We Be Goblins Free (3-5)

Daughters of Fury(3)

Risen from the Sands(3)

Tears at Bitter Manor(5)

Wardens of the Reborn Forge(12)

Doom Comes to Dustpawn(9)

Fangwood Keep(4)

Broken Chains(6)

Murder's Mark(1)

The Moonscar(16)


No Response from Deepmar(8)

Dawn of the Scarlet Sun(5)

The Ruby Phoenix Tournament(11)

Tomb of the Iron Medusa(14)

The Godsmouth Heresy(1)

The Witchwar Legacy(17)

From Shore to Sea(6)

Carrion Hill(5)

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