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Fingal Reade

Male ifrit brewer and part time sharpshooter
Alignment: Neutral Good
Shaman (life)/Gunslinger (crossbow ace) 2/2
Physical Features:Short and slim, pale skin (so pale the many scars aren't immediately obvious) red hair (deep crimson, the envy of many a courtesan), clean shaven (the scars mar any attempt to grow a beard)
Experience: ...
Religion: Cayden Cailean, Torag Age: 72

Hit Points: 23
Damage taken:
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30ft

Abilities: Str 10, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 13
AC (Darkcloth parade armor): 18
Touch AC 15
Flat-Footed AC: 13
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +4 (total will vs fear: +5, vs sleep +2)

Attack (melee): Estoc: +3 (2d4 18/x2)
Attack (melee): Kukri: +3 (1d4 18/x2)
Attack (ranged):Masterwork light crossbow: +8 (1d8 19/x2)
Attack (ranged, point blank):Masterwork light crossbow: +9 (1d8+1 19/x2)
Skills: total (ranks) (notes)

Acrobatics +8 (1)
Appraise +4 (0)
Bluff +5 (1)
Climb +5 (2)
Craft (armor) +11 (2) (+2 from forge hardened)
Craft (weapons) +10 (1) (+2 from forge hardened)
Diplomacy +5 (1)
Handle Animal +6 (2)
Heal +6 (1)
Intimidate +6 (2)
Knowledge (local) +9 (2)
Knowledge (engineering) +8 (1)
Knowledge (Religion) +9 (2)
Knowledge (Nature) +8 (1)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +8 (1)
Perception +8 (3)
Profession (brewer) +8 (3)
Profession (innkeeper) +7 (2)
Ride +8 (1)
Sense Motive +6 (1)
Sleight of hand +8 (1)
Spellcraft +9 (2) (+13 to identify magic items)
Stealth +10 (3) (+3 from spirit animal)
Survival +9 (3) (+1 from deep marker trait)
Swim +4 (1)

Feats: point blank shot, precise shot
Traits: Adopted (dwarf: deep marker: +1 will vs fear, +1 survival), Unflappable arrogance (+5 DC to intimidate the PC, will only be shaken for one round max)
Racial traits: Mostly human, Forge hardened (+2 to resist exhaustion and fatigue, +2 craft armor and weapons), Darkvision 60ft, Elemental resistance (fire:5)
Drawbacks: sleepy (must get 12h sleep per night, -2 to resist sleep)
Languages: Common, Dwarfish, Elvish, Ignam, Terram

Abilities and qualities:

Spirit (life)
Spirit animal (cat) (has fast healing 1)
Channel positive energy 1+cha/day like a cleric of shaman lvl)
Crossbow maven (begin game with free mw light crossbow)
Nimble +1 (+1 dodge bonus to AC)
Hex: Fetish (craft wondrous items, +4 to identify magic items)


Gunslinger's dodge (+2 ac vs AoO, move 5ft away), cost: 1 grit
Sharpshoot: Make a ranged touch attack to hit while in 1st range increment, cost: 1 grit
Vigilant loading: while grit pool is more than 0, no AoO from loading a crossbow


lvl 0
lvl 1

Equipment: [30/60/90]

Traveller's outfit: brown linen tunic, brown trousers, worn riding boots (darkish leather), Wool mantle and hood (Reddish, wool)
Peasant's outfit: White(ish) linen tunic, pale gray breeches, well fitting and worn leather boots.
A backpack, well crafted, quite heavy.
Cold weather outfit (Wools -pale, unbleached- & light furs, relies on layering more than thickness) Shirt, Tunic, cloak, cap, mittens, socks, boots, breeches. Brown(ish) and unbleached white in colour.
Bedroll, hammock, blanket, 5 sq. yards of canvas
spell component pouch for small stuff, and spell components (obviously)
Mess kit (wooden plate, wooden cup, utensils made from horn)
Kilt, woolen, green/black/gray
waterskin, 2 canteens a coffee pot and an ornate tankard (made from horn, with silver filigree)
A bandolier
a wooden holy symbol
Shaving kit, small mirror, razor, whetstone, cup and powder for 50 shaves
Silk rope (50ft)
scrolls: CLW x6, comprehend language x2, erase, expeditious retreat, knock, true strike
potions: CMW x2


A darkcloth parade armor (a long black quilted cloth tunic and a leather lamellar cuirass, lamellar bracers)
Cloak of resistance +1
Brooch of shielding (101)


40pp (enemy coinage)

Stuff to be sold or gifted away

chainshirt +1
hand of mage
wand of hold portal

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