Common Boons (One for each Player)

  • New arrivals at Rappan Athuk

New and bizarre races has found their way on the doorsteps of Rappan Athuk.

Each player can create one race with ARG racebuilder and use max. 4 RP in it's creation. And only one character can be made to use this new race.

One Character Boons


  • Scales of Luck: (Ensimmäiset veret Rappan Athukin kivillä)

The Gods have decided the hero's fortune and place on earth.

Character stats are created by 3d6 rolls with free arraying.

  • The Slouch: (Po-potem.. ti-tius...?)

The hero has learned that he does his best when he does nothing.

If during the combat hero has made only move and/or free actions he gains +10% exp from the combat.

The hero needs to sleep a total of 12 hours each day or he gains fatigued condition that stacks into exhausted. (This 12 hours sleep is required as well for preparing spells if he is a caster)

The hero gets -4 in any roll that could make the hero fatigued/exhausted.


  • Mausoleum skulker: (Mausoleumit ovat sankarin ystävä)

For some unknown reasons the hero feels some warm connection with mausoleums and finds himself at peace in them.

Sneak skill +4 bonus. +2 precision damage when enemy flat-flooted. Can rest regularly at mausoleums without any camp equipment. +10 to starvation/thirst checks when in mausoleums. +4 knowledge religion to identify undead and can roll this untrained. +2 to will saves against undead. Gets for free 4 vials of holy water, 2 clw potions, one mwk blunt and one mwk slashing martial weapon.

  • Lonely Survivor: (Vain yksi on palannut kotiin)

Mysteriously the hero always returns from his journeys. Others don't...

Gains +4 AC, +2 all saves, +2 to attack rolls when there is no conscious ally in 100 ft. DC to aid another rises to 15 when Lonely Survivor participates in either side. +10 to constitution checks to stabilize. Constitution counted 5 higher before death. +3 hp.

  • The Orc: (Örkkien verta on vuotanut kokonaisen edestä maastoon)

One true orc has found his way to Rappan Athuk.

Gains access to orc section of Advanced Race Guide.

  • The White Hat: (Rosvoja joka puolella)

The hero belongs in one of the brigand groups plaguing the wilderness around Rappan Athuk. The group he belongs is recognized by the white hat they wear proudly.

The hero is a known and wanted outlaw and considered as such by the bandits and guards.

The hero gains +4 to charisma checks with brigands.

Hero does extra 1d6 presicion damage with sneak attacks and gains +1 bonus to attack when flanking(totaling +3).

There is a bounty on hero's head that's currently worth 500 gp as dead and 250 gp alive and can be collected by bringing him before authorities and escorting him before justice in greater city. (DC 15 knowledge(local) to know this information, the hero must always accept PVP)

The hero possesses his fabulous white hat that acts as a masterwork tool in social checks where the bandit status might be beneficial. The hat itself is worth 10 gp.

The hero recently robbed a rich merchant and wounded him in the process. Sadly the merchant died to his wounds and that brought the justice's full attention on him. Anyways the hero possesses extra 200 gp from selling his loot and as well a small masterly done golden pocketknife with rubies(400 gp) and a small ivory comb with green jade(250 gp) that both are currently too hot for any fence the hero knows to buy them.

  • The Snake Eyes: (Ykkönen, ykkönen ja ykkönen)

The hero has symbiotic relationship with misfortune.

When the hero rolls natural 1, he can reroll the dice. This ability can be used 1/minute.

After the hero rerolls the dice, for the rest of the minute, every d20 roll he rolls has 25% chance to be natural 1.

  • Unwilling Survivor: (Taasko se selvisi tästä?)

Even though the hero falls constantly in battles, somehow he opens his eyes always once more.

The hero gains +3 hp and his constitution is counted 4 higher before death comes.

If the hero ever takes 1/4 of his full hp as damage from one hit or after any hit he has only 1/4 or less of his full hp left, he must make DC 10+ (1/2)CL Will save or fall unconscious for 1d10 minutes. The hero may willingly fail this save.

  • Hard as a Rock, Swordmaster, Seventh son of Seventh son, The Great Traitor, Hero, Evil Twin, Duergar, with soittorasia, with Ye Old Die,

13 10 12 12 12 13 -> racialeilla?

One heropoint at start normally.

Artifact: Ye Old Die (free action to roll the d6 die and add it's result to anything that has you as one participant, 3/day)

Sword Master: Start with +3 worth of enhancement sword of your choice, you are proficient with all swords, gain +2 to attack roll/ +2 to damage roll when using this weapon, 1 free extra dice for physical stats

The Great Traitor: Your infamy as traitor preceeds you. Everyone and I mean everyone has heard of you. Everything you say is considered unbelievable and there are people you have betrayed in most surprising places.

Hero: start with 2 hero points, regain 1 heropoint in month

Evil Twin: You have an evil twin that came here before you. Who knows what has he done here and what it will mean to you.

Hard as a rock: You gain DR 2/-

Seventh son of Seventh son: You were born with mysterious numbers and there seems to be some power to them. If you could fullfill your destiny maybe something would come out of this. Now this only makes your head hurt. -1 will saves.

Soittorasia: You gain small mysterious item. Which may mean something in future.

  • Miner of the Deeps

The Miner has always wanted to dig deeper and find ever greater riches. He can't remember whether he found the pick before this "always", but he no longer care about these kind of small details. There are more riches to be found in the deeps.

The miner has full ranks in profession(miner) and gains +4 bonus in it.

The miner gains +2 temporary bonus in all physical scores for every 4 level how deep he is. 4-level: +2, 8-level +4, 12-level +6

The miner can gain each expedition his CL/4(min. 1) x Dungeon level in temporary hp once for every level he descends into. (Going deeper replaces the previous temporary hp, if any of it's is left.) E.g. 3rd level character descends to 4-level, he gains 4 temporary hp. The temporary hp if any left disappears when he has returned from expedition.

The Miner starts the game with intelligent Adamantine Heavy Pick +1. (The player can name the weapon, decide it's alignment, exact personality and description. Purpose of the weapon is to dig deeper.)

Player puts the weapon's name here

Slot none; Price —; Weight 6 lbs.
Alignment Player Decision; Ego 10
Senses 60 ft., darkvision
Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 14
Communication telepathy

Player can describe here

The weapon acts as +1 Adamantine Heavy Pick at the surface. The Pick gets stronger the deeper it gets. 4-level: +2, 7-level: +3 Keen, 10-level: +4 keen vicious, 13-level: +5 keen vicious speed. The Ego rises 1 higher from every dungeon level beside the normal ego rise from stronger enhancement bonuses.


  • The Fouler (Pretty Merrith)

The hero knows how to bring the hurt on downed enemies. Though he still possess somekind of conscience of his unfair actions.

You can use swift/standard/full round action to foul a prone enemy creature in your reach.

Foul: You attempt to harm a prone enemy with underhanded tactics. Enemy must be living creature and not immune to sneak attacks/critical hits for the foul the be effective. You can reroll either the armor break/injury rolls once per combat. Both die must be rerolled if reroll is used.

1. Count the armor break roll followingly 2d6 + 1 for each ally adjacent both to you and the prone enemy (max 3), -2 if used swift action, +2 if used full round action, +1 from each sneak attack die.

2. Count the enemy armor as Flat-footed ac - the fouler's CL

3. Compare the armor break roll with armor. If the injury equals or is higher than the armor or you rolled double sixes an injury die will be rolled.

Injury: Roll 2d6 and see the following table

2-7: The fouler does 1d8+STR damage to the fouled and the fouled is stunned 1 round.
8-9: The fouler does 2d8+2xSTR damage to the fouled and the fouled is stunned 1d4+1 rounds.
10-12: The fouler does 3d8+3xSTR damage to the fouled and the fouled is unconscious 1d4+1 rounds. The fouled also must make fortitude save DC 10+ fouler's CL or die instantly.

4. If you rolled doubles with either armor break or injury. You must roll a conscience roll 1d6.

1: You are are stunned for the rest of combat unless you make Will save DC 15+CL.
2: You are staggered for the rest of combat unless you make Will save DC 15+CL.
3: You are confused for 1d4+1 rounds unless you make Will save DC 15+CL.
4: You are nauseated for 1d4+1 rounds unless you make Will save DC 15+CL.
5: You are blind for 1d4+1 rounds unless you make Will save DC 15+CL.
6: You are shaken for the rest of combat unless you make Will save DC 15+CL.


The hero has a bittersweet history with bears. The hero loves bears, bears love him. Sadly there are many other beings that love to eat or kill bears.

The hero gains +4 bonus to charisma checks with bears. As well all wild bears that are not under anyone's control start with Friendly attitude towards the hero. Even bears under other's control must be forced with handle animal DC 25 to attack the hero himself.

All the bears that are under your control gains the augmented template and Diehard feat as they will fight for their beloved with all their furry might.

If a combat where the hero is participating starts in a forest region there is a 10% chance that a Mysterious Cave Bear called Juliet arrives to aid the hero for the combat before returning to her other bear duties.

This deep connection with the bears makes you suffer as well when they suffer. 1/4 of the damage the bears suffer is transferred to you. And if a bear in your team dies you are staggered for 1d4 rounds as you weep for your beloved.

The hero has lots of maps and he makes lots of maps.

Hero gains free full ranks in both craft(maps) and profession(cartographer). He gets +4 bonus in survival and knowledge(geography). He also always knows the name of a place he can see with his own eyes or where he is at the moment.

  • Evil, Wise Guy, Drunkard, Racist, Hard as a Rock, Eyless, Dark Creeper, with Mysterious Whistle Keaira

11, 11, 14, 11, 15, 10 -> with Dark Creeper: 11, 17, 16, 11, 17, 8

One heropoint at start.

Racist: You hate other races and gain -5 to charisma based checks with them. You must make DC 10+character level will save to resist saying your opinion of them outloud. If you do that it gives the same -5 to your friend's attempts as well.

Eyeless: You have no eyes. Through some deal with unmentioned you have gained something better. Instead you possess blindsense 30 ft. and blindsight 5 ft.

Hard as a rock: You gain DR 2/-

Wise Guy: You were member of affluent faction outside the Rappan Athuk region, maybe here are some guys who know of you or your faction at least. +2 to intimidate checks.

The Mysterious Whistle: You possess mysterious whistle with conjuration aura. You have no idea what this thing does.

Drunkard: You are a drunk. Your life is miserable unless you are filled with drinks. Then it's tolerable. If you are under alcoholic toxication you are sickened or gain +2 morale bonus to random physical stat for that combat if you make fort save DC 12+CL. If you are not drunk, the combat makes your stomach sick and must make fort save DC 15+CL or be nauseated 1d4+1 rounds in start of combat.

Whenever the hero gets sick, he recovers swiftly.

+4 saves vs disease, diseases are checked twice as often

Whenever the hero participates in reincarnation the results seems to become odd quite often.

Reincarnition spells cast to the hero or cast by the hero may have unforeseen consequences.


  • The Coward: (Löytänyt vahvimman keinon selvitä elossa)

The hero has learned that the only way to survive is to run from each combat.

When combat starts hero must make DC 10 Will save or he is frightened for one minute.

If an ally falls down unconscious or dead, hero must make DC 15 Will save or he is frightened for one minute.

If at least half of allies have fallen dead or unconscious, hero must make DC 20 Will save or he is frightened for 2 minutes.

If the hero is the only one not unconscious or dead in his team, hero must make DC 25 Will save or he is frightened for 3 minutes.

When the hero is frightened (not only shaken or panicked) he gains +10 ft. to his movement speed and when using withdraw action the second square is as well free square from attack of opportunities.

  • The Wolfslayer: (Eeppistä susien surmaamista)

The Hero is a wellknown wolfslayer by both men and wolves

You gain +1 bonus to attack and damage against wolves. You gain +2 bonus to confirm critical hits against wolves. Also when delivering coup de grace against a wolf, you gain +4 damage when calculating the DC of the Fortitude saving throw to see whether the target of the coup de grace dies from the attack.

The wolves know and hate you. If possible they prefer attacking the hero and gain +1 bonus to attack and damage against the hero.


  • The Blocker

The hero always brings his enemies down.

You gain improved trip as a free bonus feat.

You can use swift action to block an enemy creature in your reach.

Block: Roll 1d6 and see the following table for results. You can reroll this once per combat.

1: You are tripped yourself
2: You are tripped yourself and gain free attempt to down the defender
3-4: You push the enemy 5 ft away from you
5: You push the enemy 5ft away from you and also gain free attempt to down the defender unless the enemy has dodge
6: You push the enemy 5ft away from you and gain free attempt to down the defender

When pushing you can take free 5-ft step to follow him.

Down the Defender: You gain free trip attempt with +10 bonus against the target


  • The Oskari: (Oikeaoppista Oskarointia)

The Hero is guided by the mysterious teachings of Legendary Planar Being Oskari and follows his teachings with full heart.

Character can't be good, lawful or true neutral

Character gains the Rage ability as level one barbarian. This ability is replaced if character gains rage from any other source.

If character uses the rage it must make every turn DC 10 will save or be confused for 2d4+CL rounds. As long you are confused no need to make new checks. When the rage ends must make another DC 15+CL Will Save or the rage is renewed and you are rage blinded for 2d4 rounds.

If you have an opportunity to charge someone you consider an enemy when you are not in melee reach of any enemy, you must charge that enemy unless you make DC 10+CL Will save. As rage blinded you charge without the save.

  • The Mad Cackler: (Loputonta hauskaa)

The Hero has been possessed by some mysterious spirit with unknown agenda.

The spirit grants different powers for the hero but hero may have to time to time fight for the control of himself.

The hero gains different abilities as he levels up:

Lvl 1: Grants Sp-abilities 3/day: resistance, detect magic, read magic, daze, bleed, message, arcane mark(always the same mysterious symbol)

Lvl 3: Lvl 1 abilities are changed into at will, and gain new Sp-abilities 3/day: mage armor, unseen servant, identify, magic missile, expeditious retreat, feather fall

Lvl 5->: (unknown)

For Some reason the spirit makes the hero cackle unwillingly time to time. Every 1 minute the hero is awake he must make DC 10 Will save or use full round action to cackle erratically. Every success increases the DC by 1 and cackling resets the DC. In combat the check must be made every 3 rounds. First at round 1 and second time at round 4 and so on.

If the hero goes against the will of the spirit at any point he must make make DC 15+CL Will Save or lose the control for one hour. The spirit can attempt to take/continue control every hour as well.


  • The Troll Whisperer: (Peikkojen nerokasta käsittelyä) (Goruza)

You consider yourself as a true specialist on all kinds of things about trolls.

You have written a semifamous work entitled "Troll is All There Is" and with a DC 25 knowledge(local) check others may have heard about you. You gain a bonus of 50 gp as well from selling the work to few chosen bookstores in some of the greatest cities this local region knows.

You gain +4 bonus on charisma based checks with trolls. You immediately know if the enemy is a troll without rolling knowledge(local) check. Also you gain +4 bonus to knowledge(local) checks to identify the abilities and weaknesses of any trolls.

As a memento of your encounter with trolls you carry an extremely handsome troll tusk with you. It has value of 15 gp and you can use it as a masterwork tool when intimidating trolls.

  • The Plague carrier

The Plague is a friend. It can be a cold mistress sometimes.

Carries a random permanent disease that resets in 1d8 days if ever removed magically.

You are immune to your permanent disease, but you gather other diseases easily.

You gain -4 bonus against diseases. Diseases can't kill you. You take no con/hp damage from diseases.

As a swift action you can coat a weapon/ammo with a disease you are carrying dealing 1d8-(dex modifier) damage to yourself. Weapon stays coated until it hits any target, ammo stays coated until it's fired and the coating anyways weakens to ineffecient after 24 hours.

Depending on the type of the disease there might be different ways it can affect others even without your intention.


CL=Character Level

Rage blinded: You are raging as the barbarian ability. You treat all your former allies as your new worst enemies and your previous enemies are considered neutral and you don't consider them unless they immediately threaten your life as decided by GM.

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