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Embri Scholar Precog 3
Lawful Neutral Medium aberration
Player Naal (144782-707); XP 6
Default Faction Wayfinders
Homeworld Embroi

Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +4

EAC 16, KAC 17, CMD 25 (+2/3 armor, +4(4) Dex)
SP 15, HP 21, RP 5
Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +3; +2 vs. enchantment
Defensive Abilities chronomatic defense; Immune charm; Weaknesses masked emotions

Speed 30 ft.
Melee survival knife +6 (1d4 S; analog, operative, thrown 20 feet)
Melee tactical baton +6 (1d4 B; analog, operative, thrown 20 feet)
Ranged tactical semi-auto pistol +6; 30 feet (1d6+1 F*&P [Knockdown], analog, fiery)
Ranged ember agitator +6; 60 feet (1d8+3 F [burn 1d4]; boost 1d4)
Precog Spells Prepared (Caster Level 3rd)
0 (at will)—detect affliction, detect magic, injury echo (WDC 12), psychokinetic hand, token spell

Str 9 (-1), Dex 18 (+4), Con 10 (+0), Int 14 (+2), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 12 (+1)
Base Atk +2
Skills (6+2)*3 = 24

Acrobatics+92Dex +43   +0 ACP
Athletics-1 Str -1    +0 ACP
Bluff+73Cha +13    
Computers+72Int +23    
Culture+61Int +23    
Diplomacy+73Cha +13    
Disguise+1 Cha +1     
Engineering+72Int +23    
Intimidate+1 Cha +1     
Life Science-- Int +2     
Medicine-- Int +2     
Mysticism+52Wis +03    
Perception+41Wis +03    
Physical Science+61Int +23    
Piloting+92Dex +43    
P:Professor+61Int +23    
Sense Motive+61Wis +03  2 
Sleight of Hand-- Dex +4    +0 ACP
Stealth+103Dex +43   +0 ACP
Survival+0 Wis +0     

Special Modifiers nnn.
Feats and class ability selections
L01 Iron Will
A02 Future Training (heavy armor, heavy weapons)
L03 Skill Synergy (Computers, Engineering)
Languages Common, Embri, Goblin, Ignan, Infernal
Other Abilities anchor (fragmented past), paradox, shielded thoughts, wary, weapon specialization

Anchor (Fragmented Past) Dofon's anchor centers around an event that should not be.
Chronomatic Defense (Su) Dofon can execute precisely timed moves that help them and others dodge incoming attacks. As a reaction when an attack is declared but before the result is known, Dofon can use a paradox to grant an ally an insight bonus to AC until the end of Dofon's next turn. This bonus is equal to the paradox result or a maximum bonus of +2, whichever is lower.
Emissary An embri emissary's ability adjustments are +2 Int, +2 Cha, -2 Str.
Focal Paradox Two trained skills (Computers, Engineering).
Masked Emotions (Ex) Dofon loses their immunity to charm effects and their +2 racial bonus to saving throws against enchantment spells and effects when they aren't wearing a mask over their face. In addition, while unmasked, they must roll twice for any Sense MOtive check they attempt and take the lower result.
Paradox (Su) Dofon's unique relationship with time allows them to dexterously manipulate its flow at key moments, allowing them to know what's going to happen before it transpires.
Each day when Dofon regains their spells, they also gain 3 paradoxes and lose any unused paradoes from the previous day. Whenever they gain these or any other paradoxes, roll 1d20 for each and record the result associated with that paradox. You can never reroll paradoxes.
Many precog abilities allow Dofon to nuse a paradox in place of a specific d20 roll they would make, using the paradox's associated result instead of rolling a random result. Dofon can't use a paradox for a die that has already been rolled or rerolled, and they can't reroll a paradox. Some precog abilities simply require them to use a paradox without using its associated result. Regardless of how Dofon uses a paradox, it is lost and can't be used again.
Dofon can use a paradox in place of their d20 roll for an ability score check, caster level check, initiative checks, Reflex saving throws, and skill checks (for skills in which they are trained). In addition, they can use a paradox on a d20 roll associated with their anchor's focal paradox; once per day when they do so, they immediately gain a new paradox. Shielded Thoughts Dofon is immune to magical charm effects and receives a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.
Theme Knowledge Dofon is an expert in the physical aspects of oceanography. The DC of skill checks to recall knowledge about oceanography is reduced by 5. Physical Science is a class skill for Dofon, and they gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Intelligence.
Wary Dofon gains a +2 racial bonus to Sense Motive checks.
Weapon Proficiencies Basic melee weapons, small arms, longarms by default.

Spellbook Dofon knows the following precog spells:
Level 1 Biome Adaptation, Comprehend Customs, Comprehend Languages, Dampen Spell, Death's Door, Dream of Home, Erase, Hold Portal, Lesser Rmeove Condition, Overheat, Recall, Reflecting Armor, Swap Initiative (note that Blessing of Youth is NOT society-legal)

1(Race access sheet)         
2#3-01: Crash Down1       2
3Into the Unknown1       2
4#3-10: Freeing the Herd1       2
5#4-08: Precious Cargo1       2
6AcP: Prepared Caster         
7#4-13: Hard Reset1       2
8Starfinder Four and the HLH1       2
9#5-08: TL Star Sugar Superstar!1 1     2
10ChrB I Saw It In a Video Game         
11ChrB Tsuchi-Ko's Spectacular Gift         
=Total7 1     14

Dofon managed to earn 6 fame; expended as follows:
1 Basic Hireling Access ([Culture], Medicine, Survival, bonus equal to Dofon's level)
2 Mobile Translator
1 First Contact Step-In
1 Improved Drift Engine
1 used to get a huge supply of salted squid from Lorespire quartermaster

Start1000  1000 
2 credits gained720  1720 
3 credits gained720  2440 
Mk 1 serum of healing5034  2390 
Mk 1 serum of healing5034  2340 
4 credits gained684  3024 
Freebooter armor I7504  L 2274 
Tactical semi-auto pistol2604  L 2014 
Explosive small arm rounds604  L 227425 left
Ember agitator3304  2 1624 
Tactical baton904  L 1534 
Survival knife954  L 1439 
Mk 1 serum of healing504  L 1389 
Mk 1 serum of healing504  L 1339 
Mk 1 serum of healing504  L 1289 
Mk 1 serum of healing504  L 1239 
Mk 1 serum of healing504  L 1189 
Fire extinguisher154  L 1174 
Tool kit: engineering kit204  L 1154 
Tool kit: hacking kit204  L 1134 
Tool kit: trapsmith's tools204  L 1114 
Consumer backpack34  0 1111 
Titanium alloy cable line (80 ft)404  8L 1071 
Tool kit: broad-spectrum scanning kit2004  L 871 
Pulsecaster pistol2504  L 621 
Binders549   616 
Binders549   611 
Hygiene kit34  L 608 
Clothing: professional (professor)54  L 603 
Tool kit: professional (professor)204  L 583 
5 credits gained720  1303 
7 credits gained720  2023 
8 credits gained720  2743 
Ember agitator: called1208    2623 
9 credits gained1460  4083 
9 dayjob28  4111 
Learn hold portal1009  4011 
Learn lesser remove condition1009  3911 
Learn reflecting armor1009  3811 
Learn dream of home1009  3711 

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