Book 1, Black Rider
Mantle of Black Rider: +2 bonus to stat

Book6, Bab Yaga
Baba Yaga`s Fate +1 bonus to natural armor
Baba Yaga`s Power SR:12 + Character Level
Baba Yaga`s Death Auto-Breath-of-Life
Baba Yaga`s Life: +2 inherent bonus to stat

Book6, Vigliv
Thread of Fate As an immeadiate action, wearer can cut his thread to change his fate, and choose one of the effects below. This boon can only be used once.
- Reroll any saving throw, attack checkm or ability check. Take higher roll.
- Gain additional standard action on his turn
- Instead of rolling initiative at start of combat, choose any place in initiative order.
- Gain +10 luck bonus on one roll or to his AC for one round.
- Heal all damage.
- Remove all conditions.
- Recall up to 12 levels of spells that have been cast.

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