Spear of Manhunting Once per day on a successful hit, the wearer of this +1 Boar Spear can use an immeadiate action to cast Hold Person on the target of the attack (Will DC 13 negates). The Hold Person ends immeaditely if the spear is dropped or withdrawn, such as when making another attack with it (3,925 gp)

Snowshoes of Northern Pursuit (4,300 gp) These masterwork snowshoes provide the normal benefit of snowshoes in snow movement. In addition, the wearer can use a swift action to increase his land speed by 10 feet up to 10 rounds per day. This is considered an enchantment bonus, and does not stack with other similar bonuses. The duration need not be spent in consecutive rounds. Finally, as standard action once per day, the wearer can remove all trace of tracks in snow in a 60-foot radius.

Insidious Bear Trap This bear trap can be operate on command (shut, open, reset). It can be given a password that prevents the trap from triggering when spoken. In addition, it can be turned invisible to all except person setting the trap for five hours, once per day. Finally, the bear trap can be set, once per day, to emit audible or mental ping, as per alarm spell (6,300 gp)

Ushanka of the NorthlandsThis large, furry hat with earlaps grants the wearer +2 resistance bonus vs cold and +5 competence bonus on survival checks. When the earflaps are pulled down, it also grants +2 bonu vs. sonic effects, but imparts -2 penaly to Perception to checks made to hear. (4,500 gp)

Everbloom´s Rose Once per day, this +1 morningstar allows the wielder to cast remove fear(CL3) on crature touched by this weapon. If the creature touched succeeds against fear save while under the effect, he gains +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls for one round (3,000 gp)

Hyperboreal robe(body) This beautiful silver-threaded blue silk robe grants its wearer +2 resistance bonus to saving throws. Anyone striking the wearer with touch attack, unarmed strike or natural weapon takes 1d6 cold damage. (7000 gp)

Hut Library Book When placed against any wall at the Danincing Hut, this book creates a door to the library of Baba Yaga.

Cookbook of Arcane Augmentation This goatskin covered cookbook allows an arcnae spellcaster augment one of his 6th level or lower spell with one of the following metamagic feats: Ectoplasmic spell, Persistent Spell, Rime Spell, or Sickening Spell. This does not adjust the level of the spell, and the caster does not need to possess the corresponding feat. This augmentation requires mixing components specified by the cookbook in a cauldron, done as part of normal spell preparation. The caster to succeed in ritual requiring DC 15 + spell level Craft(Alchemy) check, done as part of normal spell preparation. (21,500)

Boots of Winter Jarl(boots) These leather-fur-boots function as normal Boots of Winterlands(constant endure elements, full speed at snow and ice). In addition, the wearer can use Giant Form I once per day, but only to Frost Giant. (20,000)

Habit of the Winter Explorer(body) This warm woolen outfit provdides constant Endure Elements in cold, provides +4 competence bonus to stealth in cold environment, and provides +2 bonus on saving throws against magical cold effects and spells with cold descriptor. When the hood is drawn around wearer`s head, the wearer gains ability to see through natural or magical fog, sleet, snow or other similiar conditions with range of 60 feet. In addition, once per day in cold weather, the wearer can turn invisible for three rounds as per vanish spell. (13,400)

Obsidian Raven This item is similiar to Silver Raven Figurine of Wondrous Power, but much more powerful. For this amazing one time offer only, you get:
1. 100% guarantee message arrives to anywhere on any plane, always, or all your money back!
2. No more hassling around with stupid animals and tieing small paper pieces around their necks: this magnigicent item allows to voice your desires as per Sending.
3. When sending message is not enough, you can turn it up a notch: summon your friend from another plane to your location as per plane shift(self only). Be sure to send instructions where to meet in your current plane beforehand.
For more information about this item or for other amazing offers, contact Zilvazaraat, the Magnificient Interplanetary Merchant Extraordinaire.

Sniper Helmet(head) This simple steel helmet allows, once per day as standard action, to denote one enemy as target. The wearer gains +20 perception and see invisibility vs his target, and ignores concealement vs the target. In addition, once per day the wearer a magical sensor 600 ft above, allowing 360 degree viewing.

Spectral Searchlight This searchlight reveals invisible creatures in 720 feet line.

Cassock of the Black Monk(body) This ankle-length black robe provides +4 luck bonus to wearer`s touch AC. It has no effect on normal AC. If the wearer is Oracle with any other mystery than Occult, he can cast once per day any spell with ectoplasmic spell feat without affecting cast time.

Frontovik Gas Mask(head) This typical Russian Army gas mask protects the wearer any harmful gases or vapoors, including from magical sources. The wearer can breathe freely underwater, or even in vacuum. Finally, wearer of gas mask is able to see through any clouds, mists, or similiar effects, as long as the wearer is within this effect. While wearing the mask, the wearer takes -2 penalty to perception

Baba Yaga´s Besom(minor artifact) This broom can be commanded to do stuff: pass without trace, nondetection, detect secret doors, detect snares and pits, knock, and dispel hold portal and arcane lock. It also functions as +4 dancing club that blinds the creature for 1 round with successful attack.

Baba Yaga´s Mortat and Pestle(minor artifact) The pestle can be used to fly, as per Overland Flight, carrying maximum of four medium sized cretures. The pestle can be used to grind stuff into powder, ignoring hardness. Twice per day, mortar can be used to cast phase door. Mortar and pestle must be used together to get their effects.

Icecrown of Irrisen(major artifact) This artifact is possessed by Queen of Irrisen. The following is known about it, as described relucantly by Baba Yaga:
Deals cold damage to nearby creatures. Gives wearer Fire Resistance, Spell Resistance, tongues, see invisibility, bonuses to mental stats, and allows retaining youth. Allows several SLAs, such as summoning Elder Ice Elementals and evocation(cold) spells.

Hut keys: lock of white hair from Frost Giant&plague doctor`s mask -> teleport to Iobar
Gold nugget&Dragon scale -> teleport to Triaxus
Bear pelt&Three-headed Eagle -> teleport to Earth

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