• Zaerabos - sarvipaholainen, joka haluaa olla liittolaisenne kunhan autatte ensin häntä
  • Ingolfr Issox - Jääjättien kuningas, nyt kuollut
  • Lady Ellisif - Jääjättien kuningatar - veriliittolaisenne nyt
  • Vastenus Barca - Kuninkaan armeijan kenraali, petturi, odottaa pääsevänsä kuninkaaksi
  • Grigori Sherkov - Thornin hovivelho, nyt dominoituna
  • Marcel Wolfram - Thornin läheisin liittolainen, antipaladiini, antielossa
  • Kardinaali Adrastus Thorn - Mestarinne, nyt vihdoin tapettuna?

Mitä seuraavaksi?

  • Thorn on voitettu (tuhosittehan sieluastian?). Talingarde on teidän. Miten otatte sen haltuunne
  • Elossa olevat solmut, mitä teette heille?
  • Mitä haluatte tehdä valtakunnalle?
  • Paholaiset: Zaeraboksen amuletti, Tiadoran nimi?
  • Epäkuolleet lohikäärmeet alakerrassa - mitä haluatte tehdä niille.

Thornin suunnitelma

Löysitte Thornin päiväkirjan, josta selviää koko hänen suunnitelmansa:

I. Gather the Faithful – build the Nine Knots.

II. Break Balentyne – Destroy the Watch Wall (the first pillar) and start an invasion led by the Warlord (the 1st Knot). The Warlord will raid south providing cover for our other activities.

III. Acquire the Daemon’s Gift – somewhere in the Horn of Abaddon is hidden a lost vault that contains the fabled Tears of Achlys. Gather the Tears and spread them across Talingarde. Between the war and the pestilence Talingarde will be much weakened and their faith in Mitra and Darius will be shaken.

IV. Destroy the Vale of Valtaerna – by wiping out this most holy site just as the war and pestilence reach their height, faith in Mitra will diminish further. Also the Vale of Valtaerna houses the Order of St. Macarius (the second pillar). Destroy them and extinguish their flame from this world.

V. Assassinate the King – hire foreign assassins to slay King Markadian V. With his death the only heir of the House of Darius (the third pillar) will be a teenaged girl who will not command much respect amongst the nobility.

VI. Destroy the Knights of the Alerion – By infltrating the command of the Talirean Army, we will have the army formed to destroy the Warlord be led by one of our men – the Traitor. The Traitor will lead the army of Talingarde and the Knights of the Alerion (the fourth pillar) to disaster upon the battlefeld.

VII. Te Scion Comes Forth – the Warlord marches towards Matharyn with his monstrous horde. The four pillars are fallen and the city seems doomed. And then who meets them upon the battlefeld? An unknown scion of House Darius banished to the mainland who has returned in this dark hour (with an army recruited by the Sixth Knot) to save the island. The Warlord leads his army to destruction and is recalled to the Agathium. The Scion, our puppet, returns to Matharyn in triumph and vows to forever defend his homeland. The people practically beg him to have the throne. And which god does he revere?


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