Your Eminence - Praenuntius Locus Arcani .·. R. H.

It has come to my attention that you are searching more info on two possibly related items. I am terribly sorry I have not been able to answer to your formal inquiry through the Religatio Praenuntii and I hope this information finds you in time.

The two items you inquired about are in deed connected - as they are both extremely dangerous ploys used in the Pugna Occulta more than once before this day. I am choosing my words carefully here. As even the information of the existence of these crude tools is dangerous and should not be shared outside the Religatio Praenuntii.

As such I am unable to describe the events the ploys have been used in conjunction or as separate misdirections. I am however - able to supply you some basic guidelines concerning them both.

The first item you encountered Flosa decrescenta is an arcane object made out of metal resin. The item you encountered was a classic flower-shaped example. Theoretically the object could have any shape with many convex layers. Making one of these items requires two things. An Awakened Magus - such as yourself - and an autistic child. The item itself is constructed from exotic matter collected from the unreal.

After assembly, these items are said to have primary functions. They act as dampener's to echoes and keep their sleeper owners safe from the unreal. The real function of the Flosa decrescenta is much more horrifying. Touching the object will brand the psyche of a sleeper or an other permanently, stripping her of her divine will and force. Just having the object near oneself will cause the same effect over time. Awakened and fallen ones seem to be safe from this danger as a Flosa descenta will almost instantly in their presence.

Historically both of these items have been found in the hands of ad-hoc cults and expendable pawns created for diversion.

The second item - an arcane marking visible only in raw reality - has a similar history of popping up on misdirections and diversions. According to our archives the ritual itself is a "humorous curse" created by one of the fallen ones somewhere in the greek peninsula, sometime BCE. Since those days it has been found in the hands of various dangerous and unstable individuals - who have been spreading the curse out of ignorance, spite or malice. As the curse can only be spread by it's carriers - the carries should be treaded as dangerous borderliners and eliminated at sight.

Yours, Praenuntia Locus Caeci .·. Allegra Conti

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