Paikka: Sansyo-Asuke, kaivosplaneetta
Tehtävä: Harhautus, jolla 21. patalioona pääsee murtautumaan piirityksestä

Vastus: Alexandrian kapinallisia

Ryhmä 2

  • Second Lieutenant Blue
  • Lance Corporal Arnold Benner (56M- Chaplains Assistant)
  • PFc Tomasz Grabowski (11B - Smart Gun Operator) PEKKA
  • PFc Ben Stephenson (88M - Motor Transport Operator)
  • PFc Gioconda Fuentes (37F- Psychological Operations Specialist)
  • PFc Colette Hope (29E - Electronic Warfare Specialist/Engineer) MONTOLA


  • Apilas
  • 2x Miinoja
  • Smargun
  • Teltta
  • Demolition/Engineering kit

Mission Briefing


Unit: 27th Strike Team

Commander: First Lieutenant Perry
2nd in command: 2nd Lieutenant Blues
Advisor: Seth


Elements of 21st USCM battalion are currently under siege on planet Sansyo-Asuke. In effort to relieve the 21st battalion the 27th Strike Team is ordered to provide diversion. This is best achieved by attacking enemy Missile Site at following coordinates: 2365-5219S and 3665-5119N.


27th is here by ordered to destroy both enemy Missile Sites. In order to maximize the relieve effort both Sites are to be destroyed simultaneously.

Intelligence information:

Missile sites are believed to be weakly defended. Sites are held by Alexandrian paramilitary forces. Light automatic weapons and some explosives are to be expected. Also see USCM Field Manual for notes on guerilla tactics.

Notes on local fauna:

Due to unsuccessful terraforming a new biological species is encountered on planet Sansyo-Asuke. Originally a harmless form of worm the Slicer Worm is known to grow up to 2ft long. Worm feeds mainly on bacteria and other organic matter, but has been known to attack humans occasionally. Slicer worm has a sharp blade like stinger mounted below its belly. Received cuts usually get infected quickly.

Notes on local climate:

Local climate is considered harsh since unsuccessful terraforming operation left the planet with frequent electrical storms and temperature ranging from -5 Celsius to + 10 Celsius.

Rules of Engagement:

  • All armed persons are declared hostile.
  • All surrendering hostiles are to be treated in accordance to POW rules dictated by Geneva Convention.

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