United States Colonial Marine Corps

Standard Issue Weapon

Kiväärimiehen päivän tuliannos:

  • 4 lipasta APEX (99/lipas)
  • 2 lipasta Ex (99/lipas)

Smartgun operatorin päivän tuliannos:

  • 6 lipasta APEXeja (200/lipas)

M41A1 Pulse Rifle (M309 10x24mmCR)

Ammo M309Ammo M308
Malf Ver.(Crit.)Malf Ver.(Crit.)
Type Spcl.Type Cr.+
Damage 3d(10), 1d-4Damage 6d APHP
SS 12SS 12
Acc 8Acc 8
1/2D 3901/2D 390
Max 2,800Max 2,800
Wt. 11Wt. 11
RoF 4/15*RoF 4/15*
Shots 99Shots 99
ST 11ST 11
Rcl –2Rcl –2
Cost 2,000Cost 2,000
LC 1LC 1
Hld –6Hld -6
TL 8TL 8

The standard marine assault rifle is a over and under combination of a 10mm light automatic rifle and a PN 30mm pump-action grenade launcher (included in Wt.). A digital LED counter on the side informs the operator of the quantity of rounds remaining in the magazine. The M41A is almost jam-proof, self-lubricating, works under water or in vacuum. The "fire control lever" has four settings for secure, single, burst, and full-auto fire. When firing 4-round bursts the first bursts has no recoil modifier and is at +3 for determining the number hits in the group. The battery that powers the gun's motor is good for 10,000 rounds. The butt-stock of the Pulse Rifle can be retracted. It shortens the rifle and lowers the Holdout modifier to -5. Firing the rifle with the butt-stock retracted doubles felt recoil and so the recoil modifiers, too. Use the Guns (Light Automatic) skill. One loaded magazine weighs 3 lbs.

The M309 10x24mmCR round, standard with the M41A1, is a TL 9 miniaturized shaped-charge round (p. UTT51). The second damage statistic (1d-4) is explosive concussion damage inflicted to anyone nearby. Shaped-charge damage is not reduced beyond 1/2D range, but accuracy declines normally. The M308 10x24mmCR round fires an armor piercing hollow point (p. UTT51) bullet. If damage rolled before any modifications is triple the targets DR, treat it as a hollow-point bullet: subtract twice the DR from damage and multiply the remaining damage by 1.5. Otherwise treat it as an armor- piercing bullet: halve DR, then halve any remaining damage.

PN Grenade Launcher (30mmGL)

Ammo M40RoF 1
Malf Crit.Shots 4
Type Spcl.ST 10
Damage 4dx2 [2d]Rcl -2
SS 12Cost-
Acc 8LC 2
1/2D (160)Hld -
Max 1,700TL 9
Wt. 4

This weapon is an integral part of the M41 pulse rifle. It may not be detached. Weight is already included in the weight of the rifle. It is possible if not advisable to fire the rifle and the grenade launcher simultaneous. Recoil of both weapons adds up and the sum is applied to each individual shot. Use the Guns (Grenade Launcher) skill.

The split damage statistics of the grenade launcher reflect the explosive concussion and the fragmentation of standard grenades. Concussion damage affects everything in a 2-yard radius at full damage, and damage is quartered every additional 2 yards from the center of the explosion. 2d+2 quartered is 1d-2. The radius of fragmentation damage is 5 yards times the dice of explosive damage. Use random hit locations.

The M40 HE grenades (HE; red cap) for the PN Grenade Launcher can be used as hand grenades with a delay of 5 seconds. Each weighs 0.6 lb. and is +1 to Holdout skill. A bandoleer with 10 grenades weighs 7 lbs. Grenades may explode if they take more than 4 points of damage to their top.

Other 30mm Grenade Ammunition

  • M38 HEAP round (HEDP; green cap), damage 9d(5) [2d]; a shaped-charge round with some fragmentation. HEDP damage only applies to direct hits; damage for near misses is as if it were an HE warhead (DAM 4dx2 [2d]).
  • M51A Bouncing Fragmentation round (blue cap), damage 5d [2d]; airburst 2m above/before point of impact.
  • M60 White Phosphor Incendiary round (white cap), 3d+1 [1d], + thick smoke + continuing burn damage. Each fragment is also covered with white phosphorous, which does an additional 1d burn damage per turn for 3d turns. It will burn through armor. Water will not put out white phosphorous, but dirt usually will.
  • M72A1 Starshell ("S" on top), flies up to 200m, ejects parachute and ignites, burning brightly for about 45 seconds.
  • M42 HESH round (yellow cap), 5dx2; if damage fails to penetrate armor apply 10% of damage to 1% of DR. Drop all fractions.

M56 Smart Gun (M250 10x28mmCLR)

Ammo M250RoF 4*/20*
Malf Ver.(Crit.)Shots 200
Type Spcl.+ST 12
Damage 7d+2(2), 1d-2Rcl -2
SS 13Cost 8,000
Acc 11LC 8,000
1/2D 600Hld No
Max 3,500TL 8
Wt. 29/39

The smart gun gets its name from the fact that an on-board computer assists in the tracking and firing of the gun. It will not only select individual targets, but also aim the gun in that direction by use of servos located in the articulation arm. The smart sun has four settings for the "fire control lever": secure, single, burst, and full-auto. Targets are located by infrared and shown on a HUD sight.

"The weapon was designed to be worn, not carried. It was equipped with an integral computer lock-and-fire, its own search-and-detection equipment, and was balanced on a precision gimbal that stabilized it according to its operator's movements. It could do just about everything except pull its own trigger."

The weapon is supported by a gyrostabilized weapon harness that reduces the ST requirement by 3, SS by -4 and movement penalties (for walking or running) to 0. All this is included in the smart gun statistics. The armored breastplate houses a PRC 489/4 Receiver/Transmitter and protects locations 9-11, 17-18 (front only) with PD 4, DR 40.

The M250 10x28mmCLR ammunition, used by the M56 and the M42, fires a TL 9 APEX (armor piercing explosive) round. If the round penetrates armor, the internal explosion damage (1d-2; the second damage statistic) is multiply by 5.

Recoil for the smart gun in full-auto (RoF 20) is applied for groups of 20 shots, using the Very High RoF rule:

Roll Made By:Number of hits:

An ammunition cassette for the M56 Smart Gun weighs 2 pounds. The rechargeable DV9 Lithium battery is good for 50,000 rounds and weighs 1/2 lb. Use the Guns (Light Automatic) skill. (The Gunner (Machine Gun) skill is for vehicular or tripod-mounted weapons!)

M240 Flamethrower (SN24 reservoir)

Ammo SN24RoF 4*
Malf Crit.Shots 20
Type Spcl.ST 10
Damage 5d (x4/sec)Rcl -
SS 5Cost 250
Acc 8LC 0
1/2D 40Hld No
Max 56TL 8
Wt. 6

The M-240 is a combat-issue flamethrower (a.k.a. incinerator or flame-unit) designed for use in situations where high-velocity slugs or explosive ammunition may cause unwanted damage, or where incendiary ignition of a target is necessary. From the main barrel of the incinerator jets a highly-flammable liquid chemical mixture. Directly below that is a smaller tube which projects a natural gas flame into the path of the main barrel. This ignites the liquid, projecting a high-temperature flame from the weapon over a long distance. The length and degree of pressure on the trigger determines how much of the liquid leaves the weapon, therefore establishing the duration and range of an ignited flame.The high number of shots (20 seconds of continuos operation) and extremely low weight (2.7 kg with full reservoir).

Each "shot" is a one-second burst of super-napalm. Treat as a 4-round group of automatic fire. Each hit does 5d damage to the whole body. Once the super-napalm hits, the fire sticks and continues to burn for 10d turns, doing 1d damage per second. The M240 takes two seconds to ready. Use the Guns (Flamethrower) skill with this weapon.

M42 Scope Rifle (M250 10x28mmCLR)

Ammo M250RoF 3~Ammo M252Ammo M270LR
Malf Ver.Shots 15Damage 10d+2Damage 15d
Type Spcl.+ST 11½ D 2,000½ D 3,000
Damage 10d+2(2), 1d-2Rcl –2Max 7,400Max 9,600
SS 14Cost 5,000
Acc 13+3LC 1
1/2D 1,300Hld -6
Max 5,000TL 8
Wt. 10

The M42 is a bullpub semiautomatic sniper rifle, giving it a very long barrel. It may use the M250 ammunition of the M56 smart gun but gets better performance from the match-standard M252 APS or the long-range M270LR ramjet ammunition. A ramjet bullet is a special Armor Piercing Round. Some weapon statistics change with ammunition; see the weapon table. The scope has full thermograph capability (negating darkness modifiers and giving +2 to see any living beings in daylight) and an optic interface for connection to the local sensor matrix. This not only allows the sniper full use of other sensors but also to command sentry guns within the net. Use the Guns (Rifle) skill.

M4A3 Pistol (9mmCP)

DMG Cr. 2d+2SS 10
Acc 3½ D 180
Max 1,800WT 2
RoF 3~Shots 12
ST 9Rcl -2
Cost 680TL 8

The M4A3 is the standard service pistol of the USCMC. The M901 round is armor piercing hollow point (APHP). Use the Guns (Pistol) skill.

The VP70 pistol is preferred by some Marines because of its 3-round burst capability. Otherwise it is in its statistics pretty similar to the M4A3, if not in its appearance. Use the Guns (Machine Pistol) skill for burst fire.

Defaults: Rifle and pistol default to each other at -4; rifle to light automatic at -4; long guns to grenade launchers at -3; light automatics and pistols default at -5.

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