Campaign: Viking's Dolmenwood Campaign; player: Veltzeh; game system: Pathfinder 2

  • Name: Graygale (common nickname known to outsiders)
  • Age: young adult
  • Ancestry: (woodland) elf
  • Background: tinker
  • Class: alchemist (chirurgeon)
  • Stats: 13 18 13 18 12 12 (elf bonus/penalty to Dex, Con, Int; tinker bonus to Dex; alchemist bonus to Int)

Background: Graygale is the younger child of two elves who lived in a tower-like tree near lake Longmere. Ey spent eir childhood mostly toying around with whatever mystical and strange contraptions ey found in their home and whatever eir parents imported from elsewhere in the world. Ey took a larger interest in alchemy and strange mechanical devices.

Graygale’s older sibling Whitewind left a decade ago on eir own journey of self-discovery and eir parents left just a year ago on a ”long overdue” adventure. Graygale, barely an adult, was left alone in their huge home and ey didn’t really mind that.

It took Graygale about a year to grow bored and curious enough to venture further from eir home tree and the forest around it. Ey knew that eir parents and sibling had sometimes gone to the human settlements of Dolmenwood; ey had also went as a child but could hardly remember those trips. The few humans who had seen em then had by now grown old or died.

Personality: ?

Appearance: ?

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