Shining Paragon of Virtue and Law
Alignment: LG
Capital: Matharyn (105,000)
Notable Settlements:
Ghastenhall (82,000),
Daveryn (59,000),
Havelyn (21,000),
Farholde (9,500),
Aldencross (1,800),
Varyston (1,200)
Ruler: King Markadian V called the Brave, Protector of the Righteous
Government: Religious Monarchy
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Religion: Mitra, the Shining Lord

The kingdom of Talingarde (pronounced Talon-Guard) is the noblest, most virtuous and peaceful nation ever founded. The Royalty of Talingarde has rescued a dispirited people from the brink of despair and darkness. They have dealt with their enemies fairly and their allies honorably. Talingarde is a paragon of the age, a shining city upon a hill.





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