Trek up the tower continues

  • All the doors open by electricity shot by Glendemick
  • From the Second floor they find a pair of foul smelling Troglodyte guards
  • And a overly friendly Shocker lizard which they keep happy and distracted by feeding it travel rations from a distance
  • The Third floor contained a pair of burning Skeleton Champions guarding what seems to be a pair of Altars.
    • A heavy fight begins with Ishirou picking the interrest of more Troglodytes from the fourth floor
    • Finally the Skeletons are destroyed and the group retreats battered and bruised to a camp outside the tower for some long needed rest


  • Level 2
    • 2 x MW Club
    • 2x Bracers of Armor +1
    • 2x Potion of Cure moderate wounds - Both used
    • Potion of Protection from arrows - Used

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