Lamond Breachton(human, male) - a wandering scholar, wizard and adventurer who saved the town 200 years ago. He gave wealth from his trade endavors with Druma to build protection from the environment; brought experts to teach the citizens trades, and established the town government (democractic council). Left the town after seeing it starting to thrive.

Notable family lines of old
Rhasolde family - Veraline Rhasolde was one of the original town concillors 200 years ago
Owu family - Agabe Owu was one of the original town concillors 200 years ago
Halversson family - Tilda Halversson was one of the original town concillors 200 years ago

Current council members & other notable personnel
Wilford Lamendil(half-elf, male) - leader of town guard.
Greta Gardania(human, female) - town councillor
Jorsk Hinterclaw(Dwarf, male) - town councillor
Quentino Posandi(human, male) - town councillor & owner of masonry business
Melma Ann Sendari(human, female) - town councillor
Tirini Sprizzlegig(gnome, female) - town councillor

Warbal Bumblebrasher(goblin, female) - Bubmlebrasher heimon suurlähettiläs

Other town members of note
Jorell Blacktusk (half-orc, male) - librarian
Narine Howerdell (half-ekf, female) - lumberjack
Xander Rynearsohn (half-orc, male) - carpenter
Brynne Taith (human, female) - cleric of Cayden Cailean
Jorell Blacktusk (half-orc, male) - librarian
Wintrhop Finney (human, male) - tailor
Kellen Carondil (elf, male) - cleric of Desna
Renetta Gilroy (human, female) - chef
Morta Valaskin (human, female) - mortician
Roxie denn (human, female) - tavernkeeper of Pickled Ear; tavern favored by both locals and adventurers. Eager to make some extra coin.
Amera Lang (human, female) - mason
Crink Twiddleton (halfling, male) - General Store (including smithy) owner
Voz Lirayne (half-elf, female) - bookseller and necromancer. Locked up.
Calmont Trenault (halfling, male) - scribe and pyromaniac. Locked up.
Tarindlara Vallindel (elf, female) - priest of Shelyn
Rorsk Axebane (dwarf, male) - mason, competitor of Posandi Bros
Fadelby Vusker (human, male) - wainwright
Trinil Uskwold (human, female) -Innkeeper of Wizard`s Grace, inn favored by those waiting for Call of Heroes

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