Irina Lukina aka Ludmila Krutova

Rogue; Scion of Athene


Strength 2 Charisma4 Perception4+1 epic
Dexterity 4+2 epic Manipulation2 Intelligence4
Stamina 2 Appearance3 Wits3+2 epic


xAcademics3  Craft (???)3 xMelee-
 Animal Ken2  Craft [type]-  Occult1
xArt (Music)3  Craft [type]-  Politics1
 Art [type]-  Empathy2  Presence3
 Athletics2  Fortitude1 xScience (mathematics)1
 Awareness4  Integrity2  Science [type]-
 Brawl- xInvestigation3  Science [type]-
 Command1  Larceny1  Stealth-
 Control [type]-  Marksmanship-  Survival-
 Control [type]-  Medicine1  Thrown-
Virtues   Willpower
 Expression3   6 dots
 Intellect3  Legend
 Valor1   4 dots
 Vengeance2   16 points (max)
Join battle  Soak, base
7  0 A / 1 L / 2 B
Dodge DV  Soak, armor
7  1 A / 1 L / 1 B

Melee attacks

Unarmed, light4 (unskilled)1B74
Unarmed, heavy3 (unskilled)5B55
Clinch4 (unskilled)2Bn/a6

Minervanpöllö (Athene noctua) - Creature 1
Bracelet/Bracer 1 - Relic (Mystery, Prophecy)
Bracelet/Bracer 2 - Relic (War) Tatuointi - Relic (Animal)

Cat's Grace [Dexterity]: Always stay on your feet, regardless of Knockback or terrain. Suffer no dice penalties to actions from unstable terrain
Perfect Pitch [Perception]: Perfectly identify the quality of sounds, and can recognize security codes and phones numbers by the sound of their beeps.
Meditative Focus [Wits]: Ignore 1 point of Environmental distraction penalty per dot of epic Wits.

Animal Communication [Animal (OWls): 1]: Roll Int + Animal Ken: Can communicate with an animal
Blessing of Bravery [War: 1]: Roll Cha + command: All allies who hear the blessing gain a point of Willpower and 2 temporary dots of Valor until the battle ends.
Arete: Art (Music) [Arete: 2]: 2 bonus dice to Art (Music) rolls; or 1 reroll.
Mystery [Mystery: 1]: Roll Intelligence + Mystery (No Epic Intelligence added!): The player may then ask her Storyteller pointed, specific questions about various events that have occurred in game—one question per success on the roll.
Prophecy [Prophecy: 2]: Roll Intelligence + Prophecy (No Epic Intelligence added!): If the roll fails, nothing happens, and the player may try again. If the roll succeeds, the Storyteller reveals some prophetic hints about events that will play out in the future.

Experience: 8 unused (total 30)

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