Jonas Karhu aka Siim Tirman

Gallant; Scion of Vidar


Strength 5+2 epic Charisma2 Perception3+1 epic
Dexterity 4+2 epic Manipulation3+1 epic Intelligence3
Stamina 3+2 epic Appearance2 Wits3+1 epic


 Academics-  Craft [type]-  Melee-
 Animal Ken-  Craft [type]-  Occult1
 Art [type]-  Craft [type]- xPolitics2
 Art [type]-  Empathy3  Presence2
 Athletics1 xFortitude3  Science [type]-
xAwareness3  Integrity1  Science [type]-
xBrawl4 xInvestigation3  Science [type]-
 Command2  Larceny3 xStealth2
 Control (Car)2  Marksmanship3  Survival-
 Control [type]-  Medicine1  Thrown-
Virtues   Willpower
 Courage2   6 dots
 Endurance4  Legend
 Expression1   4 dots
 Loyalty2   16 points (max)
Join battle  Soak, base
6 + 1 epic  2 (3) A / 4 (5) L / 5 (6)B
Dodge DV  Soak, armor
7 - A / - L / - B


Unarmed, light94B94
Unarmed, heavy78B75

Verirahat (Justice) - Relic
Antiikkipistooli - Relic; +3 damage successes, +1 accuracy success
Arpitatuoinnit - Relic; +1 A/L/B soak

Crushing Grip [Strength]: Lethal in a clinch (can opt to inflict Bashing as normal.)
Uplifting Might [Strength]: [1L]: Double lifting capacity.
Lightning Sprinter [Dexterity]: [1L]: Doubles dash and negates movement penalties from mud or water while dashing.
Trick Shooter [Dexterity]: Double aiming bonus and no penalty for disarming with a ranged attack.
Holy Fortitude [Stamina]: Go without food, sleep, or water for twice as long, and double time for strenuous activity.
Self-Healing [Stamina]: [1L]: Heal one Bashing or Lethal health level.
Stench of Guilt [Manipulation]: Know when someone is hiding something about the current topic.
Subliminal Warning [Perception]: Add (Epic Perception) dice to the Wits + Awareness roll to detect an ambush.
Instant Investigator [Wits]: [1L]: Wits + Investigation to instantly investigate a crime scene.

Judgement [Justice: 1]: Roll Per+Empathy to intuitively tell whether a suspect is guilty of something the Scion suspects. Failure gives an indeterminate reading and prevents trying again for 24 hours. Botch gives a false result.

Experience: 3

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