Khalfani "Khal" Akhnaten


Strength 2 Charisma3+2 epic Perception5+2 epic
Dexterity 3 Manipulation4+2 epic Intelligence4+2 epic
Stamina 2+1 epic Appearance2 Wits2


xAcademics3  Craft (Book binding)2  Melee-
 Animal Ken-  Craft [type]-  Occult4
xArt (Writing)1  Craft [type]- xPolitics3
 Art [type]-  Empathy3 xPresence3
 Athletics- xFortitude1  Science (Astronomy)2
 Awareness3  Integrity3  Science [type]-
 Brawl- xInvestigation2  Science [type]-
 Command2  Larceny-  Stealth-
 Control [Cars]1  Marksmanship1  Survival-
 Control [type]-  Medicine1  Thrown1
Virtues   Willpower
 Conviction3   7 dots
 Harmony1  Legend
 Order4   4 dots
 Piety1   16 points (max)
Join battle  Soak, base
[Wits+Awareness]5 1 A / 2 L / 3 B
Dodge DV  Soak, armor
[Dex+Athletics+Legend]/24 - A / - L / - B

Melee attacks

Unarmed, light4 (unskilled)1B44
Unarmed, heavy2 (unskilled)5B35
Clinch3 (unskilled)2Bn/a6

Relic - Sundial: Sun, Moon
Guide - Magnus
Followers 1 dot

Damage Conversion [Stamina]: [1L]: Convert Lethal damage from an incoming attack to bashing.
Benefit of the Doubt [Charisma]: [1L]: Force someone not to dismiss your next statement.
Inspirational Figure [Charisma]: [1L]: Give an inspiring speech to give all listeners a point of Willpower when it's over.
God's Honest [Manipulation]: [1L]: Make a gesture of trustworthiness while telling a lie to make it completely believed.
Takes One to Know One [Manipulation]: Always know when a lie is told. Those using God's Honest trigger a normal detect lies attempt.
Predatory Focus [Perception]: Track by scent or near-invisible physical traces with a successful Perception + Survival roll.
Unfailing Recognition [Perception]: [1W?]: Automatically recognize those Fatebound to you. Can spend 1 Willpower to lock a non-Fatebound person into the knack and be able to recognize them from there on out.
Fast Learner [Intelligence]: 1/2 xp to learn Academics, Medicine, Occult, Politics or Science.
Know-it-All [Intelligence]: You're a wellspring of obscure trivia that can help when the band is stumped.

Penetrating Glare [Sun: 1]: See clearly through smoke, fog, murky water you're in, and other barriers through which others would see only silhouettes. Can perfectly in dim light.
Ren Harvest [Heku: 1]: When someone speaks of your deeds, regain (Cha+Empathy successes) Legend. The tale must be uttered or written without the Scion's interference.
Sekem Blaze [Heku: 2]: [1L]: An animal who meets your gaze flees instantly. A mortal or ghost is cowed for the scene. A Scion or Titanspawn of lower Legend is cowed. Scions or Titanspawn of equal Legend may spend 1W to resist. Those with higher Legend are immune. An aggressive action by you ends the effect.

Experience:9 unspent (30 total)

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