Skill list

Acrobatics Medicine [Special]
Acting Myth and Legend [Type]
Beautician Notice
Brawling Occult Knowledge [Special]
Bureucracy Pick Pocket
Cheating Piloting [Type]
Climbing Play Instrument
Computer Hacking Questioning
Computer Programming Reserach/Investigation
Computers Riding [Type
Craft [Type] Rituals [Type]
Dancing [Type] Running [Type]
Demolitions Sciences [Type]
Disguise Seduction
Dodge Singing
Driving Sleight of Hand
Electronic Surveillance Smooth Talking
Electronics Sport [Type]
Engineer [Type] Stealth
Escape Storytelling
Fine Arts Streetwise
Fist Aid Surveillance
Gambling Survival [Type]
Guns [Type] Swimming
Hagling System Operations [Type]
Hand Weapon [Type] Throwing [Type]
Humanities [Type] Tracking
Hypnosis Trance [Special]
Instruction Traps
IntimidationUnconventional Medicine [Type]
Language [Type] Veteriary Medicine
Lock Picking [Type] Weight Lifting
Martial Arts [Special] Writing

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