Spoils have been shared:

300 gp 60 sp each (game 3, beginning)
2 pp 250 gp 1100 sp 1500 cp each (game 6 beginning)


3 pp
91 gp
7 sp
113 cp
Silver stag head medallion, from bandit attack at Oleg's
a pair of silver earrings, from large bandit camp
a wooden music box, from large bandit camp
3 crates of furs and hides, from large bandit camp
a polished wooden case of greenish ALCOCHOL liquid (5 bottles), from large bandit camp
250gp credit on Oleg's Trading Post


Arrows: 280
Dagger: 2

Rations: 66 man/days + some personal rations


5 feather pens, glittering
parchments, ink and quills for mapmaking
Charter to explore greenbelt aroung Oleg's tradingpost
2 tents
basic equipment maintaining kit


Silver ring (forgotten cache)
Heavy Leather Cloak (forgotten cache)
Dagger (forgotten cache)

Loot from the Old Sycamore:

an Ivory statuette depicts a crouching horned devil. -Smashed by chief Sootscale
12x Small spear
193 cp
120 sp
32 gp

- 15x Small dagger

Loot from the Sootscale Caverns Shaman:

Boots of Elvenkind (+5 Acrobatics) (Turalyon)
7x +1 Flaming Crossbow bolt
A pouch of magical dust
Scroll of Fly (Arcane) (Buckthorn)
A well-made silver ring
A plain brass ring set with a single pearl
A book
A wand of Magic Missile (CL3 25 charges) (Buckthorn)
Bracers of Armor +1 (Buckthorn)
a masterwork Cold Iron Sickle (Gavril)
a masterwork Light Metal Shield
7,420cp, 2,451 sp, 551gp, 13pp

Loot from the Tatzlwyrm Lair:

+1 scalemail (Gavril)
a masterwork cold iron long sword (Tyrillia)
a silver ring
a pewter drinking stein (Gavril)
a jade carving of a nude female elven monk (Turalyon)
a watertight scroll tube with a partially completed map of the Greenbelt
38 gp, 520 sp
Spellbook from Forgotten Cache
  • Identify
  • Mage Armor
  • Reduce Person
  • Silent Image
  • Unseen Servant

Staglord's Fort:

Ranseur +1
Stag Helm (Magical) (Turalyon)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x2 (1 for Dragan)
Leather Armor +1 (Turalyon)
Longsword +1 (Tyrillia)
Composite Longbow +1 (+2 Str) (Turalyon)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (Dragan)
Ring of Protection +1 (Tyrillia)
Masterwork Chain shirt (Tyrillia)
Rapier +1 (Turalyon)
Dagger x16
Silver Stag Lord amulet x2
Turquoise earrings 260gp
Longbow x23
Arrows x450
Short sword x13
Spear x5
50-foot hemp rope x4
a set of chisels
hammer x2
tin of iron nails x3
leather armor x14
a pewter belt buckle depicting a pair of entwined succubi 30gb (Dragan
11349 gp in coin, gems and jewelry
23 pp
4500 cp
2052 sp

note: laittakaa sulkuihin esineen perään jos otatte ja kuinka monta, sekä kuinka monta on vielä jäljellä. Kaikki muutokset sulkeisiin. esim. 1 dagger (dragan takes it). Näin voin seurata paljonko tavaraa on saatu ja minne ne on menneet. -Malahuir

-07.10.15 Oleg osti tavarat teiltä ja maksoi 500gp niistä. Otin myydyt tavarat pois ja laitoin treasuryyn massit. -LCode

- 07.10.15 Jaettu lisätulot porukalle. -Malahuir

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