The blandly named shop is located next to the harbormaster's offices in the docks. It's open the next day, and it looks welcoming considering the city it's located in.

Update 1: Goods in the list are sold at stock price. Mundane (used) common weaponry is sold at 10% discount. Crates of goods and weapons bear the name of a ship "Whimsical Mermaid", a ship that was confiscated along with its cargo two days earlier.

What do you do?

Caio: I've no personal needs that need tending to, let the quartermaster, master at arms and master gunner worry about supplies.
Baolo: Discusses with Quarter master, about needed weaponry, if all OK, Baolo is fine
Update1: Ahalien and corwin, do we have all the needed goods to do our job in the ship? if so, how big is our treasury if we look some of the crates from "whimsical Mermaid" ?
Update1.1: After discussing with Arhalien Baolo wont make any new buys. We need to survive now with what we have personally and those few extra weapons that we have on ship.
Corwin: visit shop, look for incridients for grog, my own personal stash; buy about 500 rations of grog incridients if they can deliver...
Arhalien: A list of supplies needed is crafted during the night, and early in the morning a shopping visit is made. Also harbormaster's office is visited to pay the docking fee (assuming here we leave as soon as the gear is loaded).
Update 1.1: Baolo, the treasury is quite empty. We have basic weapons and no armor in armory. If Corwin thinks our ballistae are operational (we still have the two on poopdeck, right?), we can afford 4 bolts for them. And that would mean any further purchases comes from our own pockets until some booty is claimed.

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