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The game continued straight from where we left off, at Richard’s parlour. Carolandra, James and Eustace leave the room and the others continue to discuss their plan. Lord Ramius lived on the Guild controlled continent of Avalon, so his family holdings are there. Richard, Duckworth and Lynette begin to make arrangements for the trip. Cut gives Cayenne a call and asks her if she could give them a ride to Tethys. Cut then goes to the Agora of Veet City to negotiate with Cayenne and they strike a deal.

Veronica goes to see uncle Eustace and asks him to recommend tethysian Justinians that she should contact. He tells her about a phoenix knight called Armand Orlando, who has a drop of Justinian blood and whom he met during the war. They discuss marriage and sir Brendon the other phoenix knight. Then Aran goes to see Eustace and offers the services of Yelena (his guild contact) to Eustace. They have a drink together.

Meori and Stacy are packing for the trip and Meori discusses space, Tethys and travelling with an exited and gleeful Stacy. Cut tells Meori Cayenne’s offer and also finds out that he will be spending his nights in the captain’s cabin (tsihih).

Aran goes to see Yelena on the Agora. She is living in an Engineer safe house that is guarded by Vagabonds! Aran offers Yelena the opportunity to come along on the trip as Veronica’s personal physician. Yelena agrees after a discussion of diseases and samples.

Cut goes to see the guildmistress to tell her that he is going to be off world for a while. Cut tells her that he is gaining access to Udoro’s heir, as he is part of her entourage. He tells her that theya are going to Tethys and that she is under oath to Carolandra. Cut wants to know more about Carolandra.

Veronica goes to see Carolandra and asks her about their tethysian cousins and whether Carolandra can tell her anything about them. Carolandra tells her about baroness Phaedra Justinian who is the head of Imperial quality control on Tethys. Veronica asks Carolandra’s advice concerning men, sex and marriage and her answers and suggestions are so very sinful that Veronica rushes to confess her sins (unclean thoughts) to Meori.

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