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The game continued from where we left off last time. The Justinian nobles find out that lord Kopov, the relative of lord Ramius is of the Old Guard. His son sir Kyrios imitates his father in almost everything. Sir Kyrios escorts the group to the raider Delirium, where Richard examines the portrait of lord Ramius. Kopov and his son resent their long dead relative for pissing away the family money and generally being an embarrassment.

At the Delirium the group is introduced to the crew and Richard gets to see the painting. It appears to be an original oil painting. Cut goes with the engineer to find the captain’s logs from the ship’s computer. The ship’s engineer, Julia Winters, helps Cut and he finds that there are 300 entries and 3 schematics from Ramius’ time. Cut writes down all the pertinent information from the logs, such as a chronology of hull repairs done on the ship as well as travel data. He finds that there are over 200 inaccessible files from Ramius’s time and 50 of them are encrypted. Engineer Winters attempts to crack the encryption but finds out that if the attempt fails then all the information will be destroyed.

Cut thinks of a solution to this and attempts to solve it by hiring an expert to tackle the problem. Cut tells Richard about it, who then convinces Kyrios to allow it. Cut manages to find an expert, who in turn takes a crack at the problem. While the expert does his job, Cut and Richard go through the unencrypted files. Once the job is finished they receive the data and Cut goes to find the hard drives.

After the group returns to Phaedra’s estate Veronica introduces Kyrios to her cousin Phaedra. Meori writes to her friend George Harrison and asks him if he knows somebody who could look at the painting and maybe teach her a little bit about archaeology. She also writes a note to don Raoul as a hint that Veronica is dining alone. Don Raoul arrives to dinner with his confessor Antonio, who together with Meori chaperone. The evening is filled with struggling small talk and awkward moments as the clueless Raoul discusses his passion, war and his plans for the future. After the Hazat leave Veronica and Meori discuss Raoul’s suitability as a husband and find him lacking.

Meanwhile at the Delirium, Cut tries to get Richard to leave him and Winters alone, but Richard doesn’t get the hint until the second try. When Richard eventually leaves, Cut makes a deal with Winters to keep quiet about the files. The agree on a password and then Cut and Richard leave the spaceport and go to the compound. On their way back they agree on a “go away” signal for future situations.

The next day is the first day of Richard’s tourney. Richard asks for Phaedra’s favour and since sir Aran is not jousting he gets it. Sir Kyrios, aka sir Daddy asks for Veronica’s but is politely rejected. Then sir Kasimir Keddah asks for it and receives it. Don Raoul is surprised that Veronica gave her favour away and asks for the favour of a pretty commoner woman. The joust begins and around the middle of the first round Veronica leaves to don the armour of the black knight. When she makes her entry, she is soon upstaged by two other black knights, neither of whom she recognizes, even though both of them ask for her favour.

Meori rushes to the tourney ground and explains to the other two black knights that Veronica is not available and they understand what is going on. Both leave and Veronica after her initial embarrassment begins to joust. Veronica does fairly well unhorsing seven opponents until she faces sir Harlan Harrow, who unhorses her. Veronica does not give up, but challenges him into melee, which makes sir Harlan very angry. He declares he will kill the boy and proceeds to do just that. Veronica does not realize at first that he is indeed attempting to kill her, but Aran in the baronial box does, as does Meori from the medic’s sidelines. Cut goes after the two idiots and persuades both to return to the tourney grounds to see Veronica clean her opponent’s clock, only to arrive just in time for Harlan Harrow to promptly maim her. She falls on her knees but refuses to forfeit and only when both Meori and Aran demand Harlan to stop does the fight end. Harlan Harrow reveals the identity of the black knight and is surprised to find that she is a girl. The two idiots take her to the field hospice on a stretcher. At the hospice all the idiots are present to sit bt her side only to be chased away by Meori. The only ones who stay are Aran and Cut.

At the banquet Harlan Harrow is a brute and assaults a young squire. Meori is acquainted with Harlan’s young squire, who is mute and a hunchback. They communicate through writing until Harlan interrupts them. Meori feel sorry for the poor abused boy and decides to try and help him in some way, although she doesn’t yet know how. She also talks to the black knights a bit. They turned out to be sir Brendan Adams the phoenix knight and sir Hanshiro Li Halan.

This is where the game ended.

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