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Cut tells Meori's news to Richard and Harrow, telling them to alert Lord Daddy, search Sir Keddah's premises and start a rescue operation, while he'll head to the airport to locate the plane. Lord Daddy gives contacts, permissions and men for the rescue operation. Harrow gets his own strike team.

Sir Hansiro is also told of the incident and is trusted with the task of finding where Sir Keddah slept his nights. He finds out that Sir Keddah's servants left for Grail two days ago, with Keddah's luggage. The plane is bound to San Maya, which is a city on the continent of Avalon. Cut leaves the nobles to play bureaucratic ping pong and camps at the airport. Since San Maya is on Avalon, it's not Lord Daddy's juristiction anymore, but baroness Phaedra's. Cut and Richard kind of decide, that the best way to secure Phaedra's assistance is to get someone special to call for her aid. So Harrow takes one for the team.

Meanwhile, the plane drops from the radar. Inside the plane Veronica finds the door to the cockpit locked. The plane flies low above the ocean. She takes Keddah's whisperpin and shuffles through the frequencies, until she finds the one where the pilots are as well. She tries to deal with them, offer a better price, but the pilots aren't interested. Apparently the Keddah was made of money. When he comes to, Veronica and Meori cross-examine him. Keddah tells they're headed for Avalon, where he planned to meet with an unknown, who had tasked him with kidnapping Veronica. He had met the great unknown in Richard's tourney. The unknown had said that the church wouldn't stay interested in the case for long. According to Keddah, the unknown seemed like a well-connected man, but not a noble. He had a moustache, a serious mouth and a raspy voice. Meori and Veronica continue to question him: why did he trust a stranger? Because he was charmed and the stakes were high.

Sir Aran Harrow calls Baroness Phaedra. She is pleased, despite her husband being around, but is shocked when she hears the news. And get shocked even more when Harrow tells her that her daughter Philippa is with the kidnapped Baroness. Dame Phaedra promises to do whatever she can, and tells that San Maya is Sir Curtis Callon's district - and Sir Callon is not too happy to know that his war dog has been sent for a holiday by Sister Meori.

Sir Richard briefs Lord Kopov of the situation and requests him to initiate talks with the Muster. During the conversation a house mechanic brings the message, that something out in the ocean sends an SOS call through ships and trawlers. With this signal they can track the route of the flitter.

Sir Li Halan informs that Keddah's servants have indeed exited through the airport. Cut finds out, that they have left for Byzantium Secundus. Cut stays at the airport to monitor the situation from there. Li Halan is attached to Sir Harrow's strike team and they take off in a chopper.

Lord Kopov and Sir Richard have a meeting with the Consul of the Muster. Sir Richard talks successfully and manages to persuade the Consul to cancel the agreement with Keddah and his hired crew. Consul goes to make some calls.

The plane makes a sudden, tight turn. The cockpit door opens and a pilot comes out. Veronica holds a stiletto on Keddah's neck just in case, but the pilot comes to introduce himself and tells that the guild gave him new orders. Has the alien had his hand on this? Veronica promises not to know Keddah ever again and Meori suggests that he would go on a pilgrimage and maybe even confess his sins right now. And Keddah confesses a slew of sins: lying, wrath, pride and a bucketful of other sins. He seems to make a peace with his God and the saints, and acknowledges, that he has failed. Keddah tells that he as abducted two other wives - they are happy now and he has paid compensation for their families. Meori tells him to be pure of heart and body from now on. Yes, body.

Veronica asks Keddah what made him think she would have agreed to be his Nth wife. Well, two successfully abducted wives, good looks, being a hero in his homeworld mean that he has done something right. Meori asks Philippa's opinion and why Veronica didn't kill Keddah. Because it wouldn't be too knightly?

Landing on San Maya's airfield. Baroness Phaedra's cavalry is there to greet them. Keddah is shoved out first and Veronica tells Phaedra's troops to treat him like a noble and not molest him. She also takes Keddah's axe as her trophy. The rescued are taken to a better-class tavern with comfortable rooms. The heroes take a nap, but Veronica sulks a little. She goes to meet the pilots and asks about their wages, with the idea of intimidating them.

Harrow's team checks the planned landing site and does a thorough clean-up.

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