Campsite near the beach on opening middle of jungle, guarded with traps and guards.

Defender (traps and barricades) - Ishirou (The Tian) with Eugene
Entertainment (moral boosting) - Aerys (The Poet)
Guard (the watchmen of the night) - PC:s, Ishirou in sync with Eugene from Defender
Hunter (Drinks and food for everyone) - Jask (The Prisoner) and Sasha (The Merry Lady)
Medic (tender of wounds and sleep) - Gelik (The Gnome)

Crazy captain and lover:
Captain Alizandru Kovack, professional sailor who got mad and probaply run Jenivere to a shote to habit Smuggler's Shiv with..
Ieana A bookish mystical Varisian scholar

Queen Bellanger and her ruffians

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