“‘Just a one of these cases’ you sigh as you kick in a door of a peculiar hut that exudes fumes of every imaginable scent and color. You have been assigned to find any evidence for WMD in this remote patch of Qadiran desert in order to give your patron a plausible causus belli. All you have is this gnome in front of you. It is wearing oversized turban and a traditional Qadiran desert outfit. Colors on the clothes show distinct lack of taste that is hard to match. To top it off the gnome has the most kitch holy symbol of Sarenrae you have ever seen hanging from its neck. Once the gnome notices you and replies your inquiries of the nature of this alchemical lab, it says with a straight face: “No sir, I am not researching for explosives, combustible materials, poisons or any other means to eradicate enemies of Qadira and all other heretics.”



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