Kirimomi (錐揉み)
Female Tengu
Ranger 1/Monk 6 (Zen Archer/Qing Gong)/Weapon Master 2
Player: Janne, ID: 34611-5

Character sheet:
Height: 4'10". Weight: 70lbs. Plumage: Black. Eyes: Orange.
Alignment: LN. Faction: Cheliax.


Kirimomi is a Tien-born tengu of indistinguishable gender. However most of her life she has spent a small tribe inhibited by the avian race somewhere along the range of Menador Mountains, Cheliax. Only other tengu can tell apart Kirimomi's gender, as her height and weight could qualify for either. Kirimomi, as many tengu, set out on a journey to be better off later in life, but she is also following teachings of the monks that were everyday company in her earlier life.

Kirimomi's name has a couple of meanings, some that fit her better than others. These can be figured out with a DC10 linguistics check if Tengu known, DC25 otherwise. Spoiler: Kiri (錐) means "bore, drill, auger" which makes sense with her archership, Momi (揉み) means "massage". Together, however, Kirimomi means "tailspin", which describes her somewhat crazed nature well.

The tengu is clad in a regular monk's outfit: loose dark red breeches reach over her knees, a cloth belt with a single pouch is on her waist and a multitude of straps and linen is wrapped around her stomach. She goes mostly barefeet with just some straps wrapped around her soles. A jet black plumage puffs forth messily from her chest and fluffy feather tufts point to this direction and that along her shoulders and back. Tengu females are just as cutting board on the bosom as the males.

From her beak-point face and expression it's clear that she's not the most sane bird in the flock. Her orange eyes are frighteningly wide open at times and a grin appears on her face as she reaches some zen state of agreement within herself, staring blankly into the distance once every now and then. Her otherwise dark colouration is contrasted with a splash of red dye she has applied along her black beak. Dried, chipped off blood is on her fierce clawtips and stuck to the short feathers along her arms - she doesn't seem to care much for her appearance.

With her she carries a masterwork quality backpack with most of her belongings, a quiver to hold her arrows, a simple dagger is stuck between the wrappings on her waist and a longbow is strapped around her torso. She intends to buy a better one as soon as she gets some money, as right now she has only a single gold coin in her pouch.

Whenever she's in a more-calm-less-crazed state of mind, she can interact and speak fine with others, but tends to gravitate closer to the shorter species (with the exception of dwarves). However in combat situations, when nervous and when panicked, her speech gradually turns into undecipherable, high-pitched jumbled mess of screams and caws, mixed with Tien and Tengu. She is quite excitable, which is why her fathed put a bow in her hand instead of a sword so she doesn't go and cut everything up. Judging from her bloody claws, she has overcome this change in training in a way of her own.

For the time being she has plans to work for Cheliax as Lantern Lodge is no longer hiring.

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