Character played by 2ka

Name Siria Liam
Gender Female
Age Late thirties

Overt Influences
Techmancer [Ordo Voluptas]
Intelligence [Ordo Rimore]
Government [Lunarus]

Ordo Rimore [Fame: 0, Infamy: 2]
Pasificusian royalty [Fame: 6, Infamy: 6]
Amerachoan royalty [Fame: 0, Infamy: 6]

Techmancer oddities
Bouncing gait
Omnium reactor
Noxious fumes
Dust flows to techmancer


Siria has kept her origin a secret, but her name points towards the former Amerachoan or Eurasian colonies. She must also have come from a wealthy family for she was able to afford the steep entrance fee to the Techmancer Sabbath to which she arrived at an early age. From the very start it was clear that the girl was very determined to pass the training. Even if somewhat lacking in theoretical understanding, she would always find a way to push onwards, be it bribery, connections, personal favors or cheating - nothing was sacred to her. Also unlike many other initiates, she had a skeptical outlook on the Church.

It was probably her manipulative nature coupled with her fascination towards the human psyche that led her towards the Ordo Voluptas. An uncommon choice to many, but one that suited her well. She also never had qualms with using her looks to her advantage and together with her wits she gathered up quite a following of admirers, lovers and other contacts even before her ritual. Hence, even before becoming an actual member of the Ordo she had set up a foothold in the organization.

However, the ritual of the conduit had a profound effect on Siria. Her attitude mellowed and she became deeply religious, even if not in the way the Church wants. She seemed to have a reached a state of tranquility and as a manifestation of her new-found peace she made a symbiotic bond with her mekanima. Yet, her ambitious nature remained and she kept on climbing up the organizational ladder and soon enough she was made elder at her Ordo at on extremely young age.

Still, even if the ritual had made Siria less merciless, it had also transcended her past an ordinary human. This might seem like a peculiar statement to make of a Techmancer, but rarely does a Techmancer develop such a patronizing nature and quite literally start radiating an aura of superiority. And yet, her beauty was left completely intact by the ritual. The conduit also fueled her fascination on all things human, but now from an outside perspective.

In her later years Siria has somewhat withdrawn to the background. Nowadays she is living a part of her ambitious needs through her apprentices or pups as she likes to call them. Each passing day she turns more a Techmancer and less a human. But does she have a place in a world where each year sees less and less Techmancers...?

Self +++++ /
Shame +++ /
Supernatural + /
Techmancery +++++++ /
Violence +++++ / \\


ARIUS: the Ashen Age

Arius: the Ashen Age


The Covenant






Alcyone, the cursed ship

Chronicles of the Covenant


Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Session I: Meet the Litter

Session II: A Letter to a Friend

Session III: Nocturnal Encounter

Session IV: the Eye of the Storm

Session V: A Correspondence Continued

Session VI: Eye By Eye, the World Goes Blind


Session VIII: Melancholy News From the Desert

Session IX: One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest

Session X

Session XI

Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Session I: A Journey in Inofficial Capacity

Session II: Of things to come

Session III: The Throne of Sights

Session IV: Kingdom of Eternal Darkness

Session V: Of love, lust and other things

Session VI: Nearing Civilization's Edge

Session VII: Growing pains

Session VIII: After the Time We've Lost

Session IX: The Gears of the Angel in Red

Session X:

Session XI: Sacred Music

Reports (in-game)

Ordo Rimore communications

Friends & Foes

Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Aurelio of Ordo Nuntius (dead)

Benjamin of Ordo Hospetaler

Candice, Major Domo

Dionysos of Ordo Machinus

Horatio of Ordo Machinus

Katarine of Ordo Machinus

Matilda of Ordo Machinus

Paramon, the Head of Security

Salman, Elder of Ordo Nuntius

Tacito, Elder of Ordo Rimore

Xenon the Flyer, Ordo Proelium

Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Belinda the Heretic Ambassador?

Ambassador Isaac, Elder of Ordo Voluptas

Master Selim, Elder of Ordo Hospetaler











Minions & Acquiantances

Arx Machinus




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