Besha Wargsbane/Sudensurma
Male human (Shoanti) unchained barbarian (titan mauler) 7 (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 30, Pathfinder Unchained 8)
CN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +7; Senses Perception +11


AC 20, touch 14, flat-footed 17 (+5 armor, +1 deflection, +3 Dex, +1 natural)
hp 83 (7d12+21)
Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +5; +2 trait bonus vs. fear
DR 1/—


Speed 30 ft.
Melee (L) greatsword "The Neverending Tantrum" +9/+2 (3d6+12/19-20) or
:mwk spear +12/+5 (1d8+12/×3) or
:(L) nukkumatti +9/+4 (1d8+8 nonlethal)
Ranged composite longbow +10/+5 (1d8+3/×3) or
:throwing axe +10 (1d6+4)
Special Attacks rage (18 rounds/day), rage powers (accurate stance +2, deadly accuracy, swift foot +10 ft)


Str 19, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk +7; CMB +9; CMD 25
Feats Furious Finish<sup>UC</sup>, Furious Focus<sup>APG</sup>, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (greatsword)
Traits courageous, missing son or daughter
Skills Acrobatics +12 (+17 to make high or long jumps), Climb +8, Intimidate +9, Perception +11, Survival +8, Swim +7
Languages Common, Shoanti
SQ big game hunter, evade reach, jotungrip
Combat Gear oil of keen edge, potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of cure serious wounds (2), barbarian chew (4); Other Gear +1 chain shirt, arrows (20), composite longbow (+3 Str), mwk greatsword, mwk spear, nukkumatti, throwing axe, amulet of natural armor +1, belt of giant strength +2, cloak of resistance +1, headband of inspired wisdom +2, ring of jumping, ring of protection +1, bedroll, belt pouch, blanket<sup>APG</sup>, everburning torch, flint and steel, hemp rope (50 ft.), huge chest<sup>APG</sup>, masterwork backpack<sup>APG</sup>, pot, soap, superior lock, torch (5), trail rations (3), waterskin, whetstone, 4,542 gp, 12 sp, 8 cp

Special Abilities

Accurate Stance +2 (Ex) Gain a +2 bonus to melee and thrown weapon att.
Big Game Hunter (Ex) +1 to hit and +1 dodge bonus to AC vs. foes larger than self.
Damage Reduction (1/-) You have Damage Reduction against all attacks.
Deadly Accuracy (Ex) While in accurate stance, double accurate stance bonus to confirm criticals.
Evade Reach (5 ft) (Ex) Reduce chosen foe in line of sight's reach vs. you by listed amount.
Furious Finish Deal maximum damage and end your rage
Furious Focus If you are wielding a weapon in two hands, ignore the penalty for your first attack of each turn.
Jotungrip (Ex) Wield 2 handed weapon of appropriate size in 1 hand, but take -2 penalty.
Power Attack -2/+4 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Rage (Unchained, 18 rounds/day) (Ex) As a free action, gain temp hp, bonus to melee att/dam, thrown dam, will saves, but AC penalty and limited actions. 1 min fatigue when ended.
Swift Foot (+10 ft) (Ex) While raging, gain the listed enhancement bonus to speed.
Vital Strike Standard action: x2 weapon damage dice.

Father Attakuwa, Master of Beasts (53)
Mother Yona, Weaver of Fate (48)
Sister Shadi, Sharp Eye (28)
Niece Ehawi (12) (found)
Wife Sitsi, Seeking Bow (29)
Son Kangya (10)
Daughter Gola (12) (dead?)

Lyrune-Quah (Moon Clan)

Advancement plan (Feat + RP):

7 = Feat: Furious Finish
8 = RP: Roused Anger
9= Feat: Devastating Strike
10= RP: Sharpened Accuracy
11= Feat: Improved Vital Strike
12= RP: Quick Reflexes
13= Feat: Improved Critical
14= RP: Unexpected Strike
15= Feat: Improved Devastating Strike
16= RP: Lethal Accuracy
17= Feat: Greater Vital Strike
18= RP:
19= Feat:
20= RP:

Suden miekka

Jokaisen taisteluvuoron päätteeksi (alkaen 2. vuoron lopussa) on kumulatiivinen 1% todennäköisyys mennä Berzerk tilaan. Tässä tilassa hahmo hyökkää lähimmän olennon kimppuun tai esineen jos mikään olento ei ole kantamassa. Milezza tai perheenjäsen voi yrittää rauhoittaa hahmon DC 18 Diplomacy checkillä. Kun hahmo on ollut inaktiivinen minuutin ajan, Berzerk todennäköisyys laskee 0%:iin.

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