• Race: HALF-ORK
  • Player: JANNE, ID: 34611-4
  • Classes: FIGHTER 4
  • Faction: GRAND LODGE
  • HP: 40
  • EXP: 10 / 12
  • Fame/Prestige: 17 / 15
  • Alignment: CHAOTIC GOOD
  • STR 19
  • DEX 14
  • CON 14
  • INT 14
  • WIS 9
  • CHA 7


  • Fort: 6
  • Reflex: 4
  • Will: 1 (+1 vs. fear)

Trip CMB: 11
CMD: 20
Relevant skills: Climb 4, Intimidate 7, Kn. Dun 6, Kn. Eng 6, Perc. 7, Sense Motive -1, Stealth -4, Survival 3, Swim 5

Feats: Combat Expertise, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Fauchard, Improved Trip, Combat Reflexes, Power Attack
Traits: Reactionary (+2 Init), Observant (+1 Perception + Class skill)
Weapons carried: Bite, Greataxe, Mwk Cold Iron Fauchard (Reach, Trip), Mwk Comp. L.bow (str +4)




  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 269 lbs
  • Gender: ZWOGO
  • Eyes: RED
  • Hair: RED
  • Skin: ORKY GREEN
  • From: Born in The Mindspin Mountains, Hold of Belkzen side.

Full Description

ZWOGO is a direct (bastard) descendant of the great Orc Chief Kroghut of the Broken Spine tribe. He's born from one of Korvosian female human slaves which Kroghut captured on his raids southwest of The Mindspin Mountains, but never saw his mother after birth. Along with his two siblings Dabu and Zugzug, he was considered filth in the eyes of other orcs and his father because of his half-blood, and was a mere slave for a dozen years, despite having the Chief's blood.

Zwogo grew up more cunning and equally strong as the orcs he served, valuing strength, battle, but also his two siblings who he shared his misery with. Even though deep hatred for pathfinders was rooted from the tribe's teachings to him since birth, his opinion changed one fateful night. Zwogo and his siblings were ordered to capture more female human slaves near Korvosa for the pleasure of the decadent orc Chief, under the watchful eyes of three brutish true orcs who also left on the journey. The party of six tried to capture several females from a trade caravan, who turned out to be fierce fighters from the Aspis Consortium, and a bloody battle to the death began. If it hadn't been for three wandering pathfinders, all six of the orc-kind would have died. Despite their help, Zwogo was the only survivor out of the group, pathfinders included.

Zwogo didn't understand why the Pathfinders decided to help the orcs against Aspis, but he vowed to kill more of the trade consortium's members to revenge the fall of his sister and brother. He left the corrupt Chief behind and joined the ranks of the Grand Lodge for personal quests of revenge and glory instead.

Progression Plan

Ftr (1): Combat Expertise, Exotic Weapon Prof: Fauchard
Ftr (2): Improved Trip, [Bravery]
Ftr (3): Combat Reflexes, [Armor Training 1]
Ftr (4): Fury's Fall (SRC: Cheliax, Empire of Devils) (+1 str)
Ftr (4): Power Attack
Ftr (5): Weapon Focus: Fauchard, [Weapon Training 1: Polearms -> Fauchard]
Ftr (6): Greater Trip

Trip by level (incl. feats, BAB, Str bonus):
1: +5
2: +8
3: +9
4: +12
5: +15
6: +18

In addition:
+1 from Mwork weapon, +1 from Str belt, +2 to initial trip from charge
Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone: (+1 insight bonus AC, 5k, slotted into wayfinder (250 gp) resonates +2 CMB/CMD)
Enlarge person: Net CMB increase = +1 (+1 from STR, -1 from DEX, +1 from Size)

Enemy average trip CMD by CR:
1: 13
2: 16
3: 19
4: 24
5: 30
6: 31
7: 32
8: 33
9: 32
10: 32


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