Ropettelija pääkaupunkiseudulta.

Aktiitiset Kampanjat:

Azlantin Rauniot:

Raatojen Kruunu:

  • The Grand Lich


  • The Grand Prince


Päättyneet Kampanjat:

  • The Grand Giant (aka GM of the campaign)

Rise of the Runelords (anniversary edition)

  • The Grand Wizard (aka GM of the campaign)

Murtunut Tähti:

Iron Gods:

Ironfang Invasion:

  • The Grand Marshal (aka GM of the campaign) - päättynyt ekan kirjan loppuun

Helvetin Kapinalliset:

  • The Grand Devil (aka GM of the campaign)

Second Darkness:

Oudot Kadut:

  • The Grand Occult (aka GM of the module)

Kallo ja kahleet:

Pathfinder society hahmot:


NameAlingmentRaceClassLevelSociety nmbr
Venture-Captain FentalCNHalf-ElfInvestigator (Empiricist)13.2112455-4SS
Mandrak LendorCGHumanRanger (Infiltrator)13.1112455-1GL
LeygarNHumanFighter (Viking)/Barbarian/Ulfen Guard12.0112455-2SoCo
MabuNHumanHunter14.2 päivittämättä112455-8GL

Aktiiviset hahmot

NameAlingmentRaceClassLevelSociety nmbr
VentiCGKitsuneSwashbuckler (Inspired Blade)/Cleric (Crusader)7.1112455-5LE
TavokCNHalf-OrcMedium7.0 Tome112455-7DA
SindraNDwarfRanger (Guide) / Fighter (Brawler)10.1112455-10GL
JamasCNUndineRogue (Unchained Knife Master)/ Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer)11.0112455-13EX
TildaCGKitsuneOracle (Spirit Guide)8.2112455-15SiCr
Trafal ShalandaerCGHalf-ElfUnchained Summoner (naturalist)9.1112455-16GL
RaijinNAasimarBrawler (Mutagenic Mauler)//Bard (Archaeologist)11.1112455-17SS
KaiyaLGHumanPaladin (Chosen One)9.1112455-18SiCr
SalharNTieflingFighter (Lore Warden)/Wizard(Transmuter)6.1 Tome112455-19DA
Arashi YukiCNHumanOracle (Spirit Guide)/Sorcerer (Crossblooded)7.0 Tome112455-20EX
Xanavor BelneirosNHalf-ElfOccultist (Haunt Collector)6.0 Tome112455-21DA
BivisNGRatfolkCavalier (Disciple of the Pike)8.0112455-23GL
LansNNagajiCavalier (First Mother's Fang/Gendarme)2.1112455-24GL
YamaCNVanaraSwashbuckler (Mouser)/Unchained Rogue (Vexing Dodger)/Medium (Relic Channeler)5.1112455-25Ex
SerendiLNHumanSpiritualist (Phantom Blade)4.2112455-26Silver Crusade
Taipuisa OksaNVine LeshyBrawler2.1112455-27Concordance
Cavdir KemlennNHumanFighter2.0112455-28?


NameAlingmentRaceClassLevelSociety nmbr
Tocmar SilentglowCGDwarfSoldier / Mystic3.1112455-703Exo-Guardians

Emerald Spire

NameAlingmentRaceClassLevelSociety nmbr
KirorCNDwarfArcanist(Brown-Fur Transmuter)10112455-9DA

Aktiiviset=kuolleet Core hahmot

NameAlingmentRaceClassLevelSociety nmbr
Poor halflingCNHalflingSorcerer1112455-11DADEAD

Vaihtopenkin hahmot

NameAlingmentRaceClassLevelSociety nmbr
Dwain BlackrootLNDwarfWarpriest (Sacred fist)/Monk (Master of Many Styles)7.1112455-6GL


ZerausNGCatfolkBard (Dawnflower dervish)11
OnriNOreadUnchained Monk/Shaman (Speaker for the past)5.0112455-22GL

  • Award Cost1
  • +4 on any one skill check2 1 PP
  • Dispel magic 1 PP
  • Lesser restoration 1 PP
  • Make whole 1 PP
  • Remove blindness/deafness 1 PP
  • Remove curse 1 PP
  • Remove disease 1 PP
  • Remove paralysis 1 PP
  • Free purchase up to 150 gp3 1 PP
  • Atonement 2 PP (8 PP to restore cleric/druid/inquisitor/paladin powers)
  • Break enchantment 2 PP
  • Greater dispel magic 2 PP
  • Heal 2 PP
  • Neutralize poison 2 PP
  • Restoration 2 PP (4 PP to remove a permanent negative level)
  • Free purchase up to 750 gp3 2 PP
  • Regenerate 3 PP
  • Have your body recovered 5 PP by a rescue team
  • Raise dead* 16 PP
  • Greater restoration 16 PP
  • Resurrection 32 PP
  • True resurrection 77 PP
  • You can buy raise dead using 16 PP, 5,450 gp, or 8 PP and 2,450 gp.
  • 1 Add 5 to this cost if this benefit is purchased outside of a settlement of 5,000 residents or more.
  • 2 Does not include the Day Job check.
  • 3 Once per session, you can acquire any single item of this cost or less from your faction by spending the appropriate number of Prestige Points. Items purchased this way are worth 0 gp and cannot be sold.

  • Atonement 500 gp (3,000 gp to restore cleric, druid, inquisitor, or paladin powers)
  • Break enchantment 450 gp
  • Dispel magic 150 gp
  • Greater dispel magic 660 gp
  • Greater restoration 5,910 gp
  • Heal 660 gp
  • Lesser restoration 60 gp
  • Make whole 60 gp
  • Neutralize poison 280 gp
  • Raise dead 5,450 gp
  • Regenerate 910 gp
  • Remove blindness/deafness 150 gp
  • Remove curse 150 gp
  • Remove disease 150 gp
  • Remove paralysis 50 gp
  • Restoration 380 gp (or 1,280 gp to dispel a permanent negative level)
  • Resurrection 10,910 gp
  • True resurrection 26,530 gp

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