NR / Lähitaistelu


Lähitaistelu on jännempää, jos pelaajilla on mahdollisuuksia vaikuttaa vähän enemmän siihen, miten taistelut menee ja tehdä valintoja hahmojen tekemisten suhteen.

Modified attacks

Aim Head-3
Aim Body-1Hit location set, 1/6 change to hit vitals
Aim Arm/Leg-2Hit location set, if Pain Threshold is ecxeeded drop items in hand
Kick-2+1 DV
Extra DV-3+1 DV up to 1/2 combat skill

Special Maneuvers

Knock Down
Melee attack vs. melee defense - IF net hits + STR > Body defender Prone & loses 2 cards.
Melee attack vs. melee defense\\IF net hits + STR > Body -> defender Prone and Immobilized (no actions requiring physical movement!\\Break out (Complex) Unarmed Combat + STR test, Threshold - previous net hits
Keeping the hold costs one Complex Action each round
Attacker may do one of the following every round:
Damage - STR Stun damage (Body + Impact armor)
Attack to Knock Down - (+2 bonus for Superior Position)
Get a better grip - (+2 bonus for Superior position) Effect: add net hits to break out Threshold

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