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Shadowrun 4th edition – Arsenal - Martial Arts notes


Carromeleg (vaiheessa)

Level 1: +2 to Interception Tests, +2 on Receiving a Charge

Evasion Set Up Sweep

lLevel 2: +1 Card on Initiative draw

Watchful Guard Riposte

Level 3

Finishing Blow

Level 4: +1 Card on Initiative draw

Grav Maga

Level 1:


Level 1: +1 Unarmed DV, +2 to Called Shots, +2 to Subduing

Level 2

Level 3: +2 to Increase Damage

Level 4


Blind Fighting

The character is adept at fighting without the sense of sight. The modifier for attacking a hidden target (see Target Hidden (Blind Fire), p.141, SR4) in melee combat is reduced from –6 to –3. The target, whether invisible or simply hidden, must be within range of the character’s other senses (hearing, smell, etc.).

Break Weapon

Breaking an opponent’s weapon requires skill and, in some cases, brute strength. A character with the Break Weapon maneuver may make a Called Shot (see p. 149, SR4) with a +2 dice pool modifier to attack the opponent’s weapon; treat this as destroying a Barrier (see Destroying Barriers, p.157, SR4). At the gamemaster’s discretion, the remains of a destroyed weapon may still be used as an improvised weapon (see Improvised Melee Weapons, p. 17).


This maneuver allows the character to step inside an opponent’s reach and get up close and personal. The character can choose to make a melee attack and if successful, she engages her opponent in a clinch rather than dealing damage. While clinched, both characters’ Reach bonuses are negated and character with clinch maneuver gain +2 bonus to his combat rolls (excluding clinch rolls). To break the clinch and move away, a character must succeed at a Strength + Body Opposed Test, which costs a Complex Action. Attacker may use Agility + Martial Arts


Disarming an opponent is an effective way to end many fights. Character may attack to disarm without the normal -4 dice pool modifier. If they make succesful attack (i.e., they score more hits than their opponent), they knock the weapon out of their opponent’s hand. This maneuver does no damage to the opponent.

Disorient [Vaiheessa]

Confusing the enemy can be just as effective as a swift jab. If a character using the Disorient maneuver achieves more hits than her opponent on an attack, no damage is inflicted, but her opponent is stunned (–1 dice pool modifier to all actions) until the end of his next Action Phase (or the end of the current Combat Turn, whichever comes first). This modifier is cumulative, so an opponent who is disoriented twice will suffer a –2 dice pool modifier, and so on (to a maximum penalty of –4).


A full defense is good, but a mobile defense is better. Characters using the Evasion maneuver receive a +2 dice pool bonus to Gymnastic Dodge

Finishing Move

A character with this maneuver who has succeeded in striking an opponent (whether damage is inflicted or not) may immediately follow that attack up with a move designed to finish the opponent off . This allows the character to make an immediate follow-up melee attack in the same Action Phase. Finishing Move counts as an interrupt action and uses up the character’s next available action.

Focus Will [vaiheessa]

By choosing a spesific goal and focusing their will to that one By taking a Complex Action to focus their chi, characters gain a +2 dice pool modifier to any Willpower Tests they must make by the end of their next Action Phase. If not used by the time the character’s next Action Phase is over, the modifier is lost.

Full Offense

The Full Offense maneuver represents a near-berserker attack with no regard for defense. The character receives a +2 dice pool modifier on all attacks tests on that attack (2 cards), but suffer -2 dice pool modifier to defense until your next card. Character in Full Offense may not use Full Parry or Dodge.

Ground Fighting [vaiheessa]

Some styles teach their students to fight from the ground. Characters employing the Ground Fighting maneuver do not suffer the negative dice pool modifier for defending while prone and attackers don't get bonus higher ground.


With clever use of feints and attacks, a martial artist can force her opponent into a bad position — on top of a pile of used syringes, up against an open elevator shaft , and so on. On a successful attack, the character deals no damage to her opponent, but the opponent is forced to move 1 meter per net hit in a direction of the attacker’s choosing. A character with this maneuver may attempt to herd multiple opponents, splitting her dice pool as normal (see Multiple Targets, p. 148, SR4). Improvise the obstacles.


May draw a weapon and attack with it as a one, fluid Simple Action. Unprepared opponents defend iaijutsu attacks with -2 dicepool modifier.

Kick Attack

A staple of many martial arts, kicking has a greater range and power than punching. The attacker may negate the -2 penalty for using kick attakcs [katso Säännöt]


A character with this maneuver has trained in attacking multiple targets or with two weapons at once. Apply a +2 dice pool modifier to the total dice pool (not the split dice pools) whenever the character attacks more than one opponent in the same action (see Multiple Targets, p. 148, SR4) or attacks with two melee weapons at once (see p. 163).

Off-Hand Training

Characters who take Off-Hand Training may use weapons from one melee weapon category of their choice (Blades, Clubs, Exotic Melee Weapons) in their off hand without penalty. This maneuver cannot be taken for the Unarmed Combat skill, but it can be purchased multiple times, choosing a separate category each time.


A character with Riposte who successfully parries or blocks a melee combat attack may make an immediate attack on her attacker, even if it is not her Action Phase in the turn. Making a riposte is considered an interrupt action, however, and uses up the character’s next available action.


The Set-up maneuver allows a character to maneuver her opponent into a position where she is vulnerable to a follow-up attack. The character makes an attack test, inflicting no damage if successful. Instead, her net hits are added as dice pool bonus to the next attack she makes against that opponent. This maneuver is particularly effective when combined with Finishing Move.


Martial artists often learn to unbalance their opponents and force them to the ground. When a character with the Sweep maneuver makes a a Knockdown attack (see p. 152, SR4), she may choose to gain +2 modifier to the attack or inflict damage as if it were a normal melee attack. Damage inflicted in this way is always Stun damage.


A character using Full Defense who successfully blocks or parries a melee combat attack may choose to throw her opponent as part of the defense. The character using the Throw maneuver must beat her attacker in a Strength + Unarmed Combat Opposed Test. If successful, the attacker is thrown a number of meters equal to the net hits scored on the test. The attacker suffers damage as if he had fallen an equal distance (see Falling Damage, p. 154, SR4), and is considered prone. This maneuver may also cause secondary damage if the opponent is thrown into something dangerous (such as a dumpster full of broken glass, the edge of a cliff ); this additional damage is assigned at the gamemaster’s discretion. The Throw maneuver is considered an interrupt action and uses up the character’s next available action.

Two Weapon Style

A character using this maneuver has trained to wield a second melee weapon in his off hand. In order to use two weapons, each weapon must have a Reach of 0 or 1. The character may use full defense with only one action card.

Vicious Blow

A character may choose to use a weapon or unarmed attack with more vicios intent and less precision.For every -2 penalty to attackers dice pool he gains +1 DV. DV bonus may not exceed characters martial arts skill.

Watchful Guard

Characters using the Watchful Guard maneuver negates every other penalty for “defender has defended against previous attacks” (see p. 150, SR4). When character reaches Martial Arts rank 4 he negates all previos attack modifiers.

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