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Player <JJape> (<66474>)
Faction Grand Lodge
Networking Spells(3)
XP 0
Fame/Prestige 0

Ancestry Human (Skilled Heritage)Background Fortune Teller
Speed 25 ft,
Perception +4 (T)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Languages Common, Elven, Draconic, Varisian, Dwarven

Str 8(-1), Dex 16(+2), Con 14(+2)
Int 18(+4), Wis 12(+0), Cha 8(-1)

AC 16; (+3 Dex, +(T) prof.)
HP 16[8 (human)+ 6(Wizard)+2(CON)
Fort +5 (T), Ref +6 (T), Will +6 (E)
Special Defenses

Arcane tradition Trained
Spell features Arcane Bond(1/day); Focus pool(1point), Reach Spell(1action), Widen Spell(1action)
School spells Diviner`s Insight
Spells Known
1st Air Bubble; Pest Form; Magic Weapon; Charm; Hydraulic Push, True Strike(School)
Cantrips Detect Magic(School); Read Magic, Detect Magic(School), Electic Arc, Ray of Frost, Shield, Message, Prestidigation, Produce Flame, Light, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand

Spells Prepared, Anticipating Combat DC 17 (T)
1st Hydraulic Push; Magic Weapon; True Strike(School)
Cantrips Detect Magic(School), Shield, Electric Arc, Ray of Frost, Light, Produce Flame

Spells Prepared, Intrigue DC 17 (T)
1st Charm; Pest Form; True Strike(School)
Cantrips Detect Magic(School), Read Magic, Prestidigation, Message, Mage Hand, Electric Arc

Melee Dagger +2 1d4+1,(T)
Ranged +6 Crossbow 1dX, (T)
Spell Attack +7

Skills Acrobatics +6 (T), Arcana +7 (T), Athletics +2 (T); Cratfting +7 (T); Deception +2 (T); Lore:Fortune Telling +7 (T); Occultism +7 (T)(+2 oddity); Society +7 (T); Stealth +6 (T); Thievery +6 (T)

Ancestry Feats Natural Ambition
Class Feats Reach Spell, Widen Spell
General Feats
Skill Feats Oddity Identification
Class Features Arcane Spellcasting, Spell Substitution

Bulk Ad.P(2) + Spellbook(1) + krääsä(1) + Crossbow(1) = 5 (max 13)
Worn Spellbook, Spell component pouch, writing set, 20 bolts, Thieves Tools, Bandolier, Blue Dress(Explorer`s Clothes), Tarot Deck(tool)
Weapons Crossbow, Dagger Stowed Advetnturer`s pack, Healer`s Tools, Replacement picks(1x) Wealth 0 At the Lodge

1 Holy water, lesser bomb*, lesser antidote, lesser antiplague, minor healing potion, Lesser leaper’s elixir, potency crystal, shining ammunition

Ostoslista: asevarianssi, swarmiaseet

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