Ankor Fel

Valta kansalle! Alas kapitalismi!

Male ysoki operative 6
CG Small humanoid (ysoki)
Player NiTessine (1724-701)
Xp 15
Theme outlaw
Faction Acquisitives
Homeworld Akiton

Init +4
Senses Perception +11; darkvision 60 ft.

KAC 21, EAC 21 (+7/+7 armor, +4 Dex)
SP|HP|RP 37|32|5
Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +6; evasion, Spellbane

Speed 40 ft., climb 30 ft., swim 30 ft.
Melee +4 retractable spike (1d4 B)
Ranged +8 tactical rotating pistol (2d4+2 P) or cylindrical lens pistol (1d8+2 F)
Special Attacks debilitating trick, trick shot +3d8

Str 10, Dex 18, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 12
Base Atk +4; AC vs CMB 28
Feats Deadly Aim, Far Shot, Great Fortitude, Skill Focus (Acrobatics, Athletics), Spellbane, Weapon Focus (small arms), Weapon Specialization (basic melee, small arms, sniper)
Skills Acrobatics +161 [6], Athletics +13 [4], Bluff +12 [6], Computers +15 [6], Culture +152 [6], Diplomacy +4, Engineering +17 [6], Intimidate +8 [2], Life Science +7, Medicine +12 [3], Mysticism +5, Perception +12 [6], Physical Science +7, Piloting +15 [6], Profession (economist) +12 [3], Sense Motive +10 [4], Sleight of Hand +14 [5], Stealth +16 [6], Survival +11 [3]; ACP −1
Languages Akitonian, Azlanti, Common, Dwarven, Elven, Eoxian, Ghibrani, Goblin, Infernal, Terran, Ysoki
SQ cheek pouches, legal corruption, moxie, operative's edge +2, operative exploits (combat trick, jack of all trades, uncanny shooter, versatile movement), scrounger, specialization (daredevil)
Augmentations standard datajack, gill sheath, mk I synaptic accelerator (Int)

Reputations Acquisitives 30, Tier 2; Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) 1, Tier 0; Wayfinders 1, Tier 0
Fame 15

Worn gear tactical rotating pistol (1), cylindrical lens pistol (1), consumer backpack (1), ysoki refractor suit (1), miniaturized tier 1 computer (L), Starfinder insignia
Immaterial 287 credits (money sucks!)
Encumbrance 5 bulk w/o backpack, 4 bulk. w/backpack (5 bulk. light/ bulk medium/ bulk heavy)

1 +5 racial bonus to Acrobatics checks when tumbling through the space of an opponent at least one category larger than the ysoki.
2 Reduce the DC of Culture checks to recall knowledge about the criminal underworld by 5.



  • Publicist When slotting this boon, select either Culture, Diplomacy, or Profession. You gain a circumstance bonus to that skill check equal to your half your current Acquisitives Reputation Tier (rounding up). If you gain any Infamy while this boon is slotted, you can choose to forgo gaining Reputation at the end of the adventure to avoid gaining any Infamy. If you choose to do this, mark this boon as being permanently expended.


  • Acquisitives Champion This Faction boon allows the character to gain Reputation with the Acquisitives faction. A character with this boon slotted at the end of a successfully completed scenario gains Reputation as detailed in the primary and secondary success conditions of that scenario.



  • Ghibrani Linguist So long as you possess this boon, all of your Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild characters have access to the Ghibran language and can select it any time they would learn a new language.
  • Starfinder Insignia Although it appears to be an ordinary medal showing the symbol of the Starfinde Society, this insignia can store as much information as a common tier-1 datapad. Unless told about this secret, a non-Starfinder must succeed at a DC 20 Perception or Sense Motive check to realize the insignia is a storage device. This insignia is worth 0 credits and cannot be sold.
  • Starfinder Society Care Package: Elixir of Renewal You gain a special elixir that you can consume as if were a serum in order to restore 2d8 Hit Points as well as 1d4 points of one type of ability damage. You can use this elixir only once, even if you have an ability or effect that would allow you to benefit from the serum multiple times. Check the box that precedes this boon when you use this elixir. Only you can use this elixir aand it has effective market price of 0 credits if sold.
  • Star Sugar Heartlove!!!
  • True Savior of Tasch You can forgo making a day job roll to instead devote time to assist in the growth of Tasch. Any time you opt to do so, check a box on this boon and make a note on the Chronicle sheet associated with that scenario, indicating you partook in this endeavor. Once all five boxes on this boon are marked, you receive 500 UPBs as recompense from the people of Tasch for helping to develop their now-thriving town. These UPBs cannot be converted to credits and must be used to craft some form of equipment.


  • AbadarCorp Annoyance
  • Budding Media Celebrity If you do not have the icon theme, when you slot this boon, you can gain the icon's celebrity ability in place of your own theme's 6th-level ability.
  • Faction's Friend By slotting this boon, if you would fail to earn Fame at the end of an adventure by failing to fulfill a success condition, you can check one of the boxes on this boon. Doing so reminds your current championed faction of your past exploits, and you still earn 1 Reputation (but no Fame) with that faction as if you had successfully fulfilled the condition. You can use this boon only if you would also gain at least 1 XP for completing the adventure.
  • Friend of the Ghibrani: Husk and Membrane


  • Abundant Ammunition When this boon is slotted, select one starship weapon with the limited fire special property on the group’s starship. The selected weapon increases the value of the limited fire value by half (rounded down). For example, a limited fire 5 weapon would become limited fire 7. This boon can be used to improve weapons gained as a result of other Starship boons.
  • Automated Defenses When you slot this starship boon, once per starship combat, a science officer can reduce the speed of a single tracking weapon fired at your starship by 50% for 1 round. Declare the use of this ability when the enemy weapon is fired but before its gunnery check is attempted. A science officer can spend a Resolve Point to activate this boon again in any subsequent round or encounter. A starship can only be improved by a single copy of this boon.
  • Emergency Resupply When this boon is slotted, select one starship weapon with the limited fire special property on the group's starship. Once during a starship combat, when the selected weapon runs out of ammunition, you can immediately reload the weapon back to its full capacity. When you choose to do this, cross this boon off the chronicle sheet.
  • Hero of the Stars This boon activates anytime your starship is reduced to 0 or fewer Hull Points. Your starship immediately regains a number of Hull Points equal to its tier × 5. A starship can never regain more than 30 Hull Points in this manner. A starship can never have more than one of these boons attached to it. When this boon activates, cross it off your chronicle sheet.


Ankor Fel, a.k.a. "Hammer", a.k.a. "Sickle", a.k.a. "That Frakking Rat" is mostly a mystery. It is known he grew up on Akiton, likely in or around the city of Arl, where he is still wanted by the local law enforcement to answer charges on inciting rebellion, political agitation, and since he's so insistent that all property is theft, theft. This is his earliest electronic footprint, dating back three years before he joined up with the Starfinder Society in the aftermath of the Scoured Stars Incident.

The ysoki is remarkably well-read for a wasteland gunslinger and some of the more outré theories flying around the infosphere suggest he spent time with the Contemplatives of Ashok. Some say he is a mole planted by the Azlanti Star Empire to destabilize the economies of the Pact Worlds. Some say he has Lao Shu Po hidden in his cheek pouch. Some say he has a degree in economics from Kleriark University in Verces.

All that is known is that in the here and now, he is poised to make a splash.


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