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"I'm so high, you call me 'Your Highness'" -- Mike D.

Reality Amplifiers

Runner's Companionin huumeiden hinnat speksattu. Muuttoksia voi vielä tulla.

Huonona päivänä vuoden 2070 todellisus on todella paska paikka. Kun todellisuus potkii päähän tai kun pitäisi potkiä todella kovia jätkiä päähän, on aika hankkia apua. Onneksi apu on lähellä. Huumeet ovat vahva osa alamaailman elämää. Ne helpottavat asioita tavalla ja toisella. Haittapuolia toki on, mutta harvaa jaksaa kiinnostaa pitkäaikaisen käytön ongelmat. Moni ei usko elävänsä niin pitkään, että sillä olisi mitään väliä.

Kunnon addictit ottavat usein pienempiä -- kolmasosan -- annoksia saadakseen kaman kestämään pidempään. Silloin tarve tyydyttyy, mutta varsinaiset bonukset eivät potki sisään.

Peruskirjan huumeet

Bliss -- 80-120 ¥/annos

Duration: (6 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effect: –1 Reaction, +1 to all thresholds, Pain Resistance 3
A tranquilizing narcotic, bliss is an opiate synthesized from poppy plants. In addition to other effects, bliss provides pain resistance equal to three levels of the High Pain Tolerance quality (p. 91). Bliss was given its name due to the sensation its users feel. Some may describe it as floating on clouds, dulling the senses to everything but feelings of pleasure and happiness. Players attempting to roleplay a bliss user may want to focus on the escapist angle, using the drug to block out the rest of a chaotic or unsatisfying world.

Cram -- 300-400 ¥/annos

Duration: (12 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effect: +1 Reaction, +1 Initiative Pass
The most recent amphetamine to make the rounds, cram is an energizer drug designed to give the user an energy boost. When this effect wears off, users crash and suffer 6 Stun damage (unresisted) for an equivalent duration.
Cram users, while on the drug, may appear hyper-alert, possibly to the point of paranoia. They are quick to react, often doing so without thinking first. Jitteriness, fidgeting, or emotional or irrational outbursts may be common. Characters may decide to use cram if they cannot afford cyberware or bioware, or if they are looking for a little edge against potential opponents.

Deepweed -- 50-90 ¥/annos

Duration: (6 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effects: +1 Willpower, forces Awakened characters to astrally perceive
Also known as “bad karma,” this substance is derived by Caribbean houngans from an Awakened form of kelp. Naturally laden with nicotine and THC, deepweed is especially enticing to the Awakened and is sometimes used to dose targets for possession. It is ingested or inhaled. Deepweed forces any magically active user to astrally perceive, even if the user is an adept without astral perception ability. Once its effects have worn off, deepweed users may suffer a –1 to all dice pool modifiers for an equal duration. Deepweed users say that the drug is relaxing and opens the mind. While it may be so, there are still dangers inherent in forced astral perception,such as attracting unwanted attention. Roleplaying the effects of deepweed may mean portraying someone who seems not completely present” — she isn’t.

Jazz 120-180 ¥/annos

Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes.
Effect: +1 Reaction, +1 Initiative Pass
Developed by Lone Star’s R&D Division, jazz was designed to better the odds for run-of-the-mill law-enforcement officers who run up against augmented street samurai. It’s usually taken from a singledose inhaler (or “popper”).
When jazz wears off, the user crashes and is flooded with despondent and miserable emotions, suffering the effects of Disorientation (p. 254). If cram is bad for hyperactivity and feelings of paranoia, jazz is worse. Roleplaying a jazz user means turning it up a notch, and portraying someone with too much energy to burn.

Kamikaze 300-400 ¥/annos

Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: +1 Body, +1 Agility, +2 Strength, +1 Willpower, +1 Initiative Pass, High Pain Tolerance 3 Kamikaze is a tailored combat drug. In addition to other effects, it provides the High Pain Tolerance quality at Rating 3. When kamikaze wears off, the user crashes and suffers –1 Reaction and –1 Willpower for 10 x 1D6 minutes. She also suffers 6S damage (not resisted). The repeated use of kamikaze has a destructive effect on the user’s metabolism. Large doses can cause excitement, tremors, momentary euphoria, and dilated pupils. Excess doses (bordering on overdose level) cause anxiety, hallucinations, and uncontrolled muscular movements. Even higher dosages lead to death. Kamikaze users are near-crazed, filled with a feeling of imperviousness and invincibility, exhibiting almost no regard for their own well-being.

Long Haul -- 30-50 ¥/annos

Duration: 4 days
Effect: Alleviates need for sleep
A combination of synthesized hormones and other brain-regulating chemicals, long haul stimulates the brain and keeps the user awake, obviating the need for sleep. A character dosed on long haul can remain awake for four days—without incurring any modifiers from fatigue or weariness.
After this time, however, the user immediately passes out and sleeps soundly for 8D6 hours. If the character is kept awake during this period, she suffers from disorientation (p. 254) as she is afflicted with hallucinations and an inability to concentrate. If a second dose of long haul is taken after the first has worn off, the character can stay awake an additional 1D6 ÷ 2 days. After that period, she suffers 10S damage (unresisted) and must crash as detailed above. Long haul cannot keep a character awake past this point, no matter how many additional doses are administered.

Nitro -- 250-350 ¥/annos

Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: +2 Strength, +2 Willpower, +2 Perception, High Pain Tolerance 6
A combination of potent drugs, including novacoke and several other narcotics and stimulants, nitro’s effects can easily kill a user. It is favored by troll gangers. In addition to other effects, nitro temporarily applies pain resistance equal to Rating 6 of the High Pain Tolerance quality (p. 91). After the drug’s effects wear off, the subject suffers 9S damage (unresisted). Nitro users feel infused with energy, suffer a diminished attention span, and talk incessantly (even to themselves).

Novacoke -- 80-140 ¥/annos

Duration: (10 – Body) hours, minimum of 1 hour
Effect: +1 Reaction, +1 Charisma, +1 Perception, High Pain Tolerance 1
A stimulant derived from coca plants, novacoke is a highly addictive social drug. In addition to other effects, users also gain pain resistance equivalent to Rating 1 of the High Pain Tolerance quality (p. 91). After the drug wears off, Charisma is reduced to 1 and Willpower is reduced by half (round down) for an equivalent duration.

Psyche -- 150-210 ¥/annos

Duration: (12 – Body) hours, minimum of 1 hour
Effect: +1 Intuition, +1 Logic
This designer drug, allegedly produced by MCT, is especially prized by magicians and technomancers, as the drug stimulates their brain into hyperactivity. In addition to the effects noted above, Awakened users also only suffer a –1 dice pool modifier for each sustained spell (rather than the standard –2). Psyche users are simultaneously hyper-aware and detached, easily absorbed by detail and obsessive about certain facts or problems.

Zen -- 30-60 ¥/annos

Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: –2 Reaction, +1 Willpower, –1 physical action dice pool modifier
A psychedelic hallucinogen, zen is popular among those looking to escape reality or seeking trance-like states.

Kokaiini -- 25-45 ¥/annos
Kannabis -- 6-14 ¥/gramma

Runner's Companionin huumeet

Aisa (Eau de Vivre, Tex-Mex Tea) --10-20 ¥/annos

Duration: 20 + 2D6 minutes
Effect: Disorientation
Aisa is one of the most popular party drugs on the market. This drug is most often ingested by licking a “blot” off a piece of paper or plastic. Users experience intense giddiness, lassitude, and mild hallucinations.
When the drug wears off , the user can feel slightly fatigued.Derived from a synthetic form of atropine, aisa can be very dangerous when overdosed. In addition to standard overdose rules, users who take more than one dose at a time suffer 3S damage per additional dose.

Betameth (Buzz, Rigger’s Cocktail) 60-100 ¥/annos

Duration: (9 – Body) hours, minimum of 1 hour
Effect: +2 Reaction, +1 Intuition
A number of pseudomethamphetamine derivatives are sold as betameth. Th is stimulant suppresses the appetite and speeds up the user’s metabolism and thought processes, making it a popular diet drug, especially among adolescents and teenagers. Characters on betameth are energetic and prone to jumpiness. When the effect wears off , the user crashes and suff ers 5S damage (unresisted).
Betameth users tend to suffer from attention-deficit disorders and feel unable to properly focus when not on the drug, leading to extended binges. Habitual users are often gaunt from malnutrition, which renders them susceptible to infection, especially of the teeth, gums, and mouth.

Betel (CorpCandy, Jaw) -- 20 ¥/10 annosta

Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: +1 Perception
An ancient and widespread Asian practice of chewing the nuts and leaves of the betel tree with lime has led to the synthesis of Wuxing’s highly addictive and legal betel chewing gum. Betel is a mild stimulant with cavity-fighting properties; users commonly feel awake and alert while using it. Rather than making an Addiction Test, characters who use betel, even once, gain a Mild addiction to it. A character may never have worse than a Mild addiction to betel. Characters who add dice to Toxin Resistance Tests (through adept abilities, implants, metatype, magic, etc.) are immune to this effect if they succeed at the Toxin Resistance Test. Because it is instantly addictive, betel often serves as a gateway drug to more powerful stimulants.

Dopadrine (Bitter, Werden)''' -- 20-40 ¥/annos

Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: Cancels Berserk (see below), –1 die to all physical actions A combination of antipsychotic medications and narcotics designed to cancel the rampant drug abuse by gangers, dopadrine has become a popular narcotic as well. Dopadrine prevents characters from going berserk (see Bear, p. 192, SR4) for the duration of the drug; if a user who is already berserk is dosed with dopadrine, the berserker rage automatically ends and they cannot become berserk again until the duration ends. Dopadrine heightens the apathy of users, making them feel disconnected from their concerns.

eX (Eros, Galak) -- ¥/annos -- 20-40 ¥/annos

Duration: (8 – Body) hours, minimum of 1 hour
Effect: +1 Charisma, –1 Logic, +1 Perception
A favorite party drug, eX is a mild stimulant and aphrodisiac used by revelers to relax, open up, and become aroused. The drug leaves the user open to suggestion, especially toward sexual encounters, and users become more sensitive to changes in light, temperature, and pressure. When the effect wears off , the user suffers disorientation (see p. 245, SR4) for a like period.

Galak is an Awakened drug (p. 76) made from the pollen of an Awakened orchid, and is similar to, though more potent than, eX. The duration for Galak is (9 – Body) hours, minimum 3 hours.

G3 (Gerilixir, Vitalité) -- 10-20 ¥/annos

Duration: (15 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effect: +1 Body when resisting Fatigue damage, Longevity (see below)
A “gerispice” pharmaceutical believed by many to help prevent aging, G3 takes its name from the main ingredients: ginseng, guarana, and ginkgo biloba. G3 contains vitamin additives and antioxidants that help combat fatigue, making it a popular supplement for athletes, professional mercenaries, and other individuals who face regular strenuous activity. At the gamemaster’s discretion, characters who regularly take G3 on a daily basis may suffer the effects of old age somewhat less than others.

Guts (NoFear, Brass Balls)-- 250-350 ¥/annos

Duration: (12 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effect: Immunity to Fear (see below)
This drug suppresses the functions of the genes that govern fear, both innate and learned. For the duration of the drug’s effect, the character is immune to fear and fear-based powers/attacks. As a drawback, however, the character becomes reckless, incautious, and also less inhibited. At the gamemaster’s discretion, he may call for the character to make a Logic + Willpower (3) Test to avoid doing something that would normally be considered foolish, dangerous, or socially inappropriate.

Hurlg (Fomorian Usquebaugh, Orkstaff’s XXX) -- 10-20 ¥/annos

Duration: (12 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effect: –1 Logic, +1 Willpower
A potent alcoholic beverage developed by orks for orks, hurlg is a dark, thick ale the consistency of soup, swimming with hops and nutmeg. Orks, trolls, and the occasional dwarf appreciate the combination of 160 to 180 proof alcohols. With the mildly hallucinogenic properties of large amounts of nutmeg, hurlg generates a terrific buzz. When this effect wears off, the user crashes and suffers 8S damage (unresisted).
Humans and elves don’t normally possess the constitution to hold their hurlg, and suffer severe and painful stomach cramps (treat as disorientation, p. 245, SR4, for the duration of the effect) unless they possess an implant or magic that gives them bonus dice for their Toxin Resistance Test. Hurlg has a robust, nutty flavor, and is inflammable.

K-10 (Blood of Kali) -- 1500-2100 ¥/annos

Duration: 5 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: +3 Body, +3 Agility, +6 Strength, +1 Willpower,
+3 Initiative Pass, High Pain Tolerance 3, Berserk
Users of this experimental combat drug automatically go berserk when wounded, in a manner similar to Bear magicians (see Bear, p. 192, SR4). At the end of the duration, the user suff ers 18S damage (unresisted). Berserk character must also make an Edge (1) Test; if they fail, they stay berserk permanently. All of the initial research subjects of kamikaze grade ten, aka K-10, died from the drug’s side eff ects or wounds sustained while under the infl uence. Th e formula for K-10 was hacked from the lab’s medical database, and the drug itself only hit the streets as a combat drug in the beginning months of 2071. Buzz regarding K-10-fueled suicide assaults is already on the rise.

NoPaint (Numb, PBG) -- 10-20 ¥/annos

Duration: 1D6 hours
Effect: High Pain Tolerance 3, -1 to Agility, loss of tactile sensation
Popular with intercity gangs with a tribal motif, nopaint is a medical-grade, water-resistant novocain gel that comes in a number of colors. NoPaint is applied to the skin with a swab or brush. Characters lose tactile perception in areas covered with nopaint for the duration of the effect, and must make a First Aid + Logic Test to judge how badly they are injured while the drug is active. One dose of nopaint can cover body part foe dwarf, human, or elf; orks and trolls require two doses for full coverage.

Using PBG at the same time with other pain reducing drugs will increase the drugs toxicity level and can lead to medical poisoning. Prolonged use can lead to other side effects.

Oxygenated Fluorocarbons (Blue Blood, P4MO) -- 1800-2200 ¥/annos

Duration: 1 week
Effect: +1 Agility, double the amount of time character can hold his breath
The oxygenated fluorocarbon compound known as P4MO is widely used as a blood substitute. Its use in emergency situations helps to prevent the mismatching of blood types. Fluorocarbons like P4MO also exceed the capabilities of the blood’s natural hemoglobin as a vehicle for gaseous exchange. In other words, P4MO dissolves a higher percentage of oxygen from the lungs into the blood. When introduced into healthy subjects, P4MO allows them to achieve higher levels of physical performance. P4MO is added to the bloodstream in 5-liter treatments along with a dose of carcerands containing a chemical that allows the body to metabolize the oxygenated fl uorocarbons, clearing out of the user’s system by the end of the drug’s duration. If another P4MO treatment is taken while the first is active, the character will suffer an embolism, inflicting 15P damage (unresisted).

Push (Nanohi, Rush) -- 20-40 ¥/annos

Duration: (15 – Body) minutes, minimum 1 minute
Effect: See below
Push was designed for users seeking a quick, no-frills high. The active chemicals in the drug are theobromine and cathinone. Push users experience a mild euphoric state that has been compared to eating large amounts of chocolate or the moment after sex.
Excessive consumption of push over long periods of time can result in exacerbated hyperactivity leading to psychosis, and genetic mutation in metahumans. Gamemasters may represent these effects on push addicts at the burnout level by Essence loss and drastic, violent mood swings.

Red Mescaline (Manashrooms, Vertigo) -- 120-180 ¥/annos

Duration: (18 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effect: +1 Charisma, –1 Reaction, +2 Perception, +1 Willpower, Disorientation
A popular drug with musicians, technicians, and magicians, red mesc is a profound combination of psychoactive substances ten times more potent than natural peyote. Many drug users consider a red mesc trip equivalent to a religious experience, with their awareness heightened to an almost cellular level; coming down from a red mescaline high is often accompanied by crushing depression. At the end of the duration, the user’s Charisma and Willpower are reduced to 1 for an equivalent duration.
Red mescaline complements the effects of the street drug psyche (p. 250, SR4), and speedballing the two is common. Users do not suffer the Addiction penalties when speedballing red mesc in combination with psyche (see p. 250 , SR4). A psyche/red mesc speedball is commonly called a loco.

Ripper (J-H, Roid Patch) -- 35-65 ¥/annos

Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: +1 Strength, –1 Willpower
A potent mix of synthetic steroids, pseudolipids, sugars, and amphetamines that cause short-term muscle growth and an energy boost, ripper is used as quick way for many to “bulk up.” At the end of the duration, the user takes 2 boxes of Fatigue damage (unresisted); the muscle growth remains. Regular use (at least three times a day for three to six weeks) of roid patches reduces the Karma cost for improving the Strength attribute by 1. Muscles developed with ripper often leave users disproportioned. Side effects of prolonged use may include sterility, baldness, lack of sexual desire, development of secondary sexual characteristics of the opposite sex (such as breast growth in males), and cancer of the testes or ovaries. Ripper is most often sold in dermal patches or disposable syringes.

Slab (Coeur d’Hiver, Ghulpille) -- 350-550 ¥/annos

Duration: (10 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effect: Suspended Animation (see below)
Originally designed as a surgical aid, slab places the user in a state of near hibernation where breathing and heart rate are lowered to an almost imperceptible level. A Perception + Medicine (4) Test is required to determine the character is still alive without proper medical equipment (a medkit is insuffi cient). At the end of the duration, the user receives a –4 modifier to Reaction for a number of hours equal to half the equivalent duration of the drug (rounded down). Side effects commonly include shakes, chills, and excessive appetite.

Snuff (Aztec Chew, Indian Tobacco) -- 10-20 ¥/annos

Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: +1 Reaction, Pain Resistance 1
This legal drug first gained popularity in the early days of the Native American Nations, and is traditionally made from an ancient formula including tobacco leaves, cannabis resin, and willow bark. Modern snuff typically forgoes the expensive natural ingredients by directly combining the active chemical compounds involved: THC, nicotine, and salicin. Snuff users claim the drug has a calming effect. At the gamemaster’s discretion, long-term snuff users may be more susceptible to Fatigue damage and cancer.

Woad (Bozoku, Frenetico) -- 30-60 ¥/annos

Duration: 5 x 1D6 minutes
Effect: Berserk (see below)
A synthetic hallucinogen derived from North European mushroom species, woad is the cheapest legal combat drug on the market. Users automatically go berserk when wounded in a manner similar to Bear magicians (see Bear, p. 192, SR4). Side effects include frothing at the mouth, fever, and a desire to bite.

Zero (Cybertram, Doctor Bob’s Allergy Elixir) -- ¥/annos

Duration: (20 - Body) hours, minimum of 1
Effect: –2 to Disease Resistance Tests and Toxin Resistance Tests
Zero is the street name for a number of diff erent immunosuppressant drugs used to help the body adjust to new cyberware or reduce the eff ects of allergic reactions. Street docs commonly use small quantities of the drug to suppress the body’s immune system for a period of time, reducing the chances that the body will reject implanted ’ware. Habitual drug users use zero to lower their tolerance to other drugs.
For the duration of effect, zero users are no longer subject to penalties from allergies, though they still suffer damage for Severe allergies (see p. 81, SR4). Furthermore, users can treat their tolerance rating as though their addiction is one level lower than it actually is for the duration of the Effect. At the gamemaster’s discretion, characters that undergo surgery for implants may be dosed with zero.

Heränneet huumeet

Pixie Dust -- 60-120 ¥/annos

Duration: 1D6 minutes
Effect: +1 Charisma, +1 Perception, High Pain Tolerance 1, Memory Loss (see below)
A recent bastardization of traditional cocaine cut with leäl, and sometimes with other substances including raw sugar, ground glass, and powdered caffeine tablets. A character on pixie dust loses all mem- ory of the past 1D6 minutes after the drug takes effect; this effectively means they forget they ever took the drug, but the high remains.
Snorting pixie dust is the painful but preferred method of taking the drug because users forget the agony almost immediately. Consequently, nosebleeds are a common side effect of using pixie dust. Recovery from pixie dust addiction is notoriously difficult, because users cannot remember how often they use it, and overdoses are common.

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