• Setia Ui-Tähtien-Meressä, 3/3 jalkavaimoista done
  • Eiramanthus "Matkustaja" also known as Eiramanthus "3,5 tuntia"
  • Dessiter, kontrahtipaholainen toi neuvoja
  • Toistaiseksi vielä nimetön ja vangittu demilich


  • Tunnette kaikki saaren maagisuuden, aivan kuin se puhuttelisi teitä. Vitaliy tunnisti että pystyisitte aikaa käyttämällä totuttamaan saaren uusiin omistajiinsa, joka voisi tuoda paljonkin etuja.
  • Halukkaat kirjaston tutkijat löytävät paljon teknologista kirjallisuutta jolla voitaisiin edistää Talingardea vuosikymmeniä eteenpäin kehityksessä. Lisäksi kirjastossa tutkiessa koko päivän saa +6 tarvittuun knowledge-heittoon
  • Leikkasitte lohikäärmeen pään pois ja valmistelitte sen Chargammonille vietäväksi.
  • Mitä teette laivan miehistölle?
  • Mitä teette demilichille? Hän tuntuu olevan kovin keskustelunhaluinen..
  • Mitä tekisitte Matharynissä kuukauden?

Lohikäärmeen aarteet (myös lootissa)

  • Three chests full of fine silverware labelled “For Lunaria, my princess of the moon.” These items all have a lunar motif and are pure silver. The collection weighs 450 lbs., is of startling crafsmanship and is worth 9000 gp.
  • Bag of Holding Type IV
  • Broom of Flying labelled with a tag that reads “Acquired from one E.L. Phaba, W.W.o.t.W., after she threatened to ‘send her flying monkeys after me.’”
  • A small golden idol of fat demonic or infernal figure of uncertain origin with two ruby eyes worth 6,500 gp
  • A platinum statuette of a running horse (weight 1 lb.). If this statuette is kept in the possession of a mounted rider it functions as a turqoise sphere ioun stone.
  • A large collection of one thousand different gold pieces from across the planes, no two alike. They are shocking similar in weight and purity. Worth 1,000 gp.
  • A beautiful and intricate rug made of silk and gold wire covered in arabesque motifs. It is worth 2,300 gp.
  • Pair of sniper goggles. They are black and the lenses seem to dance with shadows. When worn the shadows don’t hinder wearer’s sight.
  • A spice cabinet imbued with magic that prevents stored food from spoiling. The chest is full of 100 lbs. of exotic spices of great diversity. It is worth 1,500 gp.
  • A single massive mammoth tusk made of unblemished ivory. It weighs 300 lbs. and is worth 4,500 gp.
  • A golden sextant in a lacquer case easily fifty or sixty years ahead of current technology. It grants a +4 circumstance to Survival checks to navigate above ground. It is worth 1,000 gp.
  • A black cauldron, made to look like a dragon’s maw. It works as an Cauldron of resurrection.
  • +1 heavy steel shield of invulnerability. This shield is solid black at first. However, when wielded, the shield forms any device desired upon the black field.
  • A chest full of finely made board games from a dozen worlds and different eras. The collection is worth 1,200 gp.
  • 5 potions of good hope wrapped and contained in a belt pouch. A note inside reads :“Drink for hope.”
  • A mask of the skull , this vicious looking helm is made from a human skull and features jagged iron horns.
  • A heavy wooden wine rack with a sign that reads “Medicinal Liquor Only.” There are a 100 bottles of rare brandies, whiskies and other liquors from across the planes. The collection is worth 5,000 gp to a collector who can ascertain its true value.
  • A carefully hidden small wooden jewelry box that contains two finely made necklaces each worth 3,500 gp. One is adorned with flawless amethysts linked together by platinum wire. The other is an electrum chain adorned with bright yellow citrine.
  • A life-size bronze statue of an elegant nude female elf. Hollow, this statue weighs 250 lbs. and is worth 3,500 gp
  • A collection of more than a hundred copper drinking vessels of almost any style imaginable. Most are adorned with a dragon motif. They are (almost all) scaled for human-sized drinkers. This collection is worth 2,600 gp. However, one of them is not a drinking cup at all but a horn of blasting.
  • A box full of skulls. Careful identifcation reveals a chimera, manticore, wyvern, aboleth, river drake (a “lesser cousin”), cyclops, hill giant, and warg as well as other less identifable bones. This collection isn’t valuable, but Eiramanthus did like remembering some of his various foes he’s defeated through the years.
  • A ruby sword pommel. This is the pommel of the blade Helbrand. The pommel screws into place and the blade whispers, “complete me and I will serve thee.” Reattaching the pommel causes Helbrand to become a +4 good outsider bane bastard sword

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