GM ylläpitää täällä ryhmän esineistön ja varallisuuden inventaariota


  • Helbrand (intelligent +4 unholy good outsider bane bastard sword) (Meldar)
  • Radivar's Sword (+3 cold iron longsword) (Radivar)
  • Engelhammer (+4 unholy adamantine heavy mace) (?)
  • +2 menacing large greatsword (Ärjyjaakko)
  • +2 flaming longsword (sword of the She-Forever-Silent) (Iblis)
  • oathbow (Meldar)
  • erinye's bow (+5 good outsider bane adaptive longbow) (Iblis)
  • 5x +4 cold iron dragon bane arrows
  • mwk longsword ("Ballinger", Thomas Havelyn's father's sword with a holy symbol of Mitra built into the cross guard)


  • Radivar's Shirt (+1 comfort dastard improved shadow spell resistance[15] mithral chain shirt) (Radivar)
  • +5 mithral fullplate (Meldar)
  • +5 mithral breastplate
  • +4 deathless mithral shirt (adorned with ice crystal motifs and polished to such a mirror shine that it almost seems as if the wearer is wearing a shirt made of liquid ice) (Marlowe)
  • Mail of Malevolence
  • +4 heavy steel shield

Magic Items

  • bracers of armor +8 (Delmar)
  • bracers of armor +8 (Ragnar)
  • ring of mind shielding (?)
  • ring of maniacal devices (Meldarilla taskussa)
  • ring of protection +5 (Ragnar)
  • ring of protection +4 (Iblis?)
  • x ring of protection +2 (everyone else)
  • ring of freedom of movement (Delmar)
  • ring of corruption (Delmar?)
  • ring of invisibility (Delmar)
  • ring of wizardry(II) (Ragnar)
  • ring of evasion (Iblis, Meldar)
  • ring of sustenance (?)
  • scholar's ring (?)
  • ring of inner fortitude, greater (Meldar)
  • Stone of Good Luck (all?)
  • The Mantle of Maximillian VonZartha (A magnificent cloak of resplendent silk so well made that few have ever seen its equal. It is reversible with one side black and the other a rich burgundy adorned with fine mithral brocade. This cloak combines the effects of both a highwayman’s cape (+20 to escape artist checks) and a +4 cloak of resistance) (?)
  • cloak of Radivar Astrox (Meldar)
  • 2 cloak of resistance +5 (Ragnar, Iblis)
  • x cloak of resistance +4 (Delmar, everyone else)
  • amulet of eternal life (Delmar)
  • amulet of mighty firsts +5 (Ragnar)
  • amulet of natural armor +5 (Meldar)
  • amulet of natural armor +3 (Iblis?)
  • x amulet of natural armor +2 (everyone else)
  • headband of mental superiority +6 (Meldar)
  • headband of INT/WIS +6/+6 (Delmar)
  • headband of inspiring wisdom +6 (Ragnar)
  • 2 headband of alluring charisma +4 (?, ?)
  • 2 headband of vast intelligence +4 (Mott,?)
  • headband of inspiring wisdom +4 (?)
  • headband of mental prowess +2(int, wis, perception skill) (Iblis)
  • x headband of x +2 (everyone else)
  • belt of physical perfection +2 (Marlowe)
  • belt of physical perfection +6 (Ragnar, Meldar)
  • 2x belt of physical might +4(str, dex) (Iblis, ?)
  • belt of physical might +6/+6 (Delmar)
  • belt of mighty constitution +4 (Mott)
  • belt of giant's strength +4 (Ärjis)
  • x belt of x +2 (everyone else)
  • boots of elvenkind (Meldar)
  • robes of the green dragon (Ragnar)
  • greater poisoner's jacket (Meldar?)
  • extend metamagic rod
  • 2x selective metamagic rod
  • lesser selective metamagic rod (Delmar)
  • lesser elemental(acid) metamagic rod (Kiliketz)
  • 5x lesser extend metamagic rod
  • lesser quicken metamagic rod
  • Handy Haversack(Delmar)
  • 2x Bag of Holding Type IV
  • Polymorphic pouch
  • 4 Dusty Rose Prism (Meldar, Iblis, Ragnar, Delmar)
  • 2x PoP II
  • rod of splendor(a fine walking stick made of polished and lacquered oak burl adorned with a particularly sizeable reindeer antler made into the handle) (Marlowe?)
  • 2 drinking horn of bottomless valor (Ärjis, Raiju)
  • cauldron of brewing (Mott)
  • helm of comprehend languages and read magic (Delmar)
  • lens of detection (Ragnar)
  • eyes of the eagle (Delmar)
  • 9 iron circlets (PC's, Marlowe, ?)
  • 4 black jewels (PC's)
  • Broom of Flying (Meldar)
  • A platinum statuette of a running horse (weight 1 lb.). If this

statuette is kept in the possession of a mounted rider it functions as a turqoise sphere ioun stone.

  • Robes of the Archmagi (Delmar)
  • Luckstone (Delmar)
  • golem manual(iron golem)
  • Crystalline vessel holding The Nameless Tyrant
  • Apparatus of the crab


  • wand of fireball (cl 7, 2 charges) (?)
  • wand of longstrider (infinite charges) (?)
  • wand of vampiric touch (26? charges) (?)
  • wand of cmw (100+ charges) (Meldar)
  • wand of barksin (50+ charges) (Ragnar)
  • wand of flame arrow (44 charges)
  • wand of restoration (50? charges)
  • 666 x Scroll of Infernal Healing
  • 1 potions of good hope
  • 2x scroll of flamestrike
  • scroll of dispel magic
  • 18 potions of clw
  • 9 potions of cmw
  • 1 potion of gaseous form
  • 2 acid flask
  • 2 alchemist fire
  • 3 elixirs of truth
  • oil of darkness
  • 7 scrolls of charm animal
  • 3 scrolls of speak with animal
  • 2 sunrods
  • 2 scrolls ccw
  • scroll of death ward
  • scroll protection from energy
  • scroll of deadly juggernaut
  • scroll of arrow of law
  • scroll of bull's strength
  • scroll of weapon of awe


  • Hadean Signet (combines +5 ring of protection, a ring of regeneration and an arcane signet ring) (Delmar)
  • Chalice of Asmodean Resurrection (1/month, may cast resurrection on target, by pouring unholy water from the chalice on the resurrection target, CL 20)
  • Other unknown Asmodean relics

Literature and deeds

  • the book of iron and hellfire
  • deed to property in Matharyn(Restinly Manor, 10 000 gp)
  • Family "bible" of the House of Havelyn (450 gp)
  • An essay on the cyphers of the scholar Bademus
  • Eiramanthus's Main Library (30 000gp, +6 circumstance bonus to any knowledge check, requires day's research)
  • Eiramanthus's Esoteric collections (20 000gp)
  • The Liber Darian (This Mitran holy text includes a complete family history of the House

of Darius)

Crafting Materials

Spell Components

  • diamond dust (1000 gp)
  • magical oil (2000 gp)
  • 3 ivory sculptures of heroes (3x 1500 gp)
  • diamond(1500 gp)
  • diamond(10 000 gp)
  • stolen golem crafting materials (30 000 gp)


  • Crown jewelry of Daveryn. (The ducal crown of Daveryn is a brass circlet adorned

with many small sapphires and one large stone known as the Cloudstone. This gigantic jewel has unique impurities that make it look as if white clouds where suspended in a blue sky. Together the crown, the silver scepter and the gold brocade ceremonial robes are worth 45,000 gp.)

  • 1 fire-bird eggs (1000 gp)
  • A small golden idol of fat demonic or infernal figure of uncertain

origin with two ruby eyes (6,500 gp)

  • A spice cabinet imbued with magic that prevents stored food

from spoiling. The chest is full of 100 lbs. of exotic spices of great diversity. (1500 gp)

  • A golden sextant in a lacquer case easily fifty or sixty years

ahead of current technology. It grants a +4 circumstance to Survival checks to navigate above ground. (1000 gp)

  • A chest full of finely made board games from a dozen worlds

and different eras. (1200 gp)

  • A heavy wooden wine rack with a sign that reads “Medicinal

Liquor Only.” There are a 100 bottles of rare brandies, whiskies and other liquors from across the planes. (The collection is worth 5,000 gp to a collector who can ascertain its true value.)

  • Talingardean minting molds (Worth 30 000 gp for the right buyer)
  • A very expensive cologne (worth 1,000 gp; 10 doses; grants a +2

circumstance bonus to diplomacy for 24 hours except to those who at the GM’s discretion would not be swayed by the scent)


  • 740 000 gp Shoppailin 4x wishin eli 100 000gp käytetty -FranKc

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