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SIN vs SINless: It Really Does Matter

Posted by: Aufheben

Most legal systems differentiate between citizens (those with SINs) and non-citizens (the SINless).

In Seattle—as well as the rest of UCAS—anyone without a SIN is considered a “probationary citizen.” They are not protected under the constitution, and so their rights are severely limited (some might say even non-existent). The police are not required to allow the SINless representation by an attorney if they’ve been accused of a crime, they are not entitled to a trial by their peers, there are no maximum sentences for their crimes, and they are not protected from self-incrimination (including mind-probes) during questioning. Although being SINless is not a crime, in and of itself, it often leads to crimes just in daily life: a SINless metahuman cannot have licenses (such as a driver’s license or gun permit) that many take for granted, and so the simple act of driving a car becomes a crime. The SINless have no rights to free speech, carry arms, gather peaceably, or vote. Some public and government areas require all people present to broadcast their SIN—simply entering the Seattle Zoo is therefore a crime for a SINless person.

In the PCC, being SINless is not a crime or a criminal offense. Many non-metahuman sentient beings have no SIN or ID but are accorded full rights under PCC law. Metahumans born in the PCC to one of the many tribes that eschew modern technology are given a SIN if (or when) they decide to enter into mainstream society. This more open organization of tribal society reflects the cultural diversity of the people within its borders. Of course, non Pueblo citizens—like obvious Anglos—are viewed as illegal immigrants if they’re found without a SIN, not as native citizens.

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