Barklingit ovat Gomiksen keksimä custom-rotu Jumaluuskompleksi-kamppista varten. Muutkin saavat halutessaan käyttää niitä omissa kamppiksissaan jos kysyvät ensin lupaa!


Barklings are a race some people see as beastfolk and some people see as mutant oddities. They are similar to centaurs, as they have the lower body of a riding dog, and the upper body of a halfling.

Barklings are a young, so-called artificial race almost exclusively found in Numeria. Some 45 years ago, the first barklings were created when a group of halfling miners and scrap collectors were exposed to strange fluids seeping from a technological ancient ruin in Numeria. Numerian scholars still debate whether barklings should be categorized as a race of their own or a mutated offshoot of the halfling race. Nowadays there are both barklings who started life as halflings are were later mutated into barklings - by the fluids found from the original source or synthesized by alchemists - as well as second or even third generation barklings born from barkling unions.

Barklings are hardly found outside Numeria, and even there they are not a numerous race. Barklings lack a true racial identity, and since most of them live among halflings, their culture is basically the same. Some barklings live as family units on the outskirts of human settlements, and some unsavory folk call these groups "packs".

Barklings have the following racial traits.

+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution: Barklings are nimble and strong-willed, but their odd physiology makes them frail and prone to sickness.
Monstrous Humanoid: Barklings are monstrous humanoids.
Medium: Barklings are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Quadruped Speed: Barklings have a base speed of 40 ft., thanks to their four legs.
Mutated (Ex): For the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as bane weapons and a ranger’s favored enemy ability), barklings count as both humanoid (halflings) and monstrous humanoids.
Fearless: Barklings receive a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear.
Keen Senses: Barklings receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
Quadruped: Barklings have four legs and gain a +4 bonus to CMD against trip manouvers.
Natural Armor: Barklings have a natural armor bonus of +1.
Undersized Weapons: Though barklings are Medium creatures, they use weapons one category smaller (Small).
Languages: Barklings begin play speaking Common and Halfling. Barklings with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, and Goblin.

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