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Rogue (Thief)[Multi-class: Wizard] 6 (Roll20 päivitetty)
Player <JJape> (<66474>)
Faction Grand Archive
Networking Scrolls(3) XP 48\\ Fame/Prestige G.A:36; HH:2; EA:2 (päivittämättä)

1 Travel of the Spirit Road(#1-06)
2 Touched by the Storm (#1-04)
3 Team Player (#1-03)
Slotless Academic Conference (Faction), Engraved Wayfinder(#1-01)

Ancestry Cave Elf, Background Noble
Speed 40 ft, Perception +12(E)[+2 to identify dominate and such]; Darkvision
Alignment Neutral
Languages Common, Elven, Draconic, Sylvan, Celestial, Infernal, Shadowtongue

Str 10(+0), Dex 19(+4), Con 12(+1)
Int 18(+4), Wis 16(+3), Cha 10

AC 23; (+ 2armor, +4 Dex, +(T) prof.)
HP 51[6 (elf)+ 5*8(rogue)+5*1CON
Fort +8 (T), Ref +13 (E), Will +12 (E)
Special Defenses Nimble Dodge(reaction, +2 to AC), Resist Cold 1, Resist Elec. 1, Deny Advantage; +2 vs dominate (and suc.->Crit)

Melee +1 Striking C.I. Shortwsword +14 2d6+4,P/S, Agile, Finesse, (T)
Melee Dagger/Light Mace +13 1d4+4
Ranged +13 Dagger 1d4, P, (T)
Ranged +13 Shortbow 1d6, P, deadly d10, (T)
Special Attacks Thief(Dex to dmg with finesse weapons), sneak attack +2d6, Surprise attack

Spells prepared
1st — Grease
Cantrips (at will) — Ray of frost, Electric Arc,
Spell Attack +11 (T), DC 21 (T)

Spells Known
1st — Grease, Pest Form
Cantrips (at will) — Detect Magic, Ray of Frost, Electric Arc, Shield,

Skills Acrobatics +11 (T), Arcana +11(T), Athletics +9(E)[A:+9], Crafting +11(T), Deception +7 (T), Medicine +11(T)[A:+7], Nature +10(T), Lore: Genealogy +11(T), Lore: Library +11(T), Occultism +11(T), Religion +10(T), Society +13(E), Stealth +13(E), Survival +10(T), Thievery +13(E);

Ancestry Abilities Nimble Elf, Ancestral Suspicision
Class Feats Nimble Dodge, Wizard Dedication, Basic Spellcasting
General Feats Fleet
Skill Feats Courtly Graces, Streetwise, Quiet Allies, Assurance(Medicine), Assurance(Athletics), Battle Medicine, Multilingual(Scrolls-training)
Class Features

Bulk 1(leather)+2(Rapier+Shortsword)+4(rogue kit)+simple manacles+krääsä(1)+healer kit(1)+shortbow(1)+arrows(1)=12; Encumbarance at 15; max weight 20
Worn +1 Leather Armor, Healer`s Gloves
Weapons Shortsword, +1 C.I. shorstsword, Rapier, 3xDaggers, Shortbow, Silver Light Mace
Stowed Rogue Kit, Replacement picks(3x), Simple Manacles, Healer`s Kit, Compass(engraved with name & Open road symbol), Rope, Grappling Hook, 100xarrows, repair kit, climbing kit
Wealth 226,34(lvl6 alussa)
At the Lodge

1 Feather token (ladder), lesser eagle-eye elixir, owlbear claw, sunrod, wolf fang, Holy water, lesser bomb*, lesser antidote, lesser antiplague, minor healing potion

3 Lesser healing potion, potion of water breathing, Cat’s eye elixir, crying angel pendant, feather token (bird), feather token (chest), feather token (holly bush), hunter’s bane, lesser comprehension elixir, lesser darkvision elixir, mesmerizing opal

5 Feather token (fan), invisibility potion, silver key, moderate bomb

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