Sabin Boldren

Cleric of Ragathiel 4
Player Willowtree (2171-2001)
XP 45

Ancestry Half-orc, Background Field Medic, Region: Absalom
Speed 15 ft., Perception +11••
Alignment Lawful Good
Languages Common and Orc

Str 18, Dex 10, Con 14
Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12

AC 22; (+6 armor, +6 proficiency) with shield up AC 24
HP 44
Fort +9••, Ref +6•, Will +11••
Special Defenses N/A

Melee +1 Striking Bastard Sword +10, 2d8+4 slashing, traits: Two-Hand d12, Magical
Melee Dagger +9, 1d4+4 slashing, traits: Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10 ft, Versatile S


Acrobatics -3Arcana +0Athletics +6•
Crafting +6•Deception +1Diplomacy +8•
Intimidation +10••Lore (Pathfinder Society) +6•Lore (Warfare) +6•
Medicine +9•Nature +9•Occultism +0
Performance +2Religion +9•Society +0
Stealth -3Survival +3Thievery -3

Ancestry Abilities Low-Light vision
Class Feats Harming Hands, Champion Dedication, Shield Block, Channel Smite
General Feats Canny Acumen: Perception
Ancestry Feats Natural Ambition
Skill Feats Battle Medicine, Assurance: Medicine, Intimidating Prowess
Class Features Harmful Font, Warpriest, Paladin Cause, Tenets of Good, Divine Spellcasting, Deity: Ragathiel

2nd (4/day) - 3xHarmfont, 2xHeal, Sound Burst
1st (4/day) - 3xTrue Strike
Cantrips - Detect Magic, Divine Lance, Guidance, Light, Stabilize
Spell Attack +9•, DC 19

Bulk 8 Bulk, Encumbered: 8, Maximum: 13
Worn Adventurer's Gear (backpack), Repair Kit, Wayfinder (slotted: Aeon Stone, Pearly White Spindle), Healer's tools
Weapons Bastard Sword, Dagger
Armor Full Plate Shield Sturdy Shield (Minor)
Wealth 1 GP 4 SP 6 CP
At the Lodge -

Faction Envoy's Alliance
Pathfinder Training Swords


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