Thrakus Bricktank

I've got your back!.

Champion of Trudd 3 / Archetype Cleric
Player Swyrlyn

Ancestry Strong-Blooded Dwarf Perception +7•
Alignment Lawful Good
Languages Common, Dwarven, Undercommon

Str 18, Dex 10, Con 14
Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10

AC 21; (+6 armor, +0 Dex, 2+3 trained)
HP 49 (Dwarf 10, Champion 30, Con 6, Toughness 3)
Fort +9••, Ref +5•, Will +9••
Special Defenses

Melee +1 Warhammer +10 1d8+4 B (Shove)
Ranged Javelin +5 1d6+4 (Thrown 30 ft.)
Special Attacks


  • Acrobatics(Dex) +5
  • Arcana(Int)
  • Athletics(Str) +12
  • Crafting(Int) +6
  • Deception(Cha)
  • Diplomacy(Cha) +5
  • Intimidation(Cha)
  • Swamp Lore(Int) +6 - Background
  • Medicine(Wis)
  • Nature(Wis) +7
  • Occultism(Int) +6
  • Performance(Cha)
  • Religion(Wis) +7
  • Society(Int) +6
  • Stealth(Dex)
  • Survival(Wis)
  • Thievery(Dex)


  • Dwarf, Strong-Blooded Dwarf

Ancestry Feats:

  • Unburdened Iron (1)

Champion Feats:

  • Ranged Reprisal (1):
  • Cleric Dedication (2):

Champion Cause:

  • Paladin [Lawful Good] (1): When you Rage, you gain your chosen animal's unarmed attack (or attacks). The specific attack gained, the damage it deals, and its traits are listed on Table 3–3: Animal Instincts (Antler, 1d10 P Grapple, unarmed). These attacks are in the brawling group. Your Rage action gains the morph, primal, and transmutation traits.
  • Champion's Reaction: Retributive Strike
  • Divine Ally - Blade Ally: A spirit of battle dwells within your armaments. Select one weapon or handwraps of mighty blows when you make your daily preparations. In your hands, the item gains the effect of a property rune and you also gain the weapon's critical specialization effect. For a champion following the tenets of good, choose disrupting, ghost touch, returning, or shifting. For a champion following the tenets of evil, choose fearsome, returning, or shifting.

General Feats:

  • Shield Block (1-Champion):
  • Toughness (3-gen feat):

Skill Feats:

  • Titan Wrestler (1: Fogfen tale-taller): You can attempt to Disarm, Grapple, Shove, or Trip creatures up to two sizes larger than you, or up to three sizes larger than you if you’re legendary in Athletics.
  • Underwater Marauder (2):

Class Features:

  • 1: Ancestry and background, initial proficiencies, champion’s code, deity and cause, deific weapon, champion’s reaction, devotion spells, champion feat, shield block / 2: Champion feat, skill feat / 3: Divine ally, general feat, skill increase

Bulk Limit: 9 || Worn + Weapons = 9 || All =
Worn Splint Mail (2)
Weapons Javelin (L), Warhammer, Shortsword
Stowed Crowbar (L), Grappling Hook(L),
At the house or if travelingAdventurer’s Pack (2)[backpack (containing the other goods), bedroll, two belt pouches, 10 pieces of chalk, flint and steel, 50 feet of rope, 2 weeks’ rations, soap, 5 torches, and a waterskin](2),



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