As soon as the hellish hounds had been slain, Glendemick and other saw the some rising from the direction of their warehouse. The party rushed forward and found another two hellhounds as well as a pair of Arsonists at work, beginning to torch the Pathfinder warehouse. A quick combat ensues and the hounds and arsonists are slain. Imbasa manages to rescue poor Varrio who had got stuck in the blazing warehouse while Tom and others exinguish the flames. The group notices there are a few others who are fallen but to Eugene's distress, Sasha is nowhere to be seen.

Rogue's Lament

As soon as Varrio is able to speak he tells Eugene and the rest of the group that The Freemen's Brotherhood is responsible for the attack and that they took Sasha and headed to a whaling station in the city. After a quick debate Eugene rushes onwards, not caring about others objections about planning. Imbasa tries to shortly reason with Eugene but as he was unbudging, Imbasa says that he's on his own and leaves the city to wait others 2 days later at the gates. Glandemick flies after Eugene while Tom and Ishirou head elsewhere to the city.

Eugene manages to find the whaling station along with Glendemick. A crowd had gathered to a nearby sidestreet next to the whaling station. There on the roof of a third story building was a muscular looking man, holding the visibly beatup Sasha as captive. A tirade of demands for the government to abolish slavery and other threats continues from him on and on. Eugene pushes through the crowd to get closer while Glendemick circles closer in the air, finally trying to reason with the man. Unfortunately Glendemicks efforts only seemed to fueled his anger and he slit Sasha throat with a roar and kicked her of the roof. Eugene managed to catch her and break the fall and frantically called for help from anyone. Glendemick was stunned at first but then flies to help his companion with a outstretched healing potion. Eugene desperately pours it down Sasha throat and holds her bloody limp body in his arms. The potion has no effect on Sasha's wounds as she's passed away at that point and a gentle rain begins to wet the landscape as Eugene just holds her in his arms.

After a while Eugene get's up and carries Sasha's body to the temple of Sarenrae where he arranges for her to be preserved until next day. Glendemick followed Eugene silently, not really knowing what to say. They made their way back to the house Pathfinders used as a temporary lodge.

A Guide

The following morning Amivor asks the group to acquire the services of a local native who knows the Tazion region called Nkechi. The party agrees to go see him. Eugene borrows money from Tom and heads back to the temple to arrange a longer term preservation and then the party heads to a nearby by coastline called Pallid Bluffs. When they arrive via the beach, Glendemick flies ahead to scout around and finds the mentioned cave Nkechi uses as his home. Glendemicks polite attempts are met with a pair of spears thrown at him. The party then decide to approach from the above the cave and descend using a rope. Imbasa deftly lands down and manages to calm the hermit down somewhat. He agrees to help them if they pass two tests, the first being a the Challenge of Water.

Watery demise

As the challenge, Nkechi wants a good quality black pearl from a nearby cove to the north. The party heads there and finds a small village of pearl fishers who happily take them to a nearby reef where pearls are known to be. With the help of rented equipment, Ishirou dives in and finds a number of pearls. After a minute or so he sees a beautiful woman who has her leg stuck under water and he feels compelled to go help her. The others on the boat see this and quickly notice somethings off and jump in after him. A flurry of actions ensues as the the woman tries to hold Ishirou who still doesn't want to leave her, regardless of him actually drowning. Finally the party manage to rescue Ishirou and take him back to surface, with a little life left in him. Unfortunately the woman seems quite adpet in the water and drags Ishirou back under water. The part manage to kill her finally. When they drag Ishirou back on the boat, they see that he too has passed away.


  • 90gp worth of Pearls

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